[GregTech] [1.6.4] Ideas for Non-Subterranean Factory Designs.

  • If the Factory has to be on the surface, how should it be done? 10

    1. Expansively (add rooms as you progress) (8) 80%
    2. Finite Surroundings (if you like compact automation) (2) 20%

    Hello, GregTechnicians! It's been quite a while since my last post here. So here's what's been going on:

    I'm building a 1.6.4 Modpack known as Tech Trail. And to promote my Modpack, I'm making a video to showcase what you can do with it. Automation, Industrial Architecture, and more. Hence its Tagline "The most Industrialized Modpack for Minecraft", this pack will give you the free reign to build factories, either underground or, what I'm interested in, on the surface.

    Yet, planning a factory on the surface, requires that you have a basic knowledge of Real Estate, or Civil Engineering. Because the worldgen is unpredictable, one of the very best tools my modpack will provide is, WorldEdit, via SPC.

    But I'm stuck with no design, and could use some help. When building a factory on the surface, what should be the average area in blocks for a Massive Factory? And should the factory Expand to meet player demands?

    I'll provide a blueprint in this post for criticism. Don't know when it will be done.

  • You could have rooms for each tier of machine.
    And if you have GT,a steam area and a fusion reactor room with an auto system would be a nice idea.

  • Something like this:

    But, ya know, as an entire factory.

    By the way, the connected stone blocks are from Extra Utilities, and the lamps are from project red. The stone can be replaced by certain kinda of chisel blocks, be creative! The lamps can't really be replaced, though...

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