Easier Stone Dust Recipie Or higher Cf yield

  • Cf is really just shotcrete it shouldn't require fancy processing to make stone dust it should be something that can be mass produced early on and at high speeds. while an ore washing plant gives you a decent amount the low yield of the actual cf dust recipe and the slow speed of the thermal centrifuge makes it difficult to use as a primary building block. why not just macerate sand down to dust ??

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    A Recipe to macerate pure stone (not cobble) to stone dust would be fine, I think. Its not like people use CF foam that much anyway :P

  • A Recipe to macerate pure stone (not cobble) to stone dust would be fine, I think. Its not like people use CF foam that much anyway :P

    But pure stone already macerates to cobble.

    Maybe Stone Bricks instead? (Unless that would macerate to Cracked Stone Bricks)

    Otherwise, maybe craft sand or gravel together (since you macerate cobble to get sand and you can get gravel through umac).

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    Or just remove stone to cobble recipe, since its silly :p

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    Well, you are picking a whole rock and breaking ("macerating") it down to pieces (cobblestone), so i think it makes a bit of sense.

    Maybe Stone -> Stone Bricks + macerator -> Cracked Stone bricks + macerator -> Stone dust, would be fair.

    Actually... to make "concrete", we would need some sand, gravel, cement powder and obviously water.

    Cement : Stone dust + clay = Soft Clinker + furnace -> Hardened Clinker + Macerator -> cement powder.

  • concrete can use other aggregates besides rocks
    there is a concrete canoe competition where teams create canoes made of concrete and race them.

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    Yes, indeed, but common ones uses sand (small aggregate), gravel (big aggregate), cement (glues everything together and fills up empty space) and water (starts cement chemical reaction).

    You can replace part of the gravel/sand with rubber, crushed bricks but that will end up reducing its resistance... well this is Minecraft.

    But i'd say that if we can follow reality to make proper concrete, why not?

    RL way adapted to minecraft and IC²:
    3 Sand + 3 Gravel = Construction Aggregate.
    Clay + 2 Stone dust = Soft Clinker
    Soft Clinker + Furnace = Hard Clinker
    Hard Clinker + Macerator = Cement dust
    Construction Aggregate + Cement dust = CF Powder
    CF Powder + water (in canning machine) = Liquid Concrete (liquid Construction Foam)

  • spawn x your really really over thinking this.

    my only issue with the recipe is the inefficient production of stone dust

    the problem is that the thermal centrifuge recipe is just pure crap the machine is too expensive too slow and requires too much power for the simple task of making stone dust. the thermal centrifuge was meant for other processes and is overkill this process. all i was asking for is a macerator recipe or other cheaper machine for grinding cobble.

    right now i need a bank of 5 thermal centrifuges overclocked to the point where my energy net can barely keep up with them and they still take about 15 seconds to process a single cobblestone. and the cf powder consumes 6 dust to create one powder a serious problem. there is no shortage of cobble but the time and energy required to process a significant quantity is really sub par

    i mean you could always just set the centrifuge to operate at different speeds based on the recipe so making cobble processing a fast and low energy process would certainly be a stop gap

  • the main issue here is that the centrifuges are too expensive too power hungry for something as simple as making stone dust. it really boils down to is that this should be a maceration recipe of some kind and should not rely on something like the thermal centrifuge which is reserved for really advanced ore processing