• While I can't speak for everyone, NEI isn't compatible with a mod called Pixelmon which I play around with some times (if I'm on a server), as a result I use craft guide. NEI is my preferred but if I have to, I will use CraftGuide. NEI can also provide a temptation to spawn in items (which I'm guessing is one of the reasons why others don't use it_

  • You can disable the spawn function in NEI aswell. "options" "cheat mode" -> *click* -> "recipe mode".

    I know that and I do that, but to some it still provides the temptation

  • Thats just stupid... if you're tempted to cheat, why not just install xray and all those things alltogether aswell :3 ?


  • Why don't you just google it? No need to waste space on this forum.

    Because I already did, and I see absolutely no compelling reason to use it over NEI save for extremely fringe cases. If you actually bothered to check the timestamp of this post, you'll see that it is a contextual jab at people who whine about the lack of CraftGuide support in IC2, when the problem is CraftGuide's lack of IC2 crafting handler support, their decision to use CG instead of NEI, and not any fault on IC2's end to "not support" their mod.