Using liquid coolant reactor as a cooling tower for a non-coolant reactor

  • So, I just had a thought, and I'm curious if this will actually work or not; Let's say I were to make a non-coolant reactor that puts 100% of generated heat into coolant cells- thus generating EU in addition to the heat- then I put these coolant cells into a coolant reactor and vent the heat. Will this generate EU for both stages?

  • You're not the first to think of that, but last I knew, components heated in an an EU reactor could not be cooled in a fluid reactor (or vice versa, and they get tooltips saying so).

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    I've tried this, and you can't. You might be able to do liquid -> EU cooling, but that'd get you no EU :D

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  • Loool just throwing that in because i did not think of that...
    With the (Planned) Steam reactor from IC2 Classic it would be possible since you could gain the Heat out of the Parts to produce steam...
    Problem here is that you have to exchange the parts quickly and also you have to make a NBT/Metadata check because 1 second to late and everything would explode...