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    Guess that explains this crash:

    Actually renewable is your best friend.
    What we really need is location based power, for example special areas where you could run real geothermal power generators, or solar panels producing twice or three times as much EU in certain Biomes.

    That way people get cheaper EUs if they draw power from a desert solar plant but they may wish to live in a forest, thus they have to have power lines.

    The simple fact is that EU must be cheaper to generate out of the persons home, that way it can have a profit margin to pay back for the infrastructure. Imagine if Finite Liquid was integrated with MC Forge, real water power anyone? With that done then it would be ridiculously cheap to run hydro electrical power but it would have to be built on a river, meaning you would have to have either one dam per person or to have a power grid (which could be expanded to other dams as well)>

    Firstly, apologies for double post, but I don't know how to multiquote. Now to the actual response.

    Actually, renewables are pretty bad for urban environments due to the enormous amounts of space they require to produce meaningful amounts of power. I prefer nuke reactors because of their amazing power density (A basic Mark 1 with no chambers produces 8 EU/t, or equal to 8 solar panels. A large number of Mk I power plants can power an entire city out of a single plot due to their amazing power density. Granted, they require significant maintenance, but trade-offs. Now, if solar panels drew 3 EU/t, the ratio would improve.

    In addition, the high resource cost of nuclear is a point against them, but once it is made, a few MK2-3 powerplants can power an entire city. For optimal resource efficiency, Mark 2.

    Of course, solar panels do have a role as supplemental power, but the role is just that: supplemental.

    Granted, nonrenewable power plants require large resource input for power generation, but this is, of course, the price paid for their space efficiency.

    The best power plant for a given city depends on available resources for power generation in that city. Cities with large uranium reserves should use nuclear, those with large lava reserves, geothermal, and those with neither, standard, fueled with either coalfuel or charcoal.

    I'm figuring out how to make a city/town with central power gen/storage, streetlights, and everything for my world megaproject. I know, very DF-ish, the idea of a megaproject. Say, do you think a building in a urban environment looks better made out of stone or stone brick?

    So I just tried out the fortune enchantment for the first time today.

    I take back my above post :(

    I don't use enchants on purpose when I have IC2. They feel overpowered, and I only use them when I'm playing MC at school to kill time, and only because I play vanilla MC at school.

    So, I've been thinking about what Minecraft/IndustrialCraft might be lacking, and I came to realize that one issue with the mining laser is that the items can be fairly far away(Long Range Mode), or when mining in the Nether, it can be somewhat difficult to retrieve stuff from certain locations.

    Hence, I came up with the idea for a Tractor Beam. It's exactly what it sounds like: it picks up items from a distance and drags them towards you along a straight line, and is capable of mining blocks and dragging them to you, although this requires you to research the upgrade with a computer, for the cost of 50 xp levels. I dunno, balance details may be left to the dev team.

    The point is, this item definitely requires blueprint research and assembly by a dedicated block, similar to Buildcraft's Assembler. This block can construct all items like this that require fine detail work. Like I said, details for you guys, just throwing the idea out.

    Obviously, this awesome piece of tech requires advanced Items such as the lapotron crystal, etc. etc.

    What do you guys think of the concept?

    Personally, I think that spending XP on research is the best way to go, so you build your CPU, and then tell it "Research Improved Power Transmission" or something along the lines to reduce EU-loss. No idea if that's possible, just throwing ideas out there.

    That's true about the dark matter stuff, takes a while, but... All you need is one glowstone aggregator, then all you have to do is wait. Good mod, but it's rather overpowered. I personally only use it when I have to, or when I wanna mess around or something.

    Just my two cents.

    Agreed. I've messed around with EE, but I only have used it when I was waiting for IC2 for 1.8.1