help with jetpack, v1.106

  • are there any special settings that need to be applied to a server in order to get a jetpack to work? My friends and I setup a server with IC2 on it, and none of us can fly. It uses up the jetpacks EU, but all we do is jump around.

  • Yep... Download 1.107 beta ;)
    Impressive you didn't notice any of the other 2 million game breaking bugs in 1.106 :D All should be fixed in the beta except the missing sounds

  • so the jetpack not working in smp is a bug? It worked just fine in ssp. I was just wondering if there was a specific setting I had to turn on in order to get it working on a server. Like changing the "allow flight" variable in the server settings file. Or if that is something completly different. (I'm still rather noobish when it comes to the config settings)

  • There is no way to get it to work in SMP, just download the 1.107 beta, it has a fix for that

    Is the answer to this question no?


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