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    You are correct that it's doing this because there isn't enough space in the central pipe. However, replacing the section attached to the Tank Extender with a larger pipe just makes it pressurize to 4467/4800L instead of 867/1200L, so it's not fixing the issue.

    (I could replace the whole pipe with larger pipes and it would work, but the central issue here is that 600L/t pipes aren't working as advertised since they fail to be carrying 512L/t steam...)

    My SMP setup pipes steam into an Ender Garbage Bin and it has the same overpressurizing problem - so I don't think the problem solely lies with the pressure valve. (Although to get the same behavior, you need a longer pipe - 2 pipes into Ender Garbage Bin flows fine.)

    Just when I thought I finally understood how fluid pipes work I found out that I was wrong again.

    Setup should work, right? WRONG! The boiler on the right (or left, one of them) overpressurizes, and the merged pipeline doesn't get the expected 512 Steam/t!

    As far as I can tell, what happens is the following:

    • Merged pipe pressurizes partially.
    • One of the pipes above the boilers ticks first, and fills the merged pipe.
    • The other pipe ticks, can't fill the merged pipe because there isn't enough space for all the steam, and the steam gets stuck.

    I tried a bunch of different pipe sizes, nothing worked.

    Honestly at this point it feels like the pipe tooltip capacity is false advertising, because I pretty much haven't gotten the advertised bandwidth ever...

    I was under the impression that tanks did fill with half the fluid in a pipe, because of this tidbit:




    Fluid Pipes have their Tank Capacity halved, but they still transfer the same amount of Fluid per Tick.

    DRAINS NEED TO BE ON PIPES TWICE THE SIZE TO WORK PROPERLY!!! (unless they are in an Ocean, Swamp or River)

    This will also affect filling of vanilla Cauldrons (334L) and Advanced Worktables, as you need a Pipe twice the size for that now.

    But filling tanks with half the fluid in a pipe would cause bandwidth issues if I understand it correctly:

    So, if tanks filled with half the fluid in a pipe after distribution, it would mean the bandwidth gets cut to 1/3 the tank capacity.

    The posted solution worked though: using two pipes throttles the fluid per tick to expected values. So if fluid pipes don't change, I can effectively "abuse" this to get an additional set of pipe bandwidths to play with.

    A steam turbine has an internal fluid tank whose capacity being 4x larger than the maximum steam/t input of the turbine. Fluid pipes try to fill up this tank whenever possible.

    When ticked, a turbine tries to consume the entire steam its tank has without regard to the fullness, as long as the amount is not less than the minimum input rate. The consumed steam turns into RU. And if the amount of RU just produced exceeds the maximum output rate, the turbine gets overloaded and shrieks.

    This mechanic makes sense to me, but what doesn't make sense is the fact that it implies the turbine is getting more than 192 Steam/t.

    The setup is like this:

    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:

    :Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Bio Cell::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk:

    :Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre:

    :Advanced Machine: = Invar Steam Turbine (accepts 48-192 Steam/t)

    :Bio Cell: = Tiny Steel Fluid Pipe (100L/t)

    :Glass Fibre: = Steel Fluid Pipe, full of steam (600L/t)

    I see no way for the Invar Steam Turbine to get more than 100L Steam per tick, because the steam input per tick is bottlenecked by a Tiny Steel Fluid Pipe - and yet it "overloads" and shrieks.

    Yeah exactly, it does notify of neighbour changes, but the range is only adjacent blocks, not really going through opaque Blocks

    Old post, but this is a bug isn't it? It makes the following setup not work:

    Changelog 6.07.17 wrote:

    [ADDED] The Thaumometer can now be Shelved too. However its Stupid about it and doesnt wanna let you rightclick it...

    Isn't that caused by this?

    Changelog 6.06.07 wrote:

    [CHANGED] Any Rightclick on a GT6 TileEntity with a Thaumometer will be ignored entirely, so you dont have to hold shift for scanning GT6 Stuff anymore.

    One boiler for each machine. This may seem costly but is way easier to setup and operate.

    Well, the cost is not a big issue - I just think it's odd that fluid pipes, which supposedly can go in numerous directions, don't work as advertised unless you only use them in a straight line or build with a massive number of tank extenders/shutter covers (which require Aluminium for whatever reason and you are no longer building intricate steam networks when you can craft them.)

    Can shutters be moved down the tech tree a bit, so that they are in the same tech level as drain covers (or at least, a one-way valve)? Shutter technology definitely predates distillation towers IRL.


    Why is the Invar Steam Turbine not getting a required amount of steam (it makes screeching sound)? The Tiny Steel Fluid Pipe is consistently full of 200L steam, so it should be pushing 100L/t to the Steam Turbine, but the turbine keeps whining.

    The Extender points to the RIGHT on this Picture, is that correct? Otherwise the Setup wouldnt work at all.

    There's a straight line of steel pipes behind the boilers that the Extender is pointing to, unfortunately I didn't take a good screenshot.

    And as an added Bonus, never connect two Fluid Pipes with an Extender, the Pipes are made to tick depending on their Coordinates (Even Pipes and Odd Pipes), so in this case they will work unpredictably in regards of Tick Order.

    seregheru said earlier that "To combine two pipes use an extender - the extender ensures that both inputs are credited to the same face of the attached pipe section." - is that not correct?

