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    The problem with a suit slowing you down is that you will always end up getting nailed by creepers, and without the QSuit's super jump you will never be able to quickly get out of the deep hole you are inevitably going to get stuck in.

    A tier 3 furnace seems pretty silly, since we can make nuclear reactors out of the same material we use for tier 2 furnaces. Iridium isnt an especially hard material to work with, its just rare which is why you need UU-matter to get it. I would not mind needing to beat the game before being able to craft Iridium however. Perhaps you need an End stone to craft your first Iridium (only allowed one time), which unlocks the standard UU-matter iridium recipe? This would create an interesting dynamic for Multiplayer as well.

    basically you want to use defib unit instead of armor to die faster and then instantly revive killing everything in some AOE?

    this makes no sense, 1kk is same amount as quantum suit, that makes you invulnerable.


    How about a helmet that has a similar function. Perhaps you use the Canner to load dynamite into it, which is used to kill nearby mobs when you die. It would not damage blocks or items, so your loot would still be around.

    Or an alternative solution would be to have armor (lets go with helmet) that becomes something akin to a chest when you die, like Death Chests mod but using an item instead. Perhaps a combination of the two would give you the functionality you described.

    How about a plant that you feed and it produces meat? makes no sense but it would be pretty funny to feed a carnivorous plant and have meat come flying at you come harvest time.

    A more effective fishing pole would be a nice upgrade over the vanilla one. Hell, I'd like to be able to use carbon fiber to make a higher durability pole that perhaps pulls in fish more effectively than a regular wood pole.

    If for some reason that isn't good enough, then perhaps someone could make an addon beyond that which includes special Fishing Dynamite for mass fish harvesting, and the ever-popular tesla coil fishing pole that reels them in by the bucket.

    Okay, thanks a lot for all of the help here. I finally made a trip to the nether and made an EU reader, and concluded that the correct answer ended up being that I simply needed golden pipes. My Strainers are now producing double what they were, making over 6 EU/t from 5. My quarry's pump is running 11 strainers at a fluctuating 8-16 EU/t.

    What I find odd is that my solar panels are only producing about .5 EU/t... I thought they always produced 1 in the sunlight, but apparently not.

    You may want to try removing your IC2 config file from your config folder, and see if its still generating that amount. Perhaps the config file was changed to limit the power generation of solar panels more than you desire.

    Hmm, copper and tin much frequent than iron (about 3 times) and used much less than iron, so it is easier to get. On other hands - it needs machines and energy, but cost for full set is not bigger than stack of charcoal in generator which is again pretty easy to get. Besides people usually build a solar arrays pretty quick, so energy is actually not a trouble. And than usually comes nano suit. I might be wrong, but it seems that bronze armor lasts much longer than nano suit.
    And GregTech has a mortars which are completely cheaper than machines.
    I think solution may be to nerf bronze armor and add full set of composite armor. It also will answer to question - why the bronze wrench is wearing out in compare to electric wrench which is made from iron.
    Just my vision.

    P.S. As we talking about bronze, I have a question - why electric tools have a (probably) bronze hulls, but we did not use bronze in recipes?

    I was popping in to Support to see if a new beta came out, but I found this thread instead. Here's some fun facts I've learned about Alblakas' armor balancing choices since IC1 and beyond:

    -IC2 bronze is stronger than bronze-age bronze, due to an effective alloy blend. Modern day bronze is FAR stronger than bronze-age bronze, because we have tools that allow us to find the best molecular blend of metals to make the strongest alloy.
    -Metal armor IS stronger than nano armor now, but that is because electric armor is rechargeable. You have to put in some real work to get a new set of metal armor.
    -If we go into the fictional debate between fictional bronze and fictional iron, then I would like to argue that Alblaka's fictional refined iron has a higher carbon content than fictional MC iron, which is why the electric wrench does not break down like crappy fictional MC iron tools. Not only that, but it was made with a better fictional manufacturing process.

    What I'm trying to get at is Alblaka made a mod that lets us feel high tech - nowhere in there does it say he has to be realistic, especially when it comes to balancing it so people can enjoy playing together in multiplayer.

    *slaps on a pair of shades and strolls off*

    When I first tried this mod out (shortly after addons became available for IC2 on these forums!), I knew it had big things in store. One cannot simply add a fusion reactor to IC2 and be satisfied.

    When I read Kentingtons' last 3 posts my head almost exploded with excessive awesomeness. I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too ambitious and end up like the Aether mod (whose developers vanished without a hint of notification). If you can pull this off, Kentington, you will have many props from the many thousands of players who play IC2!

    I take it our first moon trip will be incredibly expensive fuel-wise (because we won't have high tech fuels yet), which means our carry weight will be very limited. I'm guessing for food we'd be starting out with space rations, then with a basic moon base set up we'd be able to research hydroponics to get a slow but existent food supply without having to fly back to Overworld.

    I'm just dying to see how everything will come together. I don't think I've ever been so excited in my life.

    Please check the files repository. There you will find a 1.4.6 version, for IC2 1.112

    I can't check it because the forge website is down. Very frustrating when I'm trying to update my server! X(

    Why does everyone host on a single website? If the website goes down everything goes KABOOM.

