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    A. why dessert? Already hungry?

    B. Mat, this is about generating power for your very first machines- watermills are an inexpensive way to manually boost your power level. At this point, you barely have enough tin to make the cables for the serious windmill towers, not to mention any spare stacks of iron just laying around to make an excessive amount of generators, and no macerator to grind coal and make solar panels.

    What about a hand-held dynamo? An item that is a RE-battery with a hand crank that gets recharged when you hold right click, but takes down your food bar really fast.

    suggestion: Quantum Crafter- a super high powered super technological super machine that can use the power of QUANTUM! to turn raw materials into final product in 0 time, using stages that are defined (like a fabricator, possibly), with the major difference of allowing any process, not just crafting, as well as using a more complex user input. Basically, i imagine it to have a "recipe" interface that allow you to define a number of stages of processing, as well as how many times to do it (number/ as much as needed/as much as possible(for the final recipe only)), a chest sized material input, a craft button, an automatic raw materials calculator, and possibly an automatic stage maker that have a desired product slot (again, to be used with NEI or a search function), and automatically find stages that use the materials given to create it. If the recipes and input are valid and the craft button is pressed, the machine will consumes all the required raw ingredients as well as 2x times the energy requirement of each process and instantly makes the final product.

    As an example of imagined functionality: you want to make seven diamonds right now, and you have tons of coal, fair amount of flint, and 9 obsidian, so you go to the Quantum Crafter, make sure it's adjacent energy storage block has a huge supply of energy, press the define recipe button, define stages: 1. macerate coal to dust as much as needed, 2. craft dust around flint as much as needed, 3. compress coal balls as much as needed, 4. craft compressed coal chunks around obsidian 7 times, 5. compress coal chunk 7 times, 6. craft industrial diamonds 7 times, put all the items in the input slots, and press craft button. That whole process took about 30 seconds, and you've got 7 diamonds to use to your heart's content (E.I. showing offeveryone how awesome your Quantum Crafter is).

    Then how about something more akin to fuel cans? Just make a thermal cell and load it in a canning machine with near depleted isotope cells/uranium/thorium for +5,000, +35,000, +5000 heat, up to a total of 80,000, and when you're satisfied just burn it in a furnace, generator, or solid-fuel firebox).

    proposed recipe:

    :Gold Dust::Electronic Circuit::Gold Dust:
    :Tin Ingot::Compressed Plantball::Tin Ingot:
    :Intergrated Plating::Gold Dust::Intergrated Plating:

    ( :Gold Dust: = gold ingot/lead ingot, :Compressed Plantball: =golden nugget, :Intergrated Plating: =nothing)

    (pre-Edit for the math- an explanation for lulz was cut)
    Anyway, this is outside the original discussion- we are talking about Radioactive power without sustained chain reaction. In matter of the usual reactor- IC2 generator is presumably capable of turning heat into electricity in a non-obvious way (is it a heat difference causing charge? a hidden self contained steam mechanism in the machine block?), so that's the same.

    On the practical side, i suggest just making an radio-thermal cell item, which is either eight near-depleted isotope cells surrounding an ingot of gold/lead (if there is a mod that adds lead), which simply burns in a furnace, generator, or a solid fuel firebox for a long long time (40,000 heat units, for 1,000,000 eu in a generator per thermal cell with no chance of depleted cell), or, if it is possible to make a fuel item with damage value (i am not a pro- not in gaming, life, or gramming, so i have no clue if i have any idea what i am talking about), made with a machine block surrounded by four ingots of gold/lead (if there is a mod that adds lead) and four basic circuits,which is filled, E.I. crafted to raise the damage value bar, with near depleted isotope cells (5000 heat units worth of damage value per isotope cell) and again "burns" in furnace, generator, or solid fuel firebox, returning a less filled (lowered damage value) thermal cell.

    95/5 for me. The power of spamming insta-breakage using low-power setting is a bit beyond anything else in the mining arsenal, in 2012 and now (except the old EE2 stuff, but by that point you don't need no mining)

    What about a throwable crafting table? Just a tin ingot, glass, and crafting table for a more tech-looking table- right click to access crafting, left click to instantly break (cause who likes axes anyway?)

    Rp2 gems are't op for me. My main complaint is that the bronze armor provide as much protection as diamond, and they can be made with early materials- you basically need some wood, stone, copper ore (which is abundant near the surface) and tin ore (which is also fairly abundant) to make something that rivals 24 diamonds in functionality, and i can't say a similar thing about gems- they require quite a bit of mining with iron pick at least and don't provide any functionality that iron doesn't provide other than some speed and durability (maybe the sword is a little op, but damaging the mobs is the easy part- it's surviving them that truly matters)

    Diamond level protection from bronze is overpowered, not balanced.

    Also, minecraft mods follow a simplified reality- why is everything blocks? Simplified reality. How can you punch a tree to break it? Simplified reality. Why does electricity flows in a line, not a circuit? Simplified reality. How can an electronic circuit be made with your hand? Simplified reality. How can an alloy furnace produce silicon using rather impure materials? SImplifi... I"ll stop now.
    Realistic is good until it hits the Uncanny valley of realism- when the realism is not fun and breaks the willing suspension of disbelief (no one is bothered by dirt blocks floating, but compact solar bothers me a lot at least). That's why attempting to be realistic! usually falls flat and doesn't work.

    However, if the new realism follows the spirit of things rather than exactly the real world- electricity travels in wire, nuclear reactor produce a lot of heat, etc, it only enriches the game (and in this case also it's uranium). Shouting Realism! is only good if you have a way to make it work in gameplay: making all blocks fall for realism! will just make a frustrating mess, but making solar panels produce a tiny amount of energy when there is a moonlight will just give a little something nice. So is my suggestion: making bronze fit with real world tech advancement while giving it other nice features to balance gameplay.

