[IC2 Exp][1.10.2][Beta] RocketScience-3 Addon!

  • You can take a look at this mod:

    This is a mod by Cuchaz that adds Ships made out of blocks.
    This means that you could for example make a big galleon, or something like this. Why not making Rocket Science 2 and/or IC2 compatible with the ships?
    I imagine quite well a missile carrier (or a submarine) that could bomb other players' bases...

    New idea!
    A torpedo... or any kind of missile that can go underwater?

  • Uhhh...
    It will be a bit hard to beta test without knowing how to use things...

    Example: I don't know how to use the isotopic accumulator, and what purpose it has.
    Other thing: It seems like I don't have any launcher, and some textures are missing.

    The problems I have to say:
    -Superconductor wires cannot be placed
    -What are those sirens?
    -How do I place this missile?

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    -What are those sirens?

    Do not use them with sound turned on. THEY ARE SO LOUD! And also don't stop until you break them, and the sound will keep playing until the loop finishes even after breaking them.

    145 Mods isn't too many. 9 types of copper and 8 types of tin aren't too many. 3 types of coffee though?

    I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realise that what you read was not what I meant.

    ---- Minecraft Crash Report ----
    // I just don't know what went wrong :(

    I see this too much.

  • It's in ALPHA stage (internal testing) and is not meant to be played properly yet, things are being added, removed and experimented with. The rockets don't work. SC wires are not fully working, Missile mechanics haven't even been coded yet!
    Textures are in progress and launchpads are multi-blocks. The isotopic accumulator separates isotopes of hydrogen from water, by being submerged in it, and it is very buggy and doesn't work properly yet. The sirens are a coming-soon feature (like all the rest) and are going to be redstone powered and be able to have a variable volume/tone (warble/steady) they have not been added to thew creative tab and have not been given a recipe yet, indicating that they are not ready to be used in-game fully.
    Please, let's not get ahead of ourselves here, and forget that this mod is in ALPHA stage 8|
    Look, the mod is only uploaded here for people to "mess around" with and "get a feel for". It is intended for experimentation, and I don't recommend that you use it to play through a survival game.
    Remember... Alpha stage...

  • I must recognize I agree with you.
    As soon as you want me to beta test, if my french exams allow me, I'll help you noticing every problem in your mod.

  • Oh, I hope there wasn't so much precious datas on your hard drive.

    Otherwise, you can try to run it with ubuntu to prevent any virus from doing any damage, and save the data.

  • Sorry it's been while (I'm currently posting this t school XD) I've been busy with exams, and have been super busy! However, just a quick progress update, the moon is somewhat done, just need to get rid of lake/cave generation and make my own ;)

  • *dance of joy*

  • ?

  • ("How do you mean", or "what do you mean"?)

    (("How do you mean" is a construction I do not know. If it wasn't a mistake, could you explain me what it means?))

  • ("How do you mean", or "what do you mean"?)

    (("How do you mean" is a construction I do not know. If it wasn't a mistake, could you explain me what it means?))

    I suppose it's English "slang" for "In what way do you mean this?"

  • Oh, that's the way I've got to take it.
    So, this goes to the folder "slang", not to be used in my Literature essays.

    EDIT: OHHH, that would be so nice !!!!!
    Imagine we have a new kind of energy storage: anti-matter. If you have to get some high output for your machines, simply put your anti-matter into your reactor (not the nuclear one, it would not be as technologically advanced as we would need), and you can enjoy.

    It brings to me some proposals:
    -External heat vents (like the ones in the BC-IC2 crossover (I think it is this one)). These would absorb heat from any kind of nuclear reactor while they are next to.
    -The anti-matter producer. Maybe it would be as the UU-matter producer, or maybe it could produce the two at the same time.
    -An anti-matter bomb. ==> even more efficient than the H-nuclear bomb (which uses fusion), but with a large output of gamma rays.

  • Like anti-matter reaction, or water mills?
    I mean: you build matter from energy, with this equation: E = mc² in mind, it would mean that we can easily revert the matter back to energy.
    Or, you have the preservation of energy: water is pumped up to a lake (in the mountains), and once you release, it will (if there is no loss of energy) give you back the energy you dispensed in order to suck the water up.
    This way: it could be nice to have something like a big dam, or a block that you would place at the bottom of the lake (or the river...), and it would remove water blocks gradually (if you set it to low-production, it would remove as much water as it respawns).

    Or, like the chemical reactions that balance themselves (I mean, an acid-base reaction)?

  • Or a biological reactor?
    I mean, you use the energy bacterias would output.
    Also, a kind of GMOs?

    EDIT: Also, sorry, I've been editing my latest post for a long time, and I did not post the edit before you posted again.