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    ha two stacks of uu, i think you mean two extra dimensional barrels of uu! this is greg remember! :Solar Panel:

    I don't like idea use vajra as multitool. Because the principles work of this device presuppose only destruction. I saw only 3 modes of work: 1 - very fast mining tool, 2 - accurate mining tool (1 block for 1 use), 3 - weapon mode. Maybe another mode: silk touch as Rock cutter, but more fast. I think what fortune mode is cheat. Fortune must be fortune :) Good idea make another multitool which would combine function of wrench, hoe and tree trap.

    what about my idea? :?:

    that synthesized meat idea sounds cool! maybe you could apply it to leather, Greg! (im always short on the damned stuff and i hate making farms!)

    Will it be possible to get an upgraded version of the rockcutter?
    Advanced Rockcutter: rockcutter + 3 overclocker + energy crystal + advanced circuit
    Double the speed for triple the EU (or triple speed with five times the EU?)

    i thought the same thing but i found an epic workaround - get an efficiency enchanted book and chuck it in the anvil with the rockcutter and SHAZAM you have a super fast rockcutter with no extra eu cost! it may take a while to get the efficiency book however, so i suggest getting an exp grinder or the runic dusts mod! :D

    that looks... AMAZING! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

    Eloraam rewites Redpower to crash if Gregtech installed. Greg is kicked out of IC2 forum. The IC2 team decides that gregtech machines dont recieve power from the grid. Greg rewrites the energy net. IC2 team rewrites IC2 to crash when gregtech installed. Everyone stops using Gregtech. Exept the technic pack. Greg writes skynet, which kills us all. With chainsaw. Playing Justin Bieber music.
    I cannot came up with worse scenario.

    that scenario gave me a chuckle :thumbsup:

    That's already possible. The only missing thing is Redpower for 1.4.5. :D

    Added Liquids for all my Cells except Carbon
    Electric Autocrafting is now only 2500EU per Craft (500EU for Dustpiler and Unificator)
    I think I fixed the Computercube-Access of the GUI for SMP (you know that internal Server Error, when you open the GUI of a ComputerCube, which doesnt belong to you)

    sweet thanks greg!

    also how do i get the new liquids?

    teleportation sounds EPIC! :Teleporter:

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    hey sentimel, surely the advanced lappack to ultimate lappack recipe should be cheaper than the lappack to ultimate lappack recipe? i mean you do put an extra lapatron and advanced circuit.

    Recipe of Advanced lappack not expensive (only 1 lapatron and 1 adv circuit). I don't like idea with cheaper upgrade recipe.

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    SeNtiMeL, have you considered about uploading src? (IElectricItem and armor are in some way interesting things..)

    I will upload it.

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    Hi!. can you add translation support file?

    Maybe in next release.

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    hey sentimel what do you think about ultimate static boots? i don't know how you'd balance it but i though it was a cool idea!

    What are the features of this boots ?

    the ult static boots would be like the ult solar helm but would work underground and would charge everything like the ult solar helm.

    its still an extra diamond though! (or sapphire)

    hey greg can you make it so that the silicon plates replace the copper cable as opposed to the refined iron

    :Iridium: =silicon plate

    :Refined Iron: =refined iron

    :Energy Crystal: =redstone

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium:

    :Energy Crystal: :Refined Iron: :Energy Crystal:

    :Iridium: :Iridium: :Iridium:

    because refined iron is super easy to come across whereas rubber is just a pain!