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    the main issue here is that the centrifuges are too expensive too power hungry for something as simple as making stone dust. it really boils down to is that this should be a maceration recipe of some kind and should not rely on something like the thermal centrifuge which is reserved for really advanced ore processing

    just asking for a basic square and cube brush mode for the cf sprayer. not sure why there are not more brush modes already but it is really grating on me. the scaffolding idea is neat for reinforced stone but for regular cf construction it doubles the work and doesn't add any benefit aside from shaping each spray however due to the random arbitrary limits on how scaffold blocks can be placed and the fact that you have to essentially frame the whole structure and than spray over it, the entire system is deeply flawed and one would be better off just using a filler with stone or concrete. but more brush sizes and shapes for the CF sprayer would make it 100% more viable than it currently is.

    Additionally you may want to consider some method of gravity based filling that allows you to pump liquid CF into an area and have it expand and fill it.

    there seems to be a block id issue regarding uranium ingots. The storage block for uranium is 9 u238 or 9 ingots. however the compressor seems to require enriched nuclear fuel to generate uranium ingots when it should use u238. additionally since it costs 6 ingots and 3 piles of u235 to generate this enriched fuel compressing it back into a single ingot cannot possibly be intended behavior as it defeats the purpose of storage blocks entirely and causes an unacceptable materials loss during the conversion .

    i am not really sure how this was missed ??

    spawn x your really really over thinking this.

    my only issue with the recipe is the inefficient production of stone dust

    the problem is that the thermal centrifuge recipe is just pure crap the machine is too expensive too slow and requires too much power for the simple task of making stone dust. the thermal centrifuge was meant for other processes and is overkill this process. all i was asking for is a macerator recipe or other cheaper machine for grinding cobble.

    right now i need a bank of 5 thermal centrifuges overclocked to the point where my energy net can barely keep up with them and they still take about 15 seconds to process a single cobblestone. and the cf powder consumes 6 dust to create one powder a serious problem. there is no shortage of cobble but the time and energy required to process a significant quantity is really sub par

    i mean you could always just set the centrifuge to operate at different speeds based on the recipe so making cobble processing a fast and low energy process would certainly be a stop gap

    very few posts make me actually hate the people that post them but in this istance i have to tell you to go die in a hole.

    a research system in mine craft is a pointless time sink with no purpose other than to piss people off and wast even more of their precious time than the actual crafting its self.

    it is people like you and your asinine suggestions and desire for self punishment that are the reason why so many mine craft mods have been ruined.


    especially knowing that every major update may lead to a world deletion

    so please just go away and die and stop trying to ruin industrial mine craft for the more casual players.

    the only way i would ever consider adding a research system would be if it was on a master server and bound directly to your username regardless of what server your playing on. other wise it is just repetitive bullshit that you have to either beg an admin to fix or grind through every time you change a server

    i honestly wish the people who keep wanting ic2 to become harder would just be perma banned.

    if you want this bullshit add it to Greg tech after all most of the undesirable mechanics in ic2 experiential are bleeding over from Greg Tech and i thought there was an understanding that ic2 was supposed to be easy mode and people that wanted the tedium and ultra hard mode would install Greg Tech ontop of it.

    i am really livid at how the base ic2 has been corrupted by these assholes instead of keeping the bullshit away from normal users and restricting it to the mod that was meant for them

    Cf is really just shotcrete it shouldn't require fancy processing to make stone dust it should be something that can be mass produced early on and at high speeds. while an ore washing plant gives you a decent amount the low yield of the actual cf dust recipe and the slow speed of the thermal centrifuge makes it difficult to use as a primary building block. why not just macerate sand down to dust ??

    these new recipes are quite unbalanced for the quantity of materials required most of these changes to the recipes should damn well yield a lot more items than they do for the number of diamonds complex parts and other resource intensive changes to the recipe or just make the recipes for the required components yield more of them basic laws of the universe state that when anything is mixed in any ratio the outcome is generally similar in volume and mass to the combined ingredients yet all that extra material is seemingly randomly lost which always irked me about these mods when it came to alloys and cables it is completely wasteful and doing this to a mod that has already taken a turn towards the asinine is just frustrating and retarded. WE ALREADY HAVE GREG TECH TO DO THIS.

    I find this drive towards making all these various industrial mods more and more difficult to be frustrating and this attempt to copy Greg tech is quite disgusting. there is making a game fun and challenging and than there is making a game waste a users precious time with redundancy and grinding. this is not an mmo it is a game primarily to see what you can create and people seem to have lost sight of that.

    users should have a choice between whether or not they want hard or easy recipies for their industrial mods. just like the games have a difficulty slider so should these mods have configurable options to allow the admins to increase or decrease the difficulties based on user preference

    a lot of people are moving away from ic2 as TE and Ender I/O are maturing and this trend is putting yet more nails in the lid of an already fairly tight coffin.

    Use GregTechadvanced pump instead :D
    It is even able to extract liquids without causing block updates preventing flowing water/lava!
    This is totally not a GregTech Intergalactical advertisement.

