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    Compoundedwords are hard for those not used to them. Like me.

    They are logical depending on what language you are used to- in some chaining words up to dozens per word is a vital parts of word-making, while in others this is only a last resort.
    In a different perspective, the logical way to use would be starting with the core noun and add adjectives after (Say, instead of Fusionreactorcoil, coil reactor fusion), or making a completely new & different word (traffic light- tright), or maybe just MakingAllWordsStartWithACapitalLetterSoItWouldBeEasierToIdentifyEveryWordSeparately, like in Wikipedia (compare that to how readable is makingallwordsstartwithacapitallettersoitwouldbeeasiertoidetifyeverywordseparatly). some people will see no need for capital letter. even in names and such. Other people may see all tenses past the past, present and future a form of insanity.

    Logic and grammar are two separated worlds, completely dependent on personal perspectives and taste.

    (although English is pretty bad for having pretty arbitrary rules for things like pronunciation, spelling, and grammar (full credit goes to Auto-correct for allowing me to be readable as if I know what i'm doing :P ) )

    [Question]: Since vanilla minecraft 1.4 added two new crops (carrots and potatoes) , will there be an update to the system in order to include these two new plants?

    A subtle tint would be nice (just a small texture change, not a real colored light). RP light blocks are incredibly and overwhelmingly colored- while the light can only be white in all cases, having a light source that doesn't look like a disaster...

    EDIT: that was a joke, sorry gregoriusT and whoever Shedar is. I'm used that "Epileptic" is sometimes used in a non-serious tone to describe powerful and flashy light shows- particularly advertisements, which are notorious for over stimulation. The idea is that the redpower lamps look like they are meant to display this kind of light shows. That's why i used the word piece- as in a piece of the display screen for the over colored thing.

    Well, since the base energy of uranium is 1,000,000 EU and maximum efficiency is 7, and a single UU-matter piece require naturally 1,000,000 EU to produce, a simple seven-piece recipe (say, a big U shape) should theoretically have the exact same return of energy.

    Now, since you can use scrap to make make matter fabrication 6 times more efficient, you can get a net energy gain.

    Yeah, by implementing a balanced uranium UU recipe, you can make energy out of any matter. It's broken in a most scientifically awesome way possible.

    About 60% more power for a MFSU per used laptoron*, 50% more for a MFE per used crystal, 30% for batbox per used battery, and you"ll want a wrench. Not much of a breaker for batboxes and MFEs, especially considering the relative low price of RE batteries pack and relative low price for upgrading a crystal to a lapotron.

    (basically, it's easier and more efficient to just use upgraded versions of storage items rather than blocks, except for a MFSU, which uses 10 times more diamonds than lapotron and holds 10 times the power,so not that much of a great big game breaker)

    *it's crafted with 60% more diamond per lapotron, though

    Sorry. I really am. I shouldn't have made such a terrible spam. I am sorry for anyone who i have insulted or otherwise made feel bad (especially Gregerious*)

    I made this for stupid and childish reasons, and i am sorry.
    I made a satire because i was too afraid of making a lame something real- i hope anything bad about the design, the misuse of forumspeak, incapability of using photos, generally bad usage of language, won't be seen as real (even if some of it is). Anything wrong would be seen as a joke rather than my own real disgusting personality. It partially stems from insecurity about my own ability to do posts and where and what is considered okay- I have a ton of idea, most of them are bad, but i was really afraid of using the whole hayospeak and misusing it, or having my own catastrophe of syntax make it unintelligible- i really wanted to post anything, but i was too insecure about posting anything real.

    I am sorry. These are stupid reasons and this is a dumb thread. If i had any knowledge in technology i would have deleted this thread- but either i'm too incompetent to find how or it is to stand as monument to my shame until the end of time in the archives. Or of course, i"ll be banned from this site forever and someone will delete this thread soon afterwards.

    I'm sorry. I really am.

    *it's really mainly my own problem- i am used for 9 lettered word being hilariously long, and using auto-correct for basically everything, so it's really my own strangeness that makes Greg's writing look strange to me.

    Now that we have Quantum suits, laser, and nukes, what sort of a challenge is the old, vanilla end?

    Doesn't IC2 deserve a more Thrilling dimension?!


    Presenting you- THE MEND!

