Question about the autominer

  • Am I missing something about how the Scanners work with the autominer? I don't seem to get any difference in results whether I put either scanner in the Autominer or leave that slot empty - it just digs straight down in a 1x1 column to the bedrock and stops.


  • Visibly from where you are yes it only digs straight down, with the OC/OV scanner in there it respectfully scans and digs out ores within a 5x5 and 9x9 area

  • If you want to watch what's going on grab one of the 'wallhacks/xray' texture packs (there's an OK one linked on the normal minecraft wiki): it can be quite fun to watch the miner in action and is also a good way of troubleshooting it hitting crap in the new features like abandoned mines.