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    1. Fire Extinguisher- when right clicking fire or flowing lava, instead of spraying foam all over the place the sprayer will instead spread foam to all adjacent (or near) fire/flowing lava tiles (but NOT source blocks). A step forwards: the foam will melt after a few second, possibly leaving useless items after them (sticky goo, foamy pile, etc).

    2. Wooden Beams: crafted with slabs instead of planks and give half the amount, they are treated by the sprayer like scaffolds. these block can be supported from the sides infinitely (or near-infinitely) but can't support regular scaffolding in any way and other beams also only from the sides. They cannot be walk on. Best used for making a ceiling of CF.

    3. Sand filled Scaffolds: 8 scaffold around one piece of sand, these will instantly harden, making them great for making a CF floor.

    4. colored pellets: 8 pellets around a dye. when used in a sprayer, the hardened foam will be colored.

    5. Electric Sprayer: with a sprayer a circuit, and a battery, this sprayer is to the regular sprayer as the mining laser is to the drill: uses pellet cans from the inventory, and depending on the mode, it will spread differently, make a certain shape, use dye to color the foam,spray color to paint existing foam,spray sand to harden foam, spray sand to blind players and spray potions to spread their effect.
    Totally not a weapon- these will only added in the industrium conflict update (which is supposedly scheduled to after the mod API (soon in the 1.23456 update).

    6. Painting Brush- can be used to color a pixel (or four) of a hardened foam, allowing a much more compact pixel art in minecraft as well as making CF building much less harsh and uniform in style and color.

    EDIT: i knew i forgot something about the wooden beams...

    will it have wall-climbing module? i always thought it'd be cool if there was a spider like everything-is-ladder ability!

    for use in building structures, decorating walls, easy and smooth maneuvering around and epic pre-jet parkour (which also eliminates the infamous first person perspective distance misjudgment- even if you fall short, you can still smoothly climb up and continue).

    what can possibly more awesome than sticking on the inner walls and ambushing people in their own house? Finally being able to place that one missing block in the middle of that wall, facing the right way up this time. that's what.

    can you make a way to craft specific amounts of regular items using liquid UU-matter (maybe with carpenter? perhaps a new device?).
    It uses units of thousands so it shouldn't be a big problem.

    (say, 6 uu matter makes 64 [item], so if you put any number of [item] in a carpentercaster and give it power and liquid it will output twice as many [item] for 94 mB liquid uu matter per [item]. It can be very very close to the real recipe,in this example, 0.25% less efficient than the regular crafting)

    unless there is already a way and i just missed it somehow...

    You can already recolor the fire star, so green/blue thing isn't really needed BUT...

    The idea of adding awesome effects using IC2 material is!

    It would be great, for example, to be able to add a metal dust to the fire star in order to leave differently colored sparkles (say, a red explosion with green/blue sparkles using copper dust)

    In what universe will you ever work more on a cow farm than even a simple spawner trap?! finding cows is easier than finding dungeons, growing wheat is easier than gearing up and fight zombies, breeding cows in a pen is much easier setting up than setting a mob trap, going around killing cows is much easier than building and maintaining a processing line. waiting for a mob trap is much longer than waiting for cows to grow, cow farms can be done next to home, cow farms makes easier food source (even with canning), cow farms are plain more fun to harvest than waiting for mobs. A mob farm might be more efficient for mass producing things.
    And leather is not needed in vast quantities- it is usually needed for a one time crafting: books, frames, and... well nothing. A single stack will probably last for your whole game. A cow farm is perfect for that: one day you decide you want books, so you breed your cows and then slaughter them. You'll never need a mob farm because you wont need an endless and steady supply of leather. Not to mention that a cow farm also gives you much better food, a lot less planing intensive, less laggy,requires less materials, can be acquired relatively easy...
    processing flesh will not kill vanilla agriculture: unless you want to coat your chunk sized bookshelf tower with item frames, vanilla agriculture is much cheaper and useful for leather.

    And if you're determent to get automation for your leather for whatever insanity you plan, you can automate cow farming using Railcraft. And all of this won't even require any power.

    I explained precisely why it's NOT encouraging mob farming, and yet you seems to ignore me.

    The short short version: small cow farms are infinity more useful and productive for this purpose than any mob farm. This thing is largely useful for getting some leather at the beginning or getting rid of zombie flesh.

    I play FTB and i am wandering: why does the basic drill require steel? Steel is a higher tier item of a very different mod, which requires all sorts of nether material to make the furnace, while the basic drill is just a rechargeable pick axe. I'd understand if steel was required for the advance version, but right now it's easier to craft a laser than a drill! Can you please explain the logic of this?

    EDIT: before anyone says IT'S A CONFIG!!, i play FTB and i have no idea how to reconfigure stuff (or really anything advance in computer setting, i tend to stay away from anything ever since the days my computer overheated regularly from running web browsers (NOT explorer))

    It's doesn't encourage mob farms.

    getting leather from zombie flesh is extremely useful... for the beginning. When you start, you might not have any cows around you. Unlucky spawn (as in, 90% of them), and it's just not a starter option. However, mining can be done everywhere, and as such, so can a lot of IC2, so you may very well have a stack of zombie flesh and some basic machinery before you have any cow farm. That's when this becomes useful- when you want to make a your first enchanting room, or an item frame, or armor, and you just haven't had the time or patience to make proper cow farm.

    in the long run, a simple cow farm is much better solution to get leather than anything else. even if turning zombie flesh into leather required to craft two in your inventory it would still be a much better way, so mob-farms concerns are purely non-issues.

    In the short run, it's an awesome way to use a generally useless item for something.

    clay is hard to get in very large quantities. sure, you can get maybe a few stacks just from taking on a swamp biome (which can be a huge pain if there is none around you), but that's nowhere near enough for making large brick buildings for example. The "easier" way would be to use UU-matter, but UU-matter isn't a joke to get, and if you want your house in the world to be a large brick house, you"ll need to get near finishing the game for that.

    This is all double-triple-quadrupled for FTB users, who have a much, much, much harder times coming across the correct biomes, and a ludicrously hard times getting UU-matter.

    More of a railcraft thing, but i can certainly imagine a steam boiler with a fission based firebox instead of making regular reactors spew steam. It even works with the math- say you craft a max sized boiler, each firebox (fissionbox?) would need to be crafted out of exactly one reactor chamber in order to have the same inventory as a 6-chambered reactor. Works even on principle: a boiler needs a constant source of heat, and the firebox needs to exert as much heat as possible for a long time without melting itself down!

    What about soaking the potion into (stackable?) bandages? I mean, it's not really that high-tech, but so is beer, it's more modern and less "mystical" (honestly, alchemy that works is accidental chemistry, so any "it's magic!" claims aren't really to the point).

    Hey, we could start a whole new area of industrial craft- Medicine! (we have agriculture, we can do medicine)! With bandages*, syringes**, and more!?

    *(wool,string?,rubber?, craft with potion for bandage, have cool down or diminishing return?, craft with water to clean?)

    **(tin, rubber?, glass, iron cable?, craft with potion (or more?) and stab for direct effect (heal friend? poison enemy? buff creeper?), extract? (mob? player? flesh? bio signature? cloning?))

    this has so much hayo potential... and yet, maybe for a different mod?