    Ok, I'm always game for space stuff, but this definitely feels more like an addon rather than part of the core game (even though I'd love it to be).

    But in part that's just because of my ridiculous desire to be put in the most unforgiving environments possible (I play Terrafirmacraft, if you were wondering). I'd like to have to build a spaceship (a FULL SIZE one, too), and have to wait out the days in travel before you get there. Hope you built your spaceship out of good materials, because you might clip a random piece of debris going 85% the speed of light! If you get sucked out (or are just really curious), then you'll find the lack of gravity in space to be very disorienting as your ship continues on without you. And then you'll die, of course.

    Those who can wait out the journey and complete it safely can be rewarded with sights unlike anything they've ever seen before (assuming they haven't played Mystcraft, of course). Perhaps some new blocks with novel uses, yadda yadda, for me all the fun is in the technology and the construction and the boring journey in which you try to amuse yourself for an in-game month. ok I'm done.

    Alblaka posted:


    You can suggest 'building tools' which can double as weapons. F.e. Mining Laser and Chainsaw are primary utility, but work for fighting as well.

    Industrialcraft needs a more... err... well, it needs more explosions, anyhow. For mining, of course. Nobody ever uses explosives to kill things, because that is just... not how people do things, am I right?

    Anyways, moving to the main event, the thing I'm posting about. The rocket propelled mining launcher is effectively an effective iTNT (woops, i meant ITNT, dammit Apple) dispersal device capable of placing detonate-on-contact ITNT to wherever the player decides it shall go. It would be a simple system, and not require EU to function. It is to the mining laser as the jetpack is to the electric jetpack. It would also be more convenient than having to stand next to short-fused ITNT.

    The launcher itself would be a simple assembly of reinforced iron and a circuit (no battery necessary). The "capsules" would be as such: 1 ITNT, 1 gunpowder, 4 paper for 1 capsule. Then, either craft the capsule and the launcher together to load it, or hold the launcher in your hand and right click to load a capsule from your inventory.

    The contribution this would make to mining efforts everywhere would be enormous, and greatly appreciated. We need an(other) effective mining tool!

    I already tried pushing for Lead a long time ago when I joined the forums. I don't think it's going to happen, because Alblaka really likes his rechargeable tin batteries (come on, not even Lithium???).

    I'm glad Gregtech is here to add more ways to destroy our environment, because if we can pull it off in reality, we should be at least be able to pull it off in a game as well. Can we dump radioactive leaded waste into oceans to reduce the amount of fish? Because that would be pretty funny.

    *using coal generators for too long turns clouds gray and lowers them to surface level, smoggy days : /

    i would like it, but that's basically covered by drills and chainsaws... Indestructible (chargeable) and rather fast....

    Maybe the tools would have special bonus. Like the Pickaxe, when you right click, removes 3X3 blocks in front of you, or the sword, upon right clicking, would activate a effect in which, the less health the wearer posses, the more damage it does.

    I don't like the sound of it. It would cheapen the IC2 experience. Might as well make iridium and depleted uranium into bullets and shoot them out of a Laze-O-Tron 5000.

    We are not talking about trees that were planted to farm rubber, but the ones generated along the world.

    I still think you're playing Industrialcraft wrong. You should be either A. mining, B. killing things, or C. building things. I don't see where rubber tree textures come into play at all.

    (I do, but where's the fun in that?)

    1. This is a good idea, since zombie meat is already leathery and tough.
    2. Mob farms are going to always be good as long as you have drops from mobs. Have you not seen the potential from grinding blazemen and having chests full of blaze rods?
    3. I like cows, and I like leather, and I like books. So yeah, more leather is nice. There's really no reason not to.

    Crops are so time consuming it's painful. My friends and I had a massive farm going for a RL-week, and we never got to the higher tiers of plants. Perhaps we're just bad, but we all have agreed that the fact that the systems' genetics are mostly random stucks pretty hard.

    Oh look, I crossed nether wart and reeds and got pumpkins, makes sense.

    Isn't the coloring system automatic now, as a color overlay? I thought the reason most mods today reuse the diamond texture because it IS the diamond texture but recolored to something they chose (not MSpaint but in code). Am I wrong? if I'm right then this would be as easy as allowing the painter to be used on additional block types.

    Please allow us to color grass! I want to make a weird blue lawn for my weird blue house.

    1. Different levels of charge, gives creepers different color. The standard glowing blue will be the lowest tier (of course, it wouldn't be fun otherwise).
    2. Single-use batteries turn creepers bottom tier, RE-batteries do second tier, and power crystals would do the red-tier-I'm-scared-explosion that would be real fun if you hate your friends (or are jealous of their base and you want them to scratch their heads wondering why their base suddenly selfdestructed).

    Come on, it cost a full diamond? Do YOU want to disappoint your customers? I didn't think so. Let's continue:
    3. For more fun (and pointless waste of resources), right clicking a creeper with a lapotron doesn't appear to change the creeper (he looks normal), but in fact he's charged up to the top tier!
    4. Now that you can make the most destructive force in the game up to ten times more destructive, you should do the following: Potion of Speed II, potion of strength, potion of invisibility. Don't have too much fun!

    *thread bumped due to enjoyment of posting in it.