Sinnaj63's Q and A about being banned!

  • Ever wanted to know how it is being banned? Well here you are! Ask me anything!

    Q:What can you do when you are banned?

    A: Nothing. Not log out, read PM's or threads. So you don't know that your ban will expire in just a damn hour!

    Q:So how did you creatie this account?

    A: I used Internet Explorer. Dun Dun Dun.

    Q:What the fuck does this mean ? That you have been banned ? And ?
    Well, you wanted it apparently.

    A: Quoting Sirus:


    my finger slipped
    for some reason the remove warning button isn't working... woops lol
    should expire in an hour xD

  • Fun Fact: INTERNET EXPLORER SUCKS! THE Google Assdroid Standard Browser is better!

    And it is incapable of understanding what I am typing. Yeah, I just pressed Enter two times, and you see what happened.

    Anyway, in any Forum I used to be, I was rising and shining and then I did something stupid and felt into the pool of dog Turf I Just built! Really funny, don't you think! But at least I learn from my mistakes. NOT.