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    The EU cost is still high, but replicating something will use much less uu as before. The overall energy required to produce something is unaffected by proportionally lowering uu output while lowering uu usage at the same time.

    That's the point...

    I would like for UUM to be produced as a trickle of 1 mb at a time, instead of the odd 1000 mb it is now. I also think that the energy cost it is now it perfectly fine, so I also proposed that the energy cost per operation be reduced proportionally.

    Only wands draw vis from nodes, as nodes were also changed massively too. They are now actual blocks in the world, which can be broken (yielding ethereal essence) and also put into jars (At the cost of a LARGE amount of vis) and moved. Neither drawing nor using vis causes flux, though if you're not careful with your initial stick+iron wand you CAN accidentally draw all the vis from a node. Drawing ALL of the vis from a node is very bad for the node, and can eventually destroy it if you abuse the node a lot, or at the very least damage it. And the only way to get more nodes is to spawn new chunks.
    Oh, and in case you didn't know, there are now many different types of vis, one for every type of aspect. However, wands can only store the six primals, so the compound-aspect vis only shows up in nodes.

    The arcane miner uses pickaxes to mine, and gains properties based on the pickaxe it uses. (For example, stone picks go very slowly. I still need to test if stone can mine iron-level ores, I would guess that they can't EDIT: Actually, apparently they can... The low durability means you'll have to replace them often, though) You can, however, feed them Perditio essentia, which can be made by burning Cobble (or some other things, though there's really no reason not to use cobble) in an Alchemical Furnace, using some fuel in the process. This makes them mine faster, and they consume one perditio for every 16 mined blocks, and one cobble gives one perditio.
    Also, it's notable that they mine in a manner similar to quarries. They also will use any enchantments on the pickaxe, so using a silk touch pick will allow silk touch mining.

    Also, in case it's not obvious, the pick used takes durability damage as normal, so 1 block = 1 durability unless it has Unbreaking. Also, drills don't work. I tried.

    EDIT2: Okay, so apparently you can also automate the replacement of pickaxes using any NBT-compatible automation method... This includes golems. So, you could easily fill a chest next to it with picks, assign one golem to take out spent picks (the bore doesn't allow them to break completely, instead it simply stops when there's one durability point left) and the other to refill it with picks.
    At least its mining speed is affected by block hardness...

    Flux has changed a lot from TC3 to TC4, now it apparently has to be configured to create taint, and otherwise really does pretty much nothing. Except give you bad status effects when you step in it, and spawn thaumic slimes if it reaches large amounts, which are just as easy to deal with as normal slimes.

    All in all, it's kind of a joke, unless you enable it to create taint... Unless there are some hidden effects that I don't know about. Which I doubt.

    And by the way, flux no longer causes rain.

    Well....... that is really cheap, there are not further side effects ?? If not then we need to think of something as this would be a serious shortcut.?

    Well, if you do it in a crucible, the only downside is the fact that it's impossible to automate.

    There is a machine in Thaumcraft for automating crucible recipes, though, and if you use that the only real downside is the fact that you'll need to supply the alchemical furnaces with fuel to turn the items into essentia. It's not that much fuel, though.

    Also, piping the essentia can sometimes be a bit annoying.

    Alsoalso, I just remembered that you can use carrots and spider eyes instead of dye as well.

    @Glowstone concerns, it costs 1 sensus and 2 lux to make 1 glowstone, so basically a dye and two torches.

    @What Wand of Infintie Mining? : Obsidian wands slowly refill themselves with terra vis, and Excavation foci only require Terra to work. Although, you'll have to enchant the focus with Frugal if you want the recharge rate to be faster then the use rate, which it is my understanding will be a lot harder on this server due to enchanting tables being disabled. Also, the wand only recharges to 10 vis and then stops, which would not allow very much mining at all. Less then a minute of mining. It also mines ores more slowly. All in all I agree that it's not really unbalanced, the electric tools are still overall better.

    Also, while it's not something that I think is unbalanced, there's also now the ability to turn cobble into gravel, then sand at the cost of 2 Perditio per step. (basically two cobblestone) Clay also only requires 2 terra and 1 aqua per ball of clay, which is basically 2 cobblestone (synergy with the sand maceration? :D ) and 1 sugarcane, with some herba and aer left over. That could help a lot with the disappearance of clay across the server as people dig it all up.

    Also also, it's notable that the arcane bore is available pretty early on, though it's kind of a bitch to maintain. You pretty much have to sit next to it, or spend a high-durability pick to be able to leave it for very long. And since it uses actual resources for fuel, the Miner is still superior in every way. Especially if we don't have enchantment tables.
    Well, unless you happen to want cobble or granite.
    EDIT: There is one significant advantage to the arcane bore that I forgot: You can turn it sideways, allowing you to mine a specific level rather then the entire chunk.

    Alsoalsoalso, the changes in AE2 are awesome. Really looking forward to playing with it once I get to that point in my game.

    EDIT2: Apparently, you can also disable the arcane mirrors in the config, if you want to. Though, they are rather useful for making infusion set-ups prettier.

    AFAIK, green gens (aka solar, wind and water) are disabled on kirara.