    (anyway with tech mods you can always just techno babble your way out of troubles- it just requires watching some star trek and considering all explanations banana explanations*)

    *named for the way the 11th doctor from the show Doctor Who starts explain something by comparing it to something such as a banana, only to says it's not like that and you should forget about the banana.

    The thing is, I'd expect from real life parallel that bronze armor to be even less effective and durable than iron. So okay, lets assume minecraft iron armor is not a good or well crafted armor as the bronze, there is still a way between iron and diamond,- according to the wiki, one half of an armor bar is 4% damage reduction, iron being 60% and diamond 80%- that's 4 different protection value than any single type armor set currently.

    Also, according to the IC2 wiki bronze is like iron only more durable, (but not as diamond),subverting both my expectation for lesser durability and preEDIT: the recipe and resources says only about durability being 30% better. The individual armor pieces pages (which i've never seen before) have the correct info.

    If i may overstep into the suggestion forum, i think a good compromise is making bronze less\as durable as iron, buff it's helmet and leggings(1) by 1 half bar each for the 8% between iron and diamond(2), and make it more enchantable than iron(3).

    Logic: (1)making it fit with a pack and rubber/static boots, (2)filling the armor niche of mid-high tier when you have a handful of diamonds but would rather use them for machines or tools, and as well(3) getting to the start of enchanting and just giving a little "mythical" feel to bronze armor- think about ancient royal ornamented bronze armor and such- or just compare the last thing you saw made of bronze versus the last thing you saw made of iron.

    1: RawCode, you're a jerk. The fact that neither of us got the point of the post in 0.05 of a second doesn't mean you should say "this is stupid you're stupid haha you're stupid ".

    2: A separated nuclear-steam mechanic is in sore need: EU because we need, steam because it's really fun.

    3: On a separate note, a universal in-game configuration option menu (with mod tabs and such) will be really really useful for those of us like me who can't find, change, and/or save configs without fearing blowing up our computers. I have no idea where to suggest this, though- is it a forge, ftb, NEI or another territory? (also here someone might just take note, though not likely).
    Really nearly any in-game option that doesn't overly clutter the main HUD or any GUI is at least an okay addition.

    "How about making the nuclear steam boiler-"
    That would be cool, but that won't come from IC² I guess. Should be added to RC

    Well steam is from RC. you can't expect a solution without primarily considering it. And for greg: It won't remove the minigame in my suggestion: you still have the inventory of 1-9 by 6 rows to organize, and still need to cool down excess heat- the boiler only takes what normally uses EU, and the regular heat management is still essential to prevent your fireboxes from melting down.

    And someone needs to tell the jaguar(?) that.

    How about making the nuclear steam boiler- like the regular boilers, it can have up to 9 special nuclear fireboxes, and what regularly comes as electricity now comes as the amount of heat transferred to the boiler , and reactor cooling is used to prevent the fireboxes themselves from melting due to excess heat.

    Also, depending on the math, new super high pressure boiler tanks might be needed to work with the new heat output- perhaps something like 40-80 steam/tick,max heat 2000-8000 (which produces 450-900 eu\t in the largest boiler with many turbines), with the reactor itself running very very fast and then slower (and thus more efficiently) as it reaches the max heat
    (Cooling speed is also slower, due to making different reactor ticks per second affects both heat made and vented the heat of the entire boiler affecting cooling)
    (also note that reactor speed is irrelevant yo steam production, which is dependent only on the tanks).

    These reactors should always be mark 1 reactors, so even with a supremely expensive and cleaver design you can't expect too much.

    This way we get proper steam power with nuclear reactors and still don't have to trash the old paradigms- if you do the math, if each nuclear firebox is crafted with a single chamber and adds a single row you get exactly as much as inventory as a regular reactor.

    Proposed crafting recipes:

    :Intergrated Plating::Copper Ingot::Intergrated Plating:
    :Copper Ingot::Generator::Copper Ingot: ( :Copper Ingot: ==dense plating)
    :Advanced Circuit::Copper Ingot::Advanced Circuit:

    advance boiler tank-
    :Coal Chunk: ( :Coal Chunk: ==high pressure tank)
    :Advanced Circuit: ( :Copper Ingot: ==dense plating)
    :Copper Ingot:

    Because the only thing more powerful than an ultra armored, auto fed, auto cured, super fast and super jumpy super humanoid Steve is an ultra armored, auto fed, auto cured, super fast and super jumpy super humanoid Steve that also have auto healing.

    Though really this is like adding more gunpowder in the nuke- it might help a little, but really...

    Discussion or any update?
    Vanilla IC2 developer comment?
    Further discussion about extinguisher idea?
    spray gun potion effect spraying building and uses discussion?
    Any way for at least the wooden beams and/or sand-filled scaffolds to materialize in some form?
    Fallen Beast, sorry, F4113nb34st- which aspect do you mean to make a mod of- painter, CF holding blocks, or just (understandably) meant "i like this idea maybe if i have time"?

    I mean, i am pretty sure (even with my very very basic programming knowledge) that wooden beams or sand filled scaffolds are at least 90% easier to implement than most suggestions in the suggestions thread, but i don't see too much discussion here, especially from devs (apart from beast, whose response i am still curious about).

    Or maybe they just all ignore me because of the thing and i am just a whiny little kid, but i still think at least those two ideas are completely worthy and objectively fit in with industrial craft .