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    Sure. We are still testing everything, writing scripts, and likely adding/pulling mods, so unfortunately cannot give an ETA on general availability. If you would like to help balance drop me a PM.

    EDIT> It seems MTUtils has this annoying bug where /minetweaker reload or relogging in the server causes every added GT recipe to get loaded again, so you get lots of duplicates in NEI. But, this happened with that Minetweaker plugin in GT5 too, so it's probably not avoidable.

    Dude, i told you i'm reading headers and see it's about GT6, why do you even still have doubts ("it looks like MTUtils is indeed for GT6", wow no way).

    Because, I read the CurseForge page and nowhere does it say it's for GT6, and the comments ask about GT5, plus the screenshot says EU/t when all the GT machines I saw so far in NEI say they take GU/t, so I thought it was reasonable to ask if it works for GT6 or not (especially since I asked about Minetweaker plugins for GT6 a few days ago and was told it's not possible).

    I also do not use your texture pack and am new to GT6, so I did not recognize those things as being GT6 blocks.


    CustomChestLoot - Will be necessary to customize loot. (May be replaced)
    Minetweaker does that well, doesn't it?

    I was not aware that Minetweaker could change chest loot, but in any case, I probably will not use it (or CustomChestLoot), because the default configs from Greg seem good enough.

    I'm trying to touch default GT settings as little as possible (even oregen is now GT6 oregen and not PFAA) and only balancing other mods so that they would be balanced relative to GT.

    Writing Minetweaker scripts for the mods is taking some time, especially things like Botania and TT which are very hard to balance when there's no way to Minetweaker stuff into GT machines, so instead they must be gated by material. I also need to actually play GT6 so I understand its relative difficulty...

    I am also encountering an issue where Dynmap has no support for GT6 blocks, so the map renders seawater as black:

    Dynmap seems dead though, pull requests made in 2014 for Chisel 2 support still not merged...

    SpwnX  crlosg2  CMXC if you guys are okay with starting with an incomplete set of tweaks (meaning there may be exploits or unbalanced items from the non-GT mods), privately message me. Please do tell me if you find an exploit and if possible suggest a way to balance it so it's even with GT!

    Known Issues for the pregenerator seems to point to RTG pregen being not fully supported, quite unfortunate, but at least I can pregen the terrain with it.

    Found a decent seed and am now testing early game. It seems idea of gradually unlocking content is not popular, maybe I will just throw that idea out...

    I've put together a proof-of-concept pack with the following mods and things seem to work. (NOT the final list, mods will likely be added or removed based on feedback)

    • AnimationAPI
    • AppleCore-mc1.7.10-3.1.1
    • Applied Energistics 2
    • Aroma1997Core (For AromaBackup)
    • Ars Magica 2
    • BiblioCraft
    • BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition
    • BiblioWoods ExtraBiomesXL Edition
    • BiblioWoods Forestry Edition
    • Biomes O' Plenty
    • BiomeTweaker
    • Botania
    • Carpenter's Blocks
    • Chemica (PFAA)
    • Chisel
    • CodeChickenCore-1.7.10-
    • Custom Chest Loot
    • Custom Ore Generation
    • Damage Indicators
    • Extra Cells 2
    • ExtrabiomesXL
    • FastCraft
    • Forestry for Minecraft
    • Forge Multipart
    • GregTech
    • Grimoire of Gaia 3
    • Hunger Overhaul
    • IC2Classic.Version.
    • Immibis Core
    • Inventory Tweaks
    • MineTweaker 3
    • MobiusCore
    • Mod Tweaker 2
    • Morpheus (NEW!)
    • NEI Addons
    • NotEnoughItems-1.7.10-
    • Opis
    • OptiFine_1.7.10_HD_U_D6
    • Pam's HarvestCraft
    • PlayerAPI-1.7.10-1.4
    • Railcraft
    • Realistic Terrain Generation
    • RedLogic
    • RenderPlayerAPI-1.7.10-1.0
    • Schematica
    • Smart Moving
    • Smart Render
    • Thaumcraft
    • Thaumcraft NEI Plugin
    • Thaumcraft Node Tracker
    • Thaumic Energistics
    • Thaumic Tinkerer
    • The Betweenlands
    • The Twilight Forest
    • Underground Biomes Constructs
    • Waila
    • Ztones

    Currently working on refining RTG worldgen and BiomeTweaker biome weights. If anyone is interested in helping with the configuration, please PM me for the MultiMC instance.

