Guide for new Nuclear/UU-M system?

  • Is there a decent guide or tutorial out there for the new system? Because I am completely lost as to how to start this. (Other than the Uranium refining process, as NotEnoughItems can walk me through that.) I managed to make some UU-matter with some HV solar arrays, but I'm not sure how to use it.

  • Pump UUM from the MassFab into a Replicator, which should be placed next to a pattern storage.
    You need to scan items (for example iridium ore) in the Replicator first before you can reproduce them out of UU-Matter.
    I'd tell you more, but I haven't used the new system yet, sorry.

    Also, if you are taking the time to actually reply to this, you might as well give the answer. No need to be a jerk.

  • Cool, thank you! I'll have to play around with that. However, I was also asking about how the new nuclear reactors work, which would likely take more than a quick explanation. Will the old reactor designs still work? How about breeder reactors? I heard about MOX and plutonium as well, what's the deal with those?

  • Quite bluntly, there's a reason there's an '-EX' tacked onto the end of IC2... it is still an experimental branch. The energy network is still a Work In Progress. Until that settles down, the nuclear mechanics are likely to change without notice. So there's really no point to writing a guide at this point, because it could change completely in the next revision.

  • But as a quick answer to the questions posed: yes, existing uranium designs still work. No, breeders do not work anymore, the whole depleted cell mechanic got scrapped. You now process depleted fuel rods in a thermal centrifuge to extract plutonium. Through using both uranium fuel and MOX fuel, you ultimately convert all your uranium ore into pure plutonium, which ends up being your "nuclear waste". However you can still put it to work in a radioisotope generator, which will produce a low amount of EU/t free, forever.

    NEI should answer 99% of your questions as to "how" and "where".

    MOX fuel is temperature sensitive. The closer percentage-wise to maximum heat you are, the bigger your EU output will be, without increasing the reactor's heat output (so yes, you can run stable at 99%). The maximum multiplier is x5 over a comparable uranium design. However, the fact that you want a high persistent heat level requires special considerations when designing the cooling system. I have a thread in this subforum which lists a number of good MOX designs.

  • Pump UUM into a Replicator, which should be placed next to a p-

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