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    This sounds more like a wish to have upgrades for the IC2 armors and tools than a suggestion to "make enchanting work with them" or "herpderp, replace the enchanting system o.O"
    IC2 will not remove the enchanting system to replace it with something else since other mods (like Thaumcraft) actually use it and it would majorly detract from the base game.

    I think this idea of asteroids isn`t to bad it would be a way of including iridium ore into the game.
    But probably one iridium ore per asteroid would be too OP, maybe there would have to be something like iridium chunks or iridium dust or something, that forms into iridium in a special way.

    You didn't read the thread before you commented, did you ಠ_ಠ

    Have you all thought about that it could just be a tool that you don't need to place in the world but instead hold in your hand and right click a powered cable?
    Could either function like a charged battery or it should maybe bring up a GUI when performed so to not lag the E-net by clicking different places rapidly.

    [Please don't feed the passinglurkolis, junkfood isn't healthy for him. :( ]
    I could imagine a sign like that in front of some slumbering beast that gets grumpily awakened by nerf requets o.O

    Can you rename the thread name to only "Energy tap"?
    Anyway, as I see it the energy tap would function as when you hold a battery in your hand and charge your tools with it? But of course only when you aim it on a wire connected to some kind of output and only if within range...
    It could be handy but could potentially also create some heavy bugs and could probably lag the E-net. And I won't even begin to guess what a RP2 deployer would do 8|

    I agree completely with you.

    The concept of nerfing various generators for various arbitrary reasons has already been beaten to death several times over and it is tiering to see it resurrected once again <_<
    They (all the generators) are quite good as they currently are.
    And yes, it is very much the admins problem to see to that his server doesn't lag, addons or not, rules or not.

    Why would anyone vote "No, this cheat ruin Industrial Craft.", balancing with ladders?... You got to be kidding me. The main difference is that ladders are virtually insolid while scaffolding is a whole block.

    Thanks SOOO much!
    I had the not gate wired to the reactor... I mis read your layout lol
    Works a charm now!

    Well we all start somewhere :)
    Also take note of the difference between n00b and newb.
    You are not a n00b ^^

    Many ppl around here are either scientists, engineers, programmers, students in those categories or just people who love automated systems and machines.
    For example, I am an electronics student and get training in real electronics every day, and phew there are lot harder (and much more boring but nevertheless necessary) stuff in there than the pure logic we see here in Minecraft.

    I need a system so that when it reaches Temp X (high) it turns off, than once it cools down to Temp Y (low) it turns back on, and repeats the process, i cannot work it out for the life of me...

    Do you have Red Power? You can craft a RS-NOR latch and NOT gate. Or if you don't it isn't the hardest in the world either to do old school.

    Just wire it correctly and listen to what I said and it will do what you described. reactor

    When measured reactor temp. hits the set amount on A it will flip the latch from [nul] to reactor while B is still active since temp. is over its set amount which is lower than A's
    When reactor cools to below B's set value B stops emitting redstone signal and the NOT gate turns on flipping the latch back to [nul]

    [nul] is just geekspeak for nothing, you can wire it to a lamp if you wish, to tell you when your reactor is supposed to be on or something :P

    I agree I don't like the overclockers either, I refuse to use them because I consider it to be a cheat item, get stacks of em and it just ruins IC2 in my opinion, Advanced Machines is the best thing to ever happen to IC2, I hope Zippinus and cpw update ALL of the mod and not just the Solar Arrays, while I love the arrays, they NEED Advanced Machines to back em up. :) Please update all the mod you guys ;(

    Overclocked machines are energy hogs when running just as fast as a fully heated induction furnace or other advanced machine.