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    Heya, I got crash when updating to newest GT (6.11.03) from 6.10.25 as we update every few weeks when we have time to play..


    Gany's Surface has config to disable/enable bunch of stuff, we had basalt disabled since the start of server few years ago. Enabling it fixed the crash, but I believe you might want to check the detection stuff on your side. Assuming that mod has enabled all freely configurable stuff is probably not really wise and this looks like being introduced just recently from new GT :)

    Have a nice day :)

    My choice for Curse was because it is a site where one has very high chance that downloads add towards the real author of that mod, and that the real author can get something from that (even though maybe not much). Most other webs just steal JARs and put them behind adf ly or similar shitty page. At least on Curse with adblock you have clean page and direct downloads. So yeah....

    It is still better than Spigot. Those people for plugins are crazy, and monetize them like no tomorrow. Even basic stuff is paid af. The Curse minor payments and patreon-like mentality of modders is heavens compared to that.

    1. [COMPAT] Cooking for Blockheads has its Books now Shelvable. I cannot fully recommend that Mod though as it is exploitable (an Infinite Salt exploit, or removed Crafting Recipes still being there, for example)

    We do use this mod for one simple thing - in those millions of food types, it enables quite fast searching of recipes and crafting them (as it shows you the possible things from ingrediences inserted into multiblock). It made survivability with "you need to eat more kinds of food" bearable (yes we have hunger overhaul so no 2x eating of same thing). I mean, as it does not have updates anymore, it is "broken" mod for a while, as it does not show most of GT recipes or things you mentioned.

    So if there is possibility of some similar function, we can get rid of that mod (but freezers are cool, tbh). I guess even more tiers can be allowable, with furnace, mixer, and other machines included.

    I mean, the initial experience with modpack is totally different, I made people actually FARM and SETUP HOUSE first before they started to assemble machines under free sky as usual. Just because they needed various food, and just because there was this minimod that was easy to get and actually made crafting food not tedious. And it killed the exact thing it should kill - just carrying stacks of apples from tree farms and don't care about more foods forever.

    Oh great... wtf happened there.

    My suspition is (according to the thread dump I posted earlier) that the wire wants to transmit signal into halfblock, thus wants to get tileEntity on that spot. But even though the halfblock is special (nonbasic block), it rightfully fails to get it, but keeps trying forever. Or is infinitely long inside that one try.

    Okay, Greg. We did more tests and it is not an issue with fluid meter nor tanks, but with the wires themself. I managed to reproduce the issue also on singleplayer. But heck, it was quite complex to narrow it down with all the server restarts needed lol (and later with also clients restarts).

    THe problem is this: GT halfblocks do relay redstone signal even when they (probably) should not. This is both ways, even when the alloy wire transmitted signal from elsewhere. I made short video with minimalistic setup to show the problem:

    On video I used one setup with regular full block and one setup with GT halfblock. Full block behaves as expected, while halfblock transmits the signal, but then the server gets stalled as I reported earlier. In this case also client if on smp. Red wire is made to connect to the top block to receive the signal.

    Note: if vanilla halfblock being used, the signal is not transmitted. I did not tried other block rotations or block variations.

    PS: yes, people do make floors from GT halfblocks and this is a result :D

    It is not an exception, it is full copy of single server thread from thread watcher. I got no exceptions in logs anywhere(as server stopped outputting to consoles and logs completely), so was just seeing this part in stalled, but still running server. Attaching the jstack dump file that it is from, even though other things don't probably have other informational values.

    The most I can do is to recreate it when I get home from work, but as Watchdog did not fired up, nor server can be manipulated more than hard-restart, I am not sure if I can provide more logs. Unless some debug mode could help with it...?

    I have stupid players, they stalled server by inapropriate usage of gregtech :D

    I got vague info what they did: OpenBlocks tank with oil, the fluid-o-meter placed on it. Redstone wire connected to it, with the condition on fluid-o-meter to emit signal when fluid = 0 then emit redstone signal. Then they happened to destroy the measured OpenBlocks tank (that was the last action that server happened to write into player activity log), since then the server is fully cpu loaded, even after restart.

    I fixed it by brutally deleting the NBT tag of the fluid-o-meter from chunk file, thus deleting the redstone emitter, however this probably should have some failsafe. The server was fully loaded, did kicked players out (timeout), while it wrote into console that they are afk and reported them as still online. Did not responded to any commands or so. Watchdog did not fired up either to create crash report after stalling, so it was something semi-stalled.

    Latest GT. And yeah, gt log shown nothing, same as other logs or console or anything.

