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    I do have it hooked up that way.

    have an MFSU connected to transformer on a 1 dot side, EV cable connected to 3 dot side going to another hv transformer 3 dot side, and another MFSU connected to that transformer via 1 dot side.

    trying to step my voltage to to 2048 for long distance transfer.

    The wiki says that the 1 dot sides should work as inputs as well as outputs to step the voltage up, but I can't seem to get it to work.

    Ran into a big problem. Every time I try to attach an engine to an electrical system the game crashes.

    wouldn't want to go with just enything that makes things insta grow, or just plain bonemeal would have to work. At least the forestry fertalizer is still something that needs multiple items, and needs to be crafted. So wouldn't be broken.

    so the jetpack not working in smp is a bug? It worked just fine in ssp. I was just wondering if there was a specific setting I had to turn on in order to get it working on a server. Like changing the "allow flight" variable in the server settings file. Or if that is something completly different. (I'm still rather noobish when it comes to the config settings)

    are there any special settings that need to be applied to a server in order to get a jetpack to work? My friends and I setup a server with IC2 on it, and none of us can fly. It uses up the jetpacks EU, but all we do is jump around.

    My suggestion is to put an upgrade slot into tools (drill, chainsaw) and the sword.(only one slot) And craftable "blank upgrade" items that would be rather expensive to make, laptron crystals, maybe UU matter. The blank upgrades could then be imprinted with "programs" by expending XP levels.

    The programs would act like the vanilla enchantments, allowing the use of silk touch, fortune, and/or looting. Only one "program" per upgrade.

    Once you install the upgrade, it is permenant.

    So, aperantly forestry doesn't like this mod. . . crashes every time.

    Crash report

    any other logs you need?

    changed the block id's to 400,and 401, and it no longer crashes. though I thought that forge auto fixed item id conflicts... odd.

    No, it doesn't require redpower.
    Please post screenshots of your setup.

    Ok, looks like I had things backwards. I watched direwolf20's tutorial to see how to setup reactors, and it looks like it has changed from the redstone signal turning the reactor off, to it needing a redstone signal to turn the reactor on. So the explosion was me setting it up wrong.

    Now I have run into another problem. I have the thermal monitor attached to the top reactor chamber, set to emit a redstone signal when below 500 heat, but it won't turn the reactor on.

    I had to setup a remote monitor, and pipe in the redstone from that in order for it to controll the reactor.

    Am I not using these right, or was it not supposed to work the way I am trying to get it to.

    (first time using industrialcraft, let alone this addon.)