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    Ever tried to make a large CF structure with scaffolds, only to find that you can't place any scaffolds in the center of your roof?
    Or made a large floor and kept sinking?
    Or you just genuinely find working with regular and reinforced scaffolds a bit annoying?

    Well, why won't we have a new type of scaffolds to make it so much less of a pain?

    Sand Filled Scaffolds-
    Just four good old scaffolds around a sand block, and boom! one spray away from an instant solid CF! perfect for making a CF floor without instantly sinking, or making sure a dark corner get solidified.

    Wooden Beams-
    Made like a scaffold made entirely of sticks, these light weight block behaves like scaffold for CF, but unlike scaffold, can be placed anywhere together as long as at least one beam touches a block.
    So wait a minute, why won't i just save wood and make everything out of beams? Well, beams, unlike scaffolds, cannot support the wait of a player, and (depending on what's more plausible) break or just be non-solid. They are also non-opaque and let light come in. This makes them perfect for making a CF roof- they let light in while constructing, and help making a large roof a much easier job, simply need placing where you want instead of complex scaffold-over-air interactions.

    I hope any part of this suggestion is okay.

    please don't kill me.

    i didn't mean IC2 is broken or even unfair, what i meant was that it uses a completely different balance compare to vanilla minecraft.

    which isn't even a problem, because ic2 based economy runs on supply and demand- changes in ores value and distribution won't break the game, or even hurt it a little bit

    which means it runs well with other mods because they only shift supply or demand and not breaking it.

    EE2 require its own absolute balance, and is nigh-unusable with other mods- any minor change will break EE2.

    this is a point for industrial craft, not EE2.

    EE2 is actually very, very much balanced. extremely balanced.

    but ic2 isn't balanced.

    that's because ic2 isn't based on the existing balance of vanilla resources- it's based on supply and demand of materials, which, make it perfectly suitable for itself and other mods that aren't about transmutation- any changes in ores will just make it more or less in demand, which will affect balance a lot less than EE style balance.

    that's why, for example, redpower has only one true exploit in the form of alloy furnace- it allows some form of transmutations, and those require absolute balance that's not part of other mods. EE is the most extreme case, as it has a much higher gain by transmutations than ic2 processes. basically, combining it with ic2 is pretty much breaking the game in a spectacular manner. not any specific mod fault, just really different directions, and one is more powerful on it's own (but still balanced with itself).

    well, just as the title says, how does the plain, normal generator works?
    i mean, electricity can be produced by a main ways:
    dynamo\generator- converting mechanical energy into electricity using magnets and copper wires (specifically, moving them in comparison to one another).
    otherwise it's some weird reaction: solar panel uses light-based chemical* reaction, some crystals produce charge when under pressure. *(i think it was chemical, maybe not)

    So how does the ic2 generator works? i mean, usually fuel based generation is chemical(fuel)-heat-kinetic(steam)-electricity(steam moving the wires/magnets)
    windmills generation is even simpler- kinetic(wind)-electricity(moving the wires/magnets), watermills the same (just with kinetic(water))
    but IC2 generators don't seem to work under any real rule: they go chemical(fuel)-heat(furnace)- ? ? ? - profit! i mean, EU (which is highly assumed to be electricity).
    so how? does heating up refined iron minecraftly make them full of eu, or... really what?

    hmm, that seems like a good suggestion (yes, it's off the original topic, but it's related)...
    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron: =hand held dynamo? food points for a few eu?
    __ :RE Battery: (re-batt)
    __ :RE Battery:
    :Refined Iron: :Copper Ingot: :Refined Iron: =generator?
    __ :Generator: (furnace)