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    Is it possible to open up the source so someone else can have a go at updating it?

    I have an update already worked on but, as yet, it's not stable enough for a general release. Hell, it's not even stable enough to push to forgecraft.
    Until I'm happy with the state it's in, I won't dump it on people.

    As for open-sourcing the code: not going to happen. There's a very specific short-list of who will get it, should I ever decide to completely shelve it.

    I also feel I have to thank people for NOT badgering me about updates. It's greatly appreciated. Really.

    I gave up on this mod myself. It was a good mod but he knows why. I always troll/hound him for an update on IRC. But he truly seems to have lost the passion to work on it. Not worth so many false hopes.

    anyone out there that might be continue the great work from myrathi ? ... if its okay for him ? :/

    Ever the doomsayer, eh Kane? :P

    I fully admit, though, that IC2's recent 'direction' has left me with a sour taste in my mouth. I don't enjoy IC2 at all, any more. Gave ic2-experimental a chance on Forgecraft3 but it's simply proven it to be the case. Couple that with the continuous updates that just seemed to break shit even more (not to mention the GT-ish direction bias towards unnecessary complexity) and it became an actual hassle to keep updated, never mind a chore to play.

    That said: being bitched at to keep up with a non-stable branch of code just annoys me more (the volume of PMs and such isn't trivial) - it's called an "experimental" branch for a reason, guys. This addon isn't dead; I've just been awaiting a more stable branch (by my opinion, not anyone else's). That and the new features that were going to appear related to BuildCraft died before they got completed due to ridiculous changes in the BC API. >:[

    There will be more updates - I just haven't had the enthusiasm or the will to keep it on the bleeding-edge of experimental updates (and badgering me doesn't help).

    Build #93 is the update for Forge 789+ and IC² v1.118 build 401+.

    People interested in translating the mod can look inside the .jar for the assets/chargepads/lang/en_US.lang file and submit translations via the issue tracker. :)

    There's already a German translation thanks to Vexatos! :D


    P.S. Remember: please report problems or make suggestions via the issue tracker on github. See the first post in the thread for a link. Thanks!

    P.P.S. Beware! Fission pads can go boom in a more spectacular fashion now. *snicker*

    P.P.P.S. Kane - shush! ;P

    In short: yes. ;]

    There's almost assuredly a major graphical update coming with the shift to 1.6.2 but I'm still working on the texturing. I -could- throw out a quick update but I don't wanna. :P I'd really, really like the first 1.6.2 release to have the new shinies. :]

    Also kinda waiting on BC being stable for 1.6.2 - but I'm not giving away any more than that teaser. ;]

    Build #89 is the update for Forge 705+ and IC² v1.115 build 325+. It has fixes for the GUI and ISidedInventory.

    And uhh... yeah. I should've posted this update ages ago but err... I managed to forget. Ahem!! ¬_¬

    That said, builds for 1.116 or 1.117 are unlikely to happen (nor have I been asked for them ;)).
    Next updates are more likely to be for 1.6.1 and 1.118.

    Enjoy! :P

    P.S. Remember: please report problems or make suggestions via the issue tracker on github. See the first post in the thread for a link. Thanks!

    Sometimes when I step on a lapotronic charge pad, it doesn't start to charge my items. I have to relog to the server to get it to do its stuff. We first had a crystalizor pad and that seemed to work as it should. I am wearing a nano suite with an advanced nano chest plate.
    I am using Mc 1.5.2, IC² Build #314, ChargePads 2.7.0 Build 86 and GraviSuite 1.9.2 on my server along with many more mods :)

    Please add a ticket on the issue tracker on GitHub. It's the only place I keep track of (possible) bugs and such, now, since I have multiple mods in the wild.

    Would you be willing to add some way to keeping a charge pad on permanently, without having to be abusive to animals? It would be nice to have a large field emitter be actually useful outside of multiplayer...