    RTG worldgen gives biome boundaries that look like this:



    Done, In Progress, Pending, Tentative

    • Worldgen type selection (RTG)
    • Worldgen configuration (overworld terrain)
    • Worldgen configuration (nether terrain)
    • Worldgen configuration (biome weights)
    • Worldgen configuration (seed selection)
    • Playtesting - world generation
    • Mod list finalization
    • GT configuration (basic)
    • Mod configuration (compatibility)
    • Oregen supplier selection (GT)
    • Oregen configuration (overworld)
    • Oregen configuration (other dimensions)
    • Playtesting - ore generation
    • GT configuration (fine)
    • Mod configuration (gameplay)
    • Minetweaker (disabling recipes)
    • Playtesting - early progression
    • Minetweaker (enabling basic recipes)
    • Minetweaker (balancing recipes)
    • Modtweaker (Thaumcraft compatibility)
    • Modtweaker (Forestry compatibility)
    • Modtweaker (Botania compatibility)
    • Modtweaker (Ars Magica 2 compatibility)
    • Modtweaker (Thaumcraft additional features)
    • Map pre-generation

    By the way, does anyone know a good 1.7.10 method for pre-generating chunks? MLG does it by constantly restarting the MC server and setting spawn, which means 99% of the time is spent loading the mods and not actually generating the chunks.

    Wow, those are awesome QoL configs. I actually was planning to build some of these manually so there'd be a spawn village sort of, didn't expect GT to already have included the option to make it as part of the world.

    How I set those options will probably depend on how many people sign up. Hopefully more responses roll around over the next weekend.

    As for Better Records, does this Mod even have Records, I mean in Item form?

    It looks different and is only compatible with the mod's own record player. It's like this:


    Quote splitting definitely takes way more work now. I miss the BBCode editing :(

    There is a Default Config Pack on the GT6 Download Page, you should take a look at it.

    Aha! Thank you for the list, I'll definitely take a look at them ASAP.

    Better Records

    This one sounds like something I should add GT6 Shelf compatibility for. Could you link it to me?

    Here's their GitHub page, and their latest 1.7.10 .jar.

    ZTones - Nice assortment of blocks.

    Another one I would like to take a look at. Link pls.

    It looks like the mod died after their latest 1.7.10 version, but it's fine since that is the MC version we're on.

    Underground Biomes Constructs - Aesthetics and breaking the monotony of mining stone.

    Underground Biomes is irrelevant by now, GT6 has its own better Underground Biomes now. You can still install Underground Biomes, but I would turn UBs Worldgen off, because GT6 will generate the UB Rocks with its own Generator when installed.

    That's good to know, I'm pretty excited to see what GT underground biomes look like. if the mod is sideways compatible and doesn't present much of an issue, I may still install it, so that we have access to its particular block textures.

    Hi everyone! I'm not sure if you remember me, I played a lot on the Kirara servers but then disappeared for a while.

    Now that things are a bit more stable in my life, I have some time to play Gregtech again, and was thinking of giving GT6 a go. The GT6 I remember only had the crucible and barely any machinery, but it's grown amazingly since then, thanks to the relentless hard work of Greg and all the players. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a GT6 modpack that had all the things I wanted, so I plan to set one up and hopefully get it rolling by June.

    The modpack will, of course, be GT6-centric. The gameplay experience would emphasize the following points:

    General Balance


    Resource Acquisition Balancing

    A common complaint is the absolutely massive amount of resources generated by activities like IC2 crops or Forestry Bees blowing all balance out the window. It often felt as though breeding crops was the real endgame - after all, why mine anything when your swamp farm produces lapotrons with ease?

    Similarly, resource acquisition often became an arms race of auto-miners or quarrying bots. Too often biomes are reduced to precipitous potholes extending to bedrock thanks in no small part to the greed of man.

    Proposed Changes:

    • Crops and Bees will likely be removed, made non-automatable, or be limited to the spawn village where players can claim ownership of a small plot.
    • Auto-mining will likely be restricted to one device per player if any is given at all.
    • Resource costs will be balanced around the quantities reasonably expected for hand mining.
    • Monster drops and TF loot will be improved to encourage exploration.

    Mod List (Check post #11 for current nightly list)

    *Since this is still in the planning stage, the following list will change a lot.

    I'm very open to suggestions and feedback. Please reply if you know some mods that you think should be included!

    Mods that will definitely make it in:


    • GregTech 6 - Of course.
    • Realistic Terrain Generation - Best worldgen provider for 1.7.10.
    • Minetweaker and Modtweaker - Essentially required to deliver the functionality.
      • MTUtils - For GT6 compatibility. Thanks to _de_le_ted_ for finding it.
    • Hunger Overhaul for making hunger of a trivial mechanic
      • Spice of Life also likely to be added.