    First of all, you"ll need to get there. How? in a very expensive way! HAYO! you"ll just need to lay machine blocks in the following pattern:

    Then, you"ll need to fill each one with a fully charged LAPOTRON CRYSTAL! THAT'S THREE FORTH A MILLION GIBBL!!
    But what does all that concentrated awesome does? WHAT DOESN'T IT? IT SENDS A REAL SUGGESTION -STEVE THE NOOB'S FIRST SUGGESTION!!!

    HAYO! You are now suddenly at THE MEND!!!

    Well, what is this new dimension then? Obvious! it's like the end, only Much more HAYO-ish!
    The ground is made of grey, sturdy blocks, gray sky, storming, send their mighty gibbl upon the world.
    Huge, towering LIGHTNING RODS emerge from the ground, taller than any obsidian towers.
    On the top- IMPALED NOOBS, all burnt and crispy.
    Tall, dark MENDERMEN roam the ground, each wearing a solar helmet, occasionally seen riding spiders.

    And then, he attacks! He deals four thousand GIBBLS of damage (!), as well as getting healed instantly by the impaled noobs!
    You have to climb each rod, destroy the noob corpse on top, avoid being fried by 9000 hearts of lighting damage, and not die! Every time you die, you spawn right back in, and one noobless rod gets a new crispy corpse! HAYO!

    Should you somehow defeat annoy Alblaka enough (doing at least 30k hearts of damage), Alblaka will say:" ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! YOU WANT YOUR STUPID LIGHTNING ROD?! HERE! TAKE IT!!!". Alblaka will disappear in a flash of light, living behind a legendary item:


    *(note the 5 exclamation marks- a sign of sure insanity)

    Once you grab the lightning rod, you will be automatically kicked out leave the Mend and return to the overworld, where you can figure out the HAYOful workings of the lightning rod yourself!

    But not before the End Poem, in all it's unskipable glory! Of course with a few minor changes!
    -The speakers use the words GIBBL, HAYO, or MIGHTY DRAGON LORD at least once every sentence
    -a third speaker joins in at the end and explain to you in details why lightning rods suck, your suggestion is a sign of humanities degradation, and you are a worthless idiot -surprisingly he will not hate you for merely thinking to post something, but that's just because he doesn't believe you can do anything as intelligent as thinking.
    -if Gregtech isinstalled, atleast every secondword of endpoem is compoundedtogether with wordbefore, to preserve styleconsistancy between itemnamesandcraftingrecipies and endpoem.



    Geez, stop reporting this thread already. It's in Off-Topic for a reason. ~ Alb

    The infiltrator suit can have more things/different things:
    faster running (not as fast as Q-suit, but faster than usual speed, also either energy expensive or only for a few seconds every time), will make leggings more worthwhile.
    wall climbing (an ability like the spider has- would be useful for a quick escape, traversing terrain, and building tall building), wondering whether it's good for chest, leggings, boots, or item in inventory.
    jump boost (again, not quit as good as the Q-suit). basically making the boots the lesser Q boots.

    Actually, a true infiltrator suit would be more logically have these things rather than, say, fire protection, but that's just my personal opinion.

    What about making them into small 1x1 bush, growing all sorts of fruits.

    There aren't many fruits in the current crop system, from what i understand (though with the addition of two new vegetables i now have no clue about agriculture.)

    since lag is a major issue can't someone make a wrench setting of "assemble" that actually assembles the multi-tile machine and not every piece check every tick? that way i guess you could possibly incorporate regular machines and machine blocks in the structure without making a lag. i don't know anything about coding, really, but i"ll guess that's at least a major problem.

    also someone could ask to make it in a railcraft-ic2 addon, since it already has a large amount of multi block machines.

    i've been trying a little bit to play around with mounting lasers on moving flying death battleship lasers in RP2 deployers and assemblers and i really can't figure out the mechanics of this:

    -what exactly sets the fire mode so i can choose between explode or scatter or precise strike?

    -How does the energy drain is handled?

    -what determines if the laser breaks the deployer/assembler that's firing?

    -How can i mount lasers in assemblers on a large moving frame machine with multiple settings and arrangements (using a number of guns or deployer or assemblers, if necessary)
    strictly for awesome peaceful reasons, of course.