RTG tooltip

  • The tooltip states it outputs 1-16 EU/t, but if the internal energy buffer is not zero, then an RTG outputs 32EU/t. This means if you connect two RTGs to a machine or storage unit that takes LV, the machine can explode if the RTGs are ever allowed to build their energy buffers above 0 EU. Could this be reflected in the tooltip?

    "Generates 1-16 EU/t"
    "Max EU/t out: 32"

    I suppose the same applies to other generators, really.

  • None of the other generators works this way though. A geothermal will always output a maximum of 20 EU/t, regardless of whether it has its internal buffer filled or not. The generator works the same. Meanwhile, the renewables and the reactor don't have internal buffers in the first place.

    The RTG is the odd one out in the pack, and it might be unintended behavior.