    Server side only:

    • Morpheus - Skipping nights made easy.
    • Opis and FastCraft - To rescue us from TPS dips.
    • Dynmap - GT6 blocks don't render, but at least it's something...
    • Chunk Pregenerator - It's not entirely compatible with RTG but it can partially work.
    • AromaBackup - So we don't lose the world on accident.

    Client side only:

    • NEI and addons for the mods being used.
    • Damage Indicators to help with combat.
    • Smart Moving and dependencies.
    • Schematica, because it's an awesome mod for building.
    • Inventory Tweaks for QoL.
    • Optifine for improved FPS and visual settings.

    Aesthetic & Functional:

    • Bibliocraft and Bibliowoods - Some of its blocks are laggy, so don't spam them!
    • ExtraBiomes XL - Works great after some BiomeTweaker setting.
    • BIomes O'Plenty - Works great after some BiomeTweaker setting.
    • Underground Biomes Constructs - GT worldgen works flawlessly with it.
    • Better Records - Will likely make it, barring compatibility concerns
    • Twilight Forest - Amazing mod, and will be well-integrated with GT in this pack.
    • Chisel - Who could say no to more decorative blocks?
    • Pam's Harvestcraft - Very nice variety of crops and food items. Possibly Spice of Life will be included as well.
    • ZTones - Nice assortment of blocks.
    • Grimoire of Gaia - more mobs to fight, also makes some overworld biomes more dangerous to settle in (e.g. Swamp).
    • Carpenter's Blocks - Don't make your whole base out of these!


    • Applied Energistics and ExtraCells - Logistics Pipes may replace or be used alongside this? Will have to balance.
    • Forestry - Some features may be disabled. Mod engines are no longer used, as GT engines can power these.
    • Railcraft - Who doesn't love rails? Some machines and recipes will be disabled.

    Mods that will likely make it in:

    • Logistics Pipes - Considered as AE replacement or supplement, because it looks cool.
    • GraviSuite - Will likely make it, barring compatibility concerns
    • IC2NuclearControl - Does it still work? It was broken in Kirara when I played.
    • Redlogic - GT seems to achieve a lot of what this mod does, so not sure if I will keep it in.

    Mods that are being considered:

    • IHL - Will need significant work to modify if included.
    • GregsLighting - Mod still alive?
    • Galacticraft - Not everyone used this, so it'll be put to a vote by the prospective players.
    • Thaumcraft - Not everyone liked magic in a tech server, so this'll be put to a vote by the prospective players.
    • MalisisDoors - I didn't see anyone use this, but it looks good.

    Mods that are unlikely to be included:

    • IronChest - GT has its own chests, so it's redundant.
    • CustomChestLoot - I am happy with GT default dungeon loot, and will most likely keep them that way.
    • JABBA - GT has its own barrels, so it's redundant.
    • BuildCraft - Redundant
    • EnderIO - Redundant
    • Tinkers' Construct - Virtually impossible to balance. Redundant with GT mechanics.
    • Custom Ore Generation - Using GT6 Oregen.
    • PFAA (Per Fabrica Ad Astra) - Using GT6 Oregen.
    • Computercraft - Virtually impossible to balance.
    • OpenComputers & Computronics - See above.
    • QwerTech - Crashes on startup.

    Server Technical Details

    The server will likely be located in US East. This minimizes ping for all players in Europe and the continental United States. (Sorry, Kiwis and Australians. Hopefully it'll still be playable.)

    Membership will be via whitelist.

    A secondary Test Server will probably not happen as membership is not very high at the moment, but I will test features before rolling them out to the main server.

    I'd love to hear any comments or feedback about this server idea, so without further ado, let's open discussion!

    As far as I know the host is no longer being paid for and thus the service has been shut off. I believe there are a few people willing to host a new server but the issue at this point is getting the world backup from the existing host as of right now there is none available.

    I was told that backups were transferred off-server. Whether such a backup exists or not is another question.

    It's a good concept (if I ignore the fact that it's called afkmod.jar) but not very well implemented, you get a ton of effects at the same time instead of effects slowly piling up one after another as you die more - and there is no documentation on it. I would at least call it passable if it was documented somewhere, like I've consistently said ever since it was introduced. You're also severely punished for being spawn camped with zero indication in-game that this is a potential problem.

    Plus, it doesn't do anything to stop people who are actually abusing deaths to regen, and only punishes players who are legitimately trying to do the content. It seems extremely inconsistent as I got debuffs after starving twice over 19 minutes, while I could suicide into wisps 30 times before it kicked in there.