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    If that is implemented, then the nether star magic energy converter recipe should be removed, since it doesn't make much sense to have both.

    Also, would like to revive an old idea that was suggested before: The Heat Dynamo, a renewable generator that runs off various forms of infinite heat in Minecraft.
    For example, a block of fire under the generator could generate 1-.5 EU/t infinitely, though will occasionally generate fire blocks nearby. Lava could be used temporarily, though leaving it there for too long will melt the dynamo. (This could be automated with dispensers + buckets + redstone, which would be interesting to set up) Placing Nitor into an inventory slot could generate .25-.5 eu/t, with no caveats. Or, if one presses a button in the GUI, the block will search the adjacent blocks for a blaze. If it finds one, the blaze is 'captured' in the block and will generate something like 5 eu/t, but over time the blaze will degrade the dynamo, causing damage in the exact same way of a steam turbine with exactly the same disadvantages. If all of the damage types exist on a single dynamo, the blaze will be released and the dynamo repaired before it can be recaptured.
    If the blaze capturing isn't possible, then alternatively simply placing the dynamo on top of/adjacent to a blaze spawner will generate 5 eu/t if they can be placed on any side, or 30 eu/t if only on the top.

    Thinking about it, it would also be really cool if this were a multiblock instead of just a single block, and/or if the dynamo produced steam instead of EU directly, requiring water input. This would, however, be a rather large nerf to the blaze spawner dynamo... It would be interesting having to pipe or cart water into the nether for this, though, or making some kind of elaborate contraption to generate it in the nether. (cactus or sugar seem like good candidates for this)

    If you add Pam's Harvestcraft, you can use juice to heal yourself in the early game. All juice requires is a fruit and a juicer, the juicer being made with 3 smoothstone. If I remember correctly, they heal a half-heart each.

    If you do do so, I would also reccomend adding Hunger Overhaul.

    Also, it's notable that hunger overhaul allows you to adjust how you regen health: For example, my personal favorite health regen setting is to allow healing above 3-4 hunger shanks, with major injuries healing EXTREMELY slowly (something like a few Minecraft days to heal completely) and minor ones taking less, something around one or half a Minecraft day.

    i think we already have too many mods, i take a look at the list and ", what this mod is for anyway..." everything we have it can keep us busy for a good amount of time, and with the changes GregoriusT is making, things will require even more time, anyway sometimes less is more.

    The only mod I see that's at all new is Applied Thermodynamics, which I don't really know why that's there... Also it has no documentation that I can find.

    Light blue aluminium.
    Purple titanium.
    Black Tungsten.
    White iridium.
    Green uranium.
    Red Plutonium.
    Is orange bronze really that unusual, given these?

    Just want to mention, by the way, this is what uranium looks like:…mmons/d/d8/HEUraniumC.jpg

    This is what tungsten looks like:…1/tungsten-or-wolfram.jpg

    This is iridium:…m2.jpg/220px-Iridium2.jpg

    notice how they all look exactly the same, ignoring the shaping and polish differences? They're pretty much all indistinguishable from eachother, all nondescript iron-gray metals. If Greg went for realistic color schemes for his metals, 90% of them would be indistinguishable from iron.

    And there I thought, hey this one rotarycraft video looked nice, with the really big reactor, the plasma destroying the landscape if you build it wrong and nice looks...
    Is it really that crazy with rotarycraft? Oo

    Sadly, it is. The cheapest form of ore processing, the Grinder, triples the ore's output.
    Then it basically just goes straight to the Extractor, which is just 5x for normal ores like iron and copper, 9x for nether ores, and 13x for rare ores like iridium.

    Rotarycraft's ore processing is my biggest gripe with Rotaryctaft, because it's just way too overpowered, really, there's SO MUCH POTENTIAL for a FAR more interesting and balanced system in a mod that strives for realism...
    There's also a few other, similar things which betray an apparent paranoia or EXTREME dislike for ANYTHING that can be seen as even a slight bit grindy, and then these dumbed-down systems giving a disproportionate reward...

    Which is such a shame, because there's a lot of fun engineering potential in the mod.

    Just had confirmation from CJ about the oven time reduction: <CovertJaguar> abculatter_2 no I think its 2 - 2.5 mins

    Would be nice to know the exact time...

    About coke ovens. One forestry oak tree farm supplies enough wood for about 34 coke ovens. And those ovens produce more that enough charcoal and creosote to supply both solid and liquid powered low pressure 3x3x4 Railcraft boilers.

    Precise numbers:

    According to the wiki, it takes three minutes per operation, which is 3600 ticks. (However, I remember there being a somewhat recent buff reducing this time significantly, I'm asking around IRC to figure out if the wiki's been updated or not.)
    Charcoal is 1600 heat units per item
    Creosote is 4800 heat units per bucket (1200 per charcoal)

    Max-sized, full-temp LP boilers with the most current version of Railcraft consume 16.8 heat units per tick. (This is from some previous calculations I did when the recent boiler overhaul happened, the result of which I committed to memory)
    This means that a piece of charcoal will last 95.238095238095238095238095238095 ticks
    While the creosote from one charcoal will last 71.428571428571428571428571428571 ticks

    3600/95.238095238095238095238095238095 = 37.8 coke ovens to fuel one LP boiler on charcoal from coke ovens
    3600/71.428571428571428571428571428571 = 50.4 coke ovens to fuel one LP boiler on charcoal creosote from coke ovens

    Assuming you use a gregtech steam turbine, you should get 180 eu/t per boiler.
    180/37.8 = 4.7619047619047619047619047619048
    180/50.4 = 3.5714285714285714285714285714286
    8.3333333333333333333333333333334 eu/t per coke oven, at no energy input cost, and thus a full profit.

    Course, good luck trying to find the ideal number of coke ovens for powering both charcoal and creosote boilers...

    I feel like I may have semi-accidentally garnered a lot of attention to this thread by advertising some of Greg's recent posts that detail his changes for 1.7 in the "What's new in modded minecraft today" thread on the FTB forum. And I'm sorry.

    Though, it's actually quite surprising how much the attitude towards Gregtech over there has changed. There are quite a few well-known members there (by far not a majority but still) who seem to be excited about these changes, and those who dislike Gregtech aren't being unreasonable.
    All in all, while most people there don't use or particularly like Gregtech for various reasons, they seem to have largely adopted a similar philosophy that we have to those who enjoy TE and the like: "Live and let live".

    The EU cost is still high, but replicating something will use much less uu as before. The overall energy required to produce something is unaffected by proportionally lowering uu output while lowering uu usage at the same time.

    That's the point...

    I would like for UUM to be produced as a trickle of 1 mb at a time, instead of the odd 1000 mb it is now. I also think that the energy cost it is now it perfectly fine, so I also proposed that the energy cost per operation be reduced proportionally.