[Suggestion] Nuclear Reactor Schematic

  • The idea is to give reactors an extra slot off of the main reactor which would be used to hold a crystal memory disk, which would be encoded with the schematic of the reactor. The memory would be encoded at a machine which would have a very similar interface to the IC2 Reactor Planner. Players would lay out the design of the reactor and then encode it onto the disk, and then put this disk into the reactor. The reactor would then put ghost-items (like the template shown by NEI in crafting) in all the correct places on the reactor.
    The very best part, and the reason I suggest this, is that when a pipe or machine tries to place an item in the reactor, such as an LZH condensator, neutron reflector or uranium cell, the part will automatically be placed in a slot according to the schematic. This would make hands-free reactors possible for multiple cycles.
    I would suggest that if a pipe were to try to place an item in which is not part of the schematic, the item would pop out, unless there are blank slots in the schematic.
    The crystal memory is a bit expensive (though by the time you can make nuclear fuel you will have all the machines and materials) and the encoding machine could be as well. What does everyone think? Would this be overpowered, and could any overpower be watered down with expense?

  • I really like this idea!

    Initially I thought it might be good to even give the encoding block a real reactor planner function, but it would still not remove the need for a web-based version - after all we want to share and link designs on the forums ;)

  • The dev response to this suggestion is currently in a quantum state. Nobody can make a statement about it unless it is observed first :P

  • Also a +1 from my site. This would be awesome! :thumbup:

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  • I like the idea, but not the suggestion for implementation. The reactor itself isn't a computer, so I don't much like the sound of using a disk. I'd rather just make the layout and ask it to remember it with a check box, or fill a second reactor area next to the first with "ghost items", than have to move disks around and not be able to see what was on each disk.

    At least, tat would be my preferred method of implementation. However it is done though, it would be a lovely feature. It would make automation without things like advanced regulators much easier.

  • This is a cool idea. But in my opinion for storing the reactor layout you need a extremely end game disk. This disk should also have priority of were it places the items. So I can place coolant cells in a better are before I place them somewhere else. (Like the ones in the middle are priority 1 and the ones on the edge are priority 2). This should go all the way up t priority 5.

  • Wow, this is not a bad idea, personally I would love to see this taken in. When I looked at the thread though I did question if it had anything to do with building them. Guess not. Point is, glad to see this as a suggestion. :D