    A way to activate pads besides stepping on them has been on the books for a while - but I always forget. :P
    If you want me to remember, add a feature request on the issue tracker. ;)

    Build #86 is the update for Minecraft 1.5.2 and IC² v1.115 build 308+ (API update). You'll need Forge 684+, at least.

    Also added is an informative message when using an upgrade kit on the wrong side of pad (they need to be clicked on the bottom of a pad, to upgrade them in-place).


    P.S. Remember: please report problems or make suggestions via the issue tracker on github. See the first post in the thread for a link. Thanks!

    What is the point of the field expansion module when it only activates when you stand on it?

    The fact that it doesn't deactivate the instant you walk off it but, instead, when you move out of range of the expanded field, it runs out of energy or all items are fully charged.

    It basically means you're not stuck standing on top of the pad waiting when you could be moving between nearby machines doing stuff as usual (so long as the places you're standing are still within the field).

    I'm not sure if this is an issue or not... When I craft Re-Batteries, they stack when they have no charge. In this state they cannot be used to craft the Efficiency Upgrade until you charge the batteries slightly so they get the little charge bar.

    I'm playing a FTB pack (Lite with a bunch of extra mods), is this some type of mod conflict?

    I expect it's just an out-of-date version in the pack as that bug was fixed in build #72 - the efficiency upgrades need a fully charged re-battery, not partial!

    Back up your world save, grab build #72 and replace the existing one and, hopefully, it should fix it. :)

    Fair warning: I don't know which version of IC2 is in the pack, so you may need to upgrade your version of that, too. Maybe. Keep the old mod versions and a world save backup just in case!

    As a side-note (to you and others): please use the issues tracker for bug reports! It's easier for me to track things that way. :)

    Build #80 is the update for IC² v1.115 build 304 (API update). You'll need Forge 664+, at least.

    ...and some responses...

    I'm sorry but I may be completely brain dead here, but what do the upgrade modules do? The FAQ list a few of them but there are some like the "Wide-Band Booster Module" that has no documentation at all. Googling for quite some time and I only found people with the same question and no answers.

    Ehhh... it wasn't entirely your fault. I kept forgetting to update the main and FAQ posts because I had 2 different test versions out in the wild and was kinda strung between everything. Posts are now up-to-date (with graphics, etc, too). ;]

    Two things i want, "Omega Expander" for like an 9x9 charging Radius, and a Colour Upgrade to change the colour of the Particles!

    I might consider a 9x9 for the Fission pad but I have no idea how it'd be made (yet). Seemingly, the TFX upgrade is already pretty harsh. :P
    Colour Upgrade? Huh... I've had odder requests, I suppose. ;D

    I think you should go add those as two separate enhancement issues on the tracker. :P

    I'm building out my 1.5.1 mod set up. On adding Charge Pads MC crashes on startup (before reaching single/server/... menu page).
    Could this be an IC2 API compatibility issue? (IC2 2_1.115.304-lf is in, but also GraviSuite 1.9.1 is in and OK.)

    Thanks for decent logs - though this should've really gone to the issue tracker listed in the OP. ;)

    As it stands, this is indeed an API issue as 304-lf changed significantly. There's currently a new build in testing and, if you wish to try it, you can grab it from here. Note that this IS a test build! Backup your world first! -- If you have any issues with it, please refer to the github issue tracker listed in the first post. :)

    What's the difference between the projector upgrades? There's no documentation anywhere that I can find.

    Errr... I updated posts and they're not showing updates. Dammit! I'm in the middle of transferring all the information to a wiki (which is a mind-numbingly annoying and boring task), so I'm kinda caught between updating these posts and just waiting to finalise the wiki. X(

    Here's the (short) entry from the "should have been updated" FAQ :P

    • Proximity: improves the projector, simultaneously recharging items beside the held item
    • Wide-Band: improves the projector, simultaneously recharging every item on the hot-bar
    • Field Expander: improves the projector range, charging things further from the pad

    Love the mod too btw. I hope an EV chargepad finds its way in soon, if it hasn't already. I haven't tried a version since 1.4.7

    EV pads are already in: they're called "Fission" pads. :D