[BUG] Laptron Crystals retain 10% charge when crafted

  • Greetings,

    I already read the other posts about this and saw that you closed it 'as designed'. However, I just ran into this myself and I felt it should be reevaluated.

    Problem Scenario:

    Without an MFSU you cannot discharge or charge laptrons (that's obvious anyways). If you have 6 cyrstals, some charged, some depleted, and craft 6 laptrons, there's no visual indicator which ones retained their 10% charge. When one then goes to craft their first MFSU they're left going "WTF?!" when nothing works.

    This happened to me and I ended up having to invedit the bloody charge off so they were all depleted. Ofcourse I didn't have enough resources to craft superflous laptrons or I would have just made some more.

    Proposed Simple Solution: Energy crystals should NOT retain any charge when crafted into Laptrons.

    Proposed Preferred Solution: Crafting recipes shouldn't care what the charges of components are and those charges should just pass into the item being crafted (When relevant).

    Thanks for your time and an absolutely awesome mod.

  • so you already saw the answers but you STILL opened a thread... wheres al when you need him to yell at someone. Okay all these people who are having problems including you with the laps are doing somthing wrong, I have made 5 MFSUs in just my current world and never had any issue. Do this and you should not have anymore issues.
    1st I hope you have a backup of your .minecraft folder.
    delete your .minecraft folder
    restore from backup
    redownload all below mods so you have the most current for 1.7.3
    install modloader
    install modloader MP
    install minecraft forge
    install IC^2
    DO NOT backup your world and try to use it. start a new one.
    this bug happened in 0.9 the only way I have seen it persist is if you copy over your old world or had crystals already made.

    Edit: normally I am not this rude but come ON you already saw what happened to the other threads
    Edit2: also dont craft a lap with charged energy crystals.

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    The issue is solely related to crafting recipes only accepting EMPTY or FULL battery-items, but the recpe for Lapotron crystal can return a 10% charged Lapotron if you use a charged energy crystal.

  • Thanks Alblaka for not just dismissing me there. I should clarify. I was reporting this as a usability issue for players rather then a "doesn't work at all" bug. IC2 has made huge strides in usability over IC1 so I figured it was worth reporting my findings.

    It seems that this particular recipe is problematic because it doesn't fit the model of "no charge" or "fully charged" end product. Obviously a fully charged lapatron from an energy crystal creates a huge exploit so I'm just suggesting that if any one is stupid enough (like myself the first time) to craft a lapatron from a charged energy crystal then they should just lose that 100,000 eu. It would eliminate a good deal of confusion. The "Ideal solution" I proposed is merely a flight of fancy of how I personally would like to see things work.

    Thanks again for a fantastic mod. - Lucas G

  • Don't quote me on this, but I think the way to fix this is to have the crafting recipe accept a damage value of -1. z3n0ph0b3 had tool repair recipes and fixed it like this, I think.