Stirling generator should be nerfed

  • At the moment, the HU to EU conversion rate for Stirling Generators is 2:1, which is equivalent to a regular-steam turbine set up. Considering the greater cost and engineering challenge associated with setting up a steam turbine, even just a regular steam one, the turbine should output at a better ratio then the stirling generator, so that there is a trade-off between the two and one can seriously consider whether they want to go through the effort of making a steam turbine for maximum efficiency or just go with a stirling gen for less efficiency but compactness and ease of set-up.

    Therefore, I reccomend decreasing the Stirling Generator's HU to EU ratio to either 3:1, or 2.5:1.

  • what?

    steam generator puts out 150 eu/t when using a nuke/heat source and kinetic turbines.

    its not too bad imho...

    imho steam turbines need a increase in eu/t to balance things out..

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    Remember it's KU you're converting to EU, not HU.

    Would you boost the KU made per mb of steam, or boost the EU output per KU?

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