[1.7.10] Gregtech Hardmode Server (aka Kirara 2.0)

  • I use DEFAULT settings for custom ore gen with PFAA, underground biomes and i hardly can find any ore, is this normal? I play gregtech and simmilar mod pack as here. I have biomes o plenty with natura.

  • But i found next to nothing, not even a one type of crap, just really really rare amount of copper and bauxite.

    Again the rocks depend on the biome, I assume you went digging in either a swamp or jungle as you found bauxite. Also the minerals that you find are dependent upon the rock, for example Banded Iron Ore is abundant in Sedimentary rocks such as Limestone, Mud stone and Clay stone however you would not find it naturally occurring in Igneous Extrusive rocks such as Basalt. You need to know where the minerals can form to and where the rocks will generate to get the ores you want, also not all of the ores will say (Copper) such as Malachite which can be smelted to yield copper. With PFAA you need to either have some background in geology or look at the wiki instead of digging randomly and hoping to come across the ores you want. Some of the ores are rarer than others Pitchblende for example can be found in every rock whilst Banded Iron ore and Coal only generate in sedimentary rocks but the latter will be much more abundant.

  • cpy, there are wiki .
    You could run around river and ocean banks and find iron and tin ore sand. However, you need GT iron shovel to dig it.

    • Official Post


    Add OpenComputers (with GT recipes on, its a config)
    Add Computronics (with GT recipes on, i think it already is by default as it detects GT)

    Galacticraft :
    galacticraftcore {

    set these to true to solve a problem with GC not accepting GT meteoric iron

    Remove Methane Synthetizer as it produces methane and causes energy loops. Also its not even needed, GT can produce methane on its own.

  • Suggestion notes:
    - disable or somehow balance quarries with robots
    - regenerate unpopulated areas on server to get realistically generated oil deposits [selfish spam] ((because personally me would like to build RC railway to oil deposits, the only problem is to pump somehow (pump module, plz))
    - to Greg: add vein deposits generation with more precious ores on Mars and Moon.

  • That wiki is confusing. Only if there was list like blue schist contain this and this, basalt this, but SEDEX,BIF,VMS, that is real confusing stuff for me

    If I remember correctly the wiki says how much of what generates in each deposit such as Molybdite having something like 10℅ and Chalcopyrite being 20℅ in porphys(or however they are spelled.) As the ore generation is meant to derive from real geology you can use Wikipedia or a reference book. It seems that the reason for the wiki to have entries such as SEDEX is to make it easier, deposits under the same name such as SEDEX are always the same baseline unless mentioned otherwise. When it gets to that point such as the hydrothermal deposits( I think the wiki creator called them something else that involves igneous deposits) it says how they varry, such example would be Cinnabar being found in Basalt in ocean biomes.