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    This is GolCo HQ as seen from the crops platform. Images may be broken.

    It's a mess. Here's the Shipping & Receiving department.

    The courtyard and bee breeding area.

    My basic machines

    My advanced machines, an EBF and a shelf.

    Some steam machines.

    The bed area and to-do list. Plus the mine entrance in the general area.

    The basement area where all the cables and stuff go.

    Storage room of messiness. It'll soon be replaced by AE.

    The outdoor area, plus walruses.

    Class 6 biohazards, research area and an automatic transmutation machine. It can transmute metals, do alchemical duplication recipes and other things.

    Some walri on the roof. Or walruses.

    Some portals.

    There are more things round the base that are totally pointless and some are not as pointless.

    I've dug out nearly 13 stacks of plutonium. That's more than enough to fill 64 radioisotope generators. I'm more advanced on k4 than some other people from kirara 2.0 (I'll not point out any name (hello gollurk)).
    Minecart wheels? Good thing I've buffered 40 carts o/

    Thing is there are no radioisotope generators on K4. And plutonium doesn't generate on K2 as far as I know. I've nearly reached HV and all I need for my space station project is an implosion compressor.

    For the record, my base is a no-pranking zone.

    Situation NOT resolved. That thieving sinnaj not only stole all my signs and put them up saying negative things, but also stole a load of my stuff. My signs said 'no sinnaj63s permitted.' People may think I'm just being overdramatic, but my stuff was taken, and I want it returned. And besides, sinnaj63 said that it was returned. It wasn't.

    How many useless infinite things does GolCo have? Lots! Technically my base is entirely self sustaining, but its annoying working every single thing around the base by hand.
    I'm planning to fix an automatic infinite Invar machine up. And maybe a 'GolCo Humane* SnowGolem Infiwater Machine 5000'.
    I also have infinite infinite useless things.

    When did I say I was willing to defeat dragons when I can barely deal with creepers?
    I have a dedicated bee breeding facility, so maybe Ender Bees could be bred there? I think it's possible to breed out the dragon egg trait. I can supply a scoop, access to apiaries and manage the potion production though.

    And I doubt I can get hold of decent gear by next weekend. Although end ores would be useful to have. Don't care about XP points.

    You smelt certus dust, which is a bit unobtainable at the moment because of no macerator. Can't you hammer it or mortar it instead? And the quartz grindstone is a thing, but is probably disabled. Could it be enabled but only for silicon production or something?

    And how do we get silicon? You know me, if there was a way to start AE2, I would already have everything automated

    I just looked at CraftGuide and a smallish AE system with a drive, controller, terminal and cable for the terminal doesn't look super expensive (excluding needed diamonds), so maybe someone could start building that in the K4 town. Yes, I know you can just plonk down an ME Chest and a forestry/railcraft engine, but this is more future-proof.
    I haven't been on because of a computer issue.

    For some reason K4's modpack isn't working for me - I start and I get this error:

    It's something to do with GT, but my forge is .1263, and I redownloaded GT6 twice.

    If you did not annoy me by capturing me I would not have taken that sword. And you stole my items. Gold swords are worthless anyway.
    I did not grief, just look around at stuff.

    Also, they breached copyright on my bestselling "Hungry Node Bottling for Noobs" book. And stole the printing press plate to copy it.

    While I may have threatened that hungry node thing: A-it wasn't an empty threat B-They stole my items C-They are keeping me in an infinte death loop D-I did not trespass, grief, steal or otherwise damage them or their property before being imprisoned. Being stuck in an infinte death loop and imprisoned tends to make a person annoyed.

    They're now asking for pay and to keep my items. WHich I am not accepting.

    Also, they were trading with me then took both parts of the deal.

    So please help negotiate, don't give them my coords and just generally try to help out with my annoying situation.

    Plus they are using 60% of my CPU and 70% of my memory. As well as generally lagging the servers.