    Awwww... :c

    Also, notes from my forrays into 1.7.2 Thaumcraft:
    Chopping animation cores are still a thing, as are harvest golems, and alumentum. I know this isn't a surprise to anyone, but I feel that these should be mentioned if this really is going to be added to Kirara. They're not overly expensive, either... I foresee much golem tree farming and coke oven spam in the future.
    Also, I found a pleasent surprise in my research: You can now duplicate glowstone, slimeballs, clay, and ink sacs in a crucible, at the cost of a few related aspects. This might cause balance issues with Gregtech, particularly glowstone and clay. There's also a few miscellaneous alchemical recipes, though nothing especially useful if you don't happen to need cobwebs, cracked brick or moss stone for a build.

    There's also the whole obsidian wand of infinite mining thing. Oh, and metal transmutation, though that's actualy pretty balanced since you're just changing one metal to another, and it costs resources if you want anything other then iron.

    Just wanna +1 MrRainbow's petition for Greg to Add some Fricking Oil to World Gen Already! Even if it's just oil shales it'd still be nice to have...

    Also, it would be nice to have Immibis' Array-generators, or something functionally identical, so that those who want to spam the renewable gens can do so without either contributing to server lag or resorting to their cheaty compact versions.

    Alsoalso, I'm going to be playing on a 1.7.2 world with Thaumcraft soon, so that I can test out those new baubles and see what they do. I'll report back if anything seems especially broken.

    What would be your guys' opinion on adding the Expanded Redstone Mod?

    I'm unsure about how well it would fit with the other mods, as this does allow for automatic farming with no running cost at all, though they would be considerably more complicated then, for example, Forestry. Additionally there's always recipe changing to make them less OP.

    Mainly just suggesting this because Greg's tree farming is incomplete and I prefer not using Forestry farms, though at the same time I do acknowledge that this is a hardcore server and if it fits the style better without expanded redstone, then I can understand. And somewhat agree.

    You need some way of passively generating water, or they're be no water source blocks anywhere!

    Squeezing cactus, or I suppose we could add a canning or crafting recipe producing a water cell/bucket from cactus or something. Also, electrolyzing sugar.
    It would also be great if we added an early-game recipe for the Drain cover, especially if the drain produces water if placed on top of a GT pipe.
    Or if there's a way to disable the eternal water gen of water tanks they wouldn't be quite as OP. Personally, I think that having a way to passively gen water at all times, anywhere, defeats much of the purpose of finite water.

    Will this server have whitelist when it comes online? If so, how does one apply to be on it?

    Also, might I make a suggestion: Disable charcoal smelting in a normal furnace, so that we must use coke ovens instead. It makes the early game MUCH more interesting, and coal becomes VERY useful early game as well. Also, change all of the torch recipes to only yield one torch. (or, if you're not THAT into hardcore play, two torches)

    EDIT: Also, I would suggest the replacing of Iron Chests with Better Storage, as it is really a much more interesting and just overall better mod that makes a lot more sense, and is better balanced.

    EDIT2: Also, Railcraft water tanks seem a little OP in a world with finite water...

    Tier 4 Tech: Electrical Plasma Drill, which uses high amounts of power to induce plasma inside rocks, instantly fragmenting them.
    Caution advised when using against metallic rock. [Instantly melt the ore into nuggets]

    Tier 2-4 Tech: Geothermal Miner, which uses different types of drills and pipes to drill deeper and deeper into the minecraftia's bedrock. Geothermal wells must be made on geologically active areas generated randomly on the world, otherwise they will have dramatically reduced generation.
    Requires constant supply of water to produce steam, which will be used to generate energy.
    Every block dug deeper costs more and more energy, but also increases the heat provided by the geothermal well. Tier 2 uses the diamond drill to dig up to 2000 blocks. Tier 3 uses the iridium one to dig up to 5500 blocks. Tier 4 uses the Electrical Plasma Drill to dig up to 12000 blocks.
    Steam generation = (Depth^1.1) / 50 , EU cost per block dug = Depth^1.2 * Drill modifier [1 for diamond, 0.9 for iridium, 0.8 for electrical plasma]

    I know this has been suggested before, but I just wanna say that this is a great refinement of the concept and I hope it gets implemented soon.

    Anyway, I had my own idea: Glowsticks.
    Basically these would act as a throwable torch, in that when you right click with them they fly into the air and wherever they land produces a glowstick block with the light level of glowstone.
    As for how to make them, I'm not totally sure what would be best, to be honest... they should be easy to mass-produce, though. (therefore preferably not made of something like glowstone...Although, that could be a high-yielding alternative recipe) I was thinking that, you could combine water with compressed air/oxygen, to get hydrogen perioxide. (I'm sure there are other uses for perioxide) This is combined with a plastic rod or plate, to produce an Unfilled Glowstick. Then, use a series of steps in the chemical combiner to make something approximating this compound, preferably using cheap and easily renewable materials, such as carbon, water, and compressed air. (Hydrogen is kinda expensive eu-wise, though I suppose you could use that as well) This should give you a pretty good amount of Diphenyl Oxalate cells, which are then combined with the Unfilled Glowstick from before, to produce let's say 4-8 glowsticks.