    Hello Greg, is it possible to change worldgen config only for one dimension? I mean, I can have two or more dimensions that are marked as default overworld, thus same worldgen would apply to them, however, I would want to have one of them AMPLIFIED or similar - aka mountains of double heights (possibly even water level at something like Y200, so there would be A LOT of underground space). However one can rewrite all coordinates to ore worldgen, so they spawn in a full range of expected terrain, but that would mean also that original main normal dimension would get affected as well.

    Is there any way to get a split like that? I know there is possibility to use COG for per-dimension rules, but then I would lose GT-oregen, which I wanted to preserve.
    Can you make something like "first look into the folder of dimension, if there will be worldgen config, use that instead of main one" ? Then one could alter worldgen for any dimension he has, with quite cool possibilities. Also it would mean that I can do it for all possible dimensions added by any mod, as I just can drop copy of config to their folder and alter what I want.

    So you say this would be possible only for newer versions of MC, when you somewhen in future might update to them (because that would need new worlds after all)? Okay, then. I asked this because while I am contributing to Railcraft addon for 1.10.2, I really miss all those standards. Even though we actually just finally persuaded Covertjaguar to oreDict his plates in new versions. Gods that was long battle though xD

    Well, I hope we will be able to get sometimes in far future something like what I imagine, because usability for even non-GT worlds /mods will be really big from my point of view. Persuading others to actually use it would be little harder, but...maybe not. Because good things with good design are usually adopted by sane people *looking at SI units*

    Even though, Take care!

    Edit: converting one block to other in worldsave....that reminds me of old mod called MiDasGold... :P

    Hi Greg.

    Have you ever considered to release API standalone? Something that would have ores, items for materials like all ingots, rods, tool parts, etc, possible oregen and worldgen, basic game settings.....that would be easier to update to any new versions, as it would not have the machines, real connected functionality etc, (those would be distributed in main mod)?

    The thing I am aiming at....that then we can spread the GT standards for material dictionary, oregen, OreDict and similar to even people that don't want to use GregTech itself - at least for now. Your work on this is really well done and it would include nearly anything that anyone could imagine to use in their mod/modpacks. Basic crafting parts, ores, etc. Everything would be unified under the Gregorius Techneticies Flag. Everybody could just use your list of metals, so there is not every second mod adding their own copper...etc.

    I would really like something like that happening, as I really miss your features in situations where I am not able to install GT6. Other people often do those things not really properly, also it would be really lovely to be able to expand on features from API itself (mostly worldgen in this sense, and pushing people into using OreDict after years from its implementation), not needing core GT.

    Yes, I know, it is kinda herezy to not have GT machines and stuff, but have items and oregen and similar, but may be the way how to make unified system for everyone, then possibly indoctrinate more people to actually like this thing after all xD

    Is there a possibility to use Gregtech 6 in FTB Evolved 2.6.0??

    I tried it but the launcher chrashed all the time...

    Try also read those crash reports and fix the setup according to them. Also Read FAQ of GregTech, it can contain some fixes for usual problems.

    However, I would recommend you to make some GregTech-centered modpack, or atleast IC2-centered, (or find one, here on forums are some), then you would get rid of most problems, as FTB uses not-so-great-written-quality mods (read CoFH mods like Thermal Exp and similar).

    I think it is time to get some sponges with you when go mining, and safety-place them to stop the ocean. OR it will ignore them and flood anyways, as it is not original water? (i guess it will depend on how sponge is being programmed? Will we have GT sponges?)

    3) I'm really tempted by the CodeChickenCore finiteWater option, but I think this would be better if river water were infinite (IRL industrial installations are often built on rivers for
    easy access to water) - could the GT Drain treat water in a river biome as infinite and fill a connected pipe without actually removing the adjacent water block?

    You can already try out this mod:
    ...default is to have infinite water blocks in ocean, river, beach. :)

    (its not placeable by anything other than worldgen and I made sure the floodgate won't be able to either), so guess how the refill would work.

    time to try out things with worldedit :) Might be fun.

    However I wanted somehow infect my oceans. We have worldbordered world and totally explored, so no new chunks. Will it be possible with that to get all oceans infected in real time? What about some random replace of one block per chunk on chunk load?:P

    IC2 circuit recipes are weird. Basic IC2 circuit can be both handcrafted and also it replaces basic GT circuit as an output of several bath recipes... Similar with advanced IC2 circuit.

    I made it easier. Via Minetweaker, then you can still craft it, but not by hand, only via generifier from GT ones :)

    1. recipes.remove(<IC2:itemPartCircuit>);