    Holy crap what kind of janky as hell Setup is that?!? This will cause all kinds of weird interactions depending on how full the Pipes are at the beginning.

    The idea was to have a 600L/t pipe which will be fed up to 512 Steam/t, then I can branch off the main setup 100L/t at a time with tiny Steel Fluid Pipes to power up to 5 machines simultaneously - kind of like this:

    :Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk::Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk::Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk:

    :Bio Cell::Coal Chunk::Bio Cell::Coal Chunk::Bio Cell::Coal Chunk:

    :Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre::Glass Fibre:

    :Bio Cell::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Bio Cell::Coal Chunk::Compressor::Compressor::Compressor::Compressor:

    :Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Coal Chunk::Advanced Machine::Coal Chunk::Generator::Generator::Generator::Generator:

    Unfortunately since I apparently do not understand Fluid Pipes the setup does not work as I expected.

    There you go. The pressure valve only opens when the pipe is full, and that means some steam is sloshing back towards the boilers. Add another tank extender before the pressure valve to stop that.

    That's... unintuitive. But it does work, so thank you.

    I ran into an unrelated problem though, and I was able to reproduce it in single player, but not consistently:

    The Invar Turbine should work flawlessly, but instead it makes this absolutely horrendous screeching sound of a machine not getting enough energy and spams it every tick or something.

    The only issue is I don't know what causes it. If I break the pipes and place them again, the problem sometimes goes away and sometimes doesn't. (In single player this sometimes fixes the problem and sometimes doesn't, in multiplayer I disassembled the whole thing multiple times and it never got fixed.)

    What's even more confusing is the following:

    I did exactly this (merged steam input pipes with tank extender) but my boilers still overpressurize:

    Each boiler is running off Distilled water and outputting 128L/t, Steel Fluid Pipes should have capacity of 300L/t, and yet left boiler pressure keeps increasing meaning steam is not being carried away quickly enough.


    There are some Botania integrations that got missed out:

    • Mana Pearl (mana-infused enderpearl) got missed out as a new Material
    • Elementium is Lv4 with 102400 durability and Terrasteel is Lv3 with 51200 durability, but this is backwards
      • Elementium is very cheap to make, Terrasteel is the endgame ingot that takes a lot of effort to craft.

        Elementium tools are also 720 durability in Botania whereas Terra tools have 2300, more than 3 times as much

        (Terrasteel tools also do ridiculous stuff like mine 11x11x11)

    There may be more, but I have to go through the whole mod.


    Plunger does not actually plunge fluid from pipes. It works on barrels but not pipes.

    Scanned it afterwards, same deal.

    The full setup:

    That 1L of water is sloshing back and forth between those 3 pipes infinitely; if I hold down right click, it looks like the water does not move, because debug scanner scanning frequency matches up with how fast the water is sloshing around, but if I just right click scan same pipe with random intervals I can see the pipe is in one of those states.

    I accidentally got water into my steam pipes (just a straight line of steel pipes with "branches"), so I attached a barrel to one end and allowed fluid to flow in.

    However, the pipe was still clogged - I went and loaded a backup in single player, scanned the pipe and found that there was 1L of water flowing back and forth in the pipes but never entering the barrel.

    For situations like this, is my only remedy to dismantle the whole pipe network, or is there a block/tool to clean out pipes that I am not aware of?

    Greg, do you have any immediate plans for updating the GT6 Thaumcraft researches?

    I was thinking of porting some of the Minetweaker changes I made for KR, but realized that I have to rewrite them for GT6 (due to different progression) and figured that it's probably best I asked you about it first since you will know how to balance your mod better than I would.

    I assume the "casing sharing" mechanic from previous versions of GT no longer works in GT6, because now you can actually pipe stuff into/out of the "casings"?

    I had some Coke Ovens set up as follows, but only the rightmost one worked.

    :Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log:

    :Rubber Log::Generator::Rubber Log::Generator::Rubber Log::Generator::Rubber Log:

    :Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log::Rubber Log:

    EDIT> GT adds these research to the Thaumonomicon right? I think they haven't been updated since at least GT5 (maybe GT4 even), and as a result there are some mismatches. It also seems like it is a bit incomplete, because Advanced Metallurgic Transmutation still unlocks only Aluminium and nothing else.

    For example, Cupronickel is now Constantan, and the duplication recipes directly make nuggets which allows skipping of crucible smelting for a lot of the materials.

    Chocohead I almost can't believe it, but I am absolutely elated to report that the patcher has completely eliminated the Thaumometer scanning lag; smooth 60FPS no matter what I'm doing now, and it scans GT items with 0 issues! I'll put it into my pack (which has the commonly used TC addons) and see what happens.

    Even when I deliberately cause rendering lag (like looking at a cube of vanilla fences), my FPS is completely identical whether I am holding the Thaumometer or not, so it looks like the scanning lag is completely gone.

    Thank you so much for the magicalthaumaturgical patcher, you are amazing ^^

    EDIT> Minetweaker (Modtweaker?) does not like the patcher it seems - if you try to give an item aspects with their scripts (like Aspects.set(<Thaumcraft:blockTube:0>, "metallum 5, permutatio 2, vitreus 5, vinculum 2");), this happens:

    Using Minetweaker 3.0.10 and Modtweaker 0.9.6.