Request Cancled: Pumps not functioning to fill chest <no problem, just looked oddly>

  • Hi, I have a 1.22 server running with a miner with a diamond bit, power, and a pump next to it.
    The pump draws water into its piston area, has cells in its top slot, but never moves a water cell into its adjacent chest.
    any advice or help would be appreciated.

  • Well not sure they they got around to fixing pumps any or alterign them but just incase not.
    1) Don't use a diamond drills
    2) Pumps are fairly slow (thus why you don't use a diamond drill)
    3) Try using 2 pumps to keep up with the drill

  • alright, well let me draw out a design, as i have switched to a regular bit, still no help.
    does the miner and pump have to use the same chest? how many chests can it have?
    current setup:

    :Miner: :Batbox:

    (extractors are pumps, batboxes are single wooden chests)
    pumps fill up internal piston, never actually fill and move a cell.

  • It is my understanding that miners ignore water now so there is no way for it to pass the water source blocks to the miner. This is at least what I believe as I haven't had a miner get stuck on nor suck up water in a very long time. So the configuration you have is good for pumping lava only.

    For water cells I just slap a pump on the ground put a chest next to it, and then create the standard 2x2x1 infinite water source under the pump. Give power and it works.

    edit: Also you say it draws water in to its' piston area, I think you are mistaking the tear drop for "cycle/ready" indicator.

  • Ah I see, I haven't upgraded from 1.15 just yet. But the mechanics should work the same if you place the pump directly over a source block. The Miners have long had issues with water source blocks (at layer two when the source block would be replaced faster than the mine could move down), hence why I think they just are programmed to either ignore or destroy them now.

  • alright, yes, that is still the ready indicator, so i guess the miner just did not hit any blocks of liquid, that is all.
    so yeah no issue