    Use GregTechadvanced pump instead :D
    It is even able to extract liquids without causing block updates preventing flowing water/lava!
    This is totally not a GregTech Intergalactical advertisement.

    just suggesting a pump from a mod i didn't list is not helpful especially since alot of servers dont have or want gregtech due to some of the ways it changes other mods. your post is just another copout instead of addressing a clearly outdated broken mechanic. also what version of greg adds the advanced pump as i am unable to find the recipe on the servers nei list. i know for fact at least part of greg tech is installed and i cant find a single reference to advanced pumps on the greg tech wiki

    In a world run by forge where mods are supposed to play nice i find it a bit odd how archaic the IC2 pumps remain to this day. the relyance on cells to operate is bad enough but the fact is this device does not properly output to pipes or tubes. additionally in a world of tanks waterproof pipes and liquiducts i have no idea why this unit cannot output liquid directly. and i am sure there alot of people who will just reply use BC or RP2 pumps instead but the thing is these pumps do not interface with the ic2 miner. so in all there are definatly some intermod compatibility issues on all sides regarding this block.

    I was wondering if you could include a type of stasis pack similar to the stasis module in the game Deadspace. but for mine craft. when active all blocks within a 10x10x10 radius will become immobile meaning sand gravel lava and water will not fall flow or otherwise move while stasis pack is active..

    Any chance you could add pipe support for the wood gasifier messing around with cells is annoying when you have BC or TE installed as they provide pipes and liquid storage methods. it would be nice if the device could check for valid output pipes if no cells are present

    red stone is not always practical more is there always a free block of space for a torch in a large complex array of machines so i was proposing adding a GUI toggle to keep machines that require a warmup period running without the need of a red stone torch. or if this is difficult add an inventory slot which can hold the torch inside the machine

    I am not sure whether or not this has been mentioned before but machines really need a delay before they explode. the main issue is mine craft's RETARDED block placement and orientation system. considering that in order to orient something like a transformer you have to be pointing the direction you want the high voltage thing to be which may be damn near impossible and it is asinine to punish players by blowing up their equipment without considering the time it takes to orient a block or install a transformer upgrade in a machine end of story. please give overloaded blocks a brief delay before detonation to compensate for the block alignment issues and upgrade installation. about 10 seconds should be enough. and realisticly to please the trolls if your hooking a machine into a live circuit you would put the upgrade on ahead of time and the only reason this is not done is because of the limitations of block inventories but the instant detonations are just plain stupid and do not take into account minecrafts flaws in block placement

    i suggested a m click toggle because it is used by most of the tools in ic2 that have alternate modes like the mining laser and electric wrench

    I like the idea, too.

    Kinda goes against the idea of scaffolding in a way. Some might say "If you want it to to behave like sand, use sand." but that overlooks the really nice feature of scaffolding cleaning up after itself when you knock out the bottom block.

    Would need a second block type (or damage code for the existing scaffold block)
    A shift+rightclick to place in Gravity mode would be bad since shift is used to stop yourself falling when placing blocks.
    Yeah, M+rightclick would be OK (although I'd rather see a different key used since Rei's map default is M for Map).
    Identical texture.

    i love the way you can use energy storage units to trigger switches by emitting red stone signals when full or empty. would it be possible to add the same functionality for chests.
    this would be insanely usefully for my suc reactor i have had issues where the server will crash because my ice machine will fill the storage chest and start dumping blocks onto the floor. allowing chests to emit red stone when full will allow easier automatic shutdown circuits for machines

    why not go the fallout direction
    a nuke crafted with gunpowder gives you 4 mini nukes and you can craft a fatman esque launcher

    blast range is about the same as normal tnt but does extra mob damage

    kinda annoying when you overclock the hell our of a pair of compressors and only get about 1 ice block every 5 seconds. the pump lacks upgrade slots why i cannot fathom but this device as well a the canning machine needs upgrade slots. i hate waiting for machines to finish and am a huge fan of overclockers. however overclockers only make sense If EVERY MACHINE IN THE LINE HAS THEM. a machine without upgrade slots like the pump and canning machine can slow production speeds of every machine on the line regardless of overclocking it is not like there is a balance issue considering the exponential power increase associated with them additionally since all my machines run on direct medium or high voltage upgrade slots will also cut down on wiring since i can avoid additional transformer blocks and use the smaller upgrades

    I have been a long user of Glimar's Steampunk pack which in my opinion is one of the best packs for mine craft but with the installation of ic2 i noticed the shiny smooth chrome and steel is jarringly contrasting the vacum tubes brass and riveted steel of the texture pack. i was hoping someone could make a companion ic2 textures in steampunk style to go along with this awesome pack. sadly glimar himself has stated that he doesn't have the time to add mod support

    here is the base pack for reference…b-fixes-64x-waterlavaetc/

    ever been working on a building and been like uh oh i cant extend this scaffold any further. than you climb down to the bottom and build another support pillar. well how about adding a gravity toggle. hold m and right click to turn on gravity. any scaffold placed with gravity turned on will drop like gravel forming a new pillar without the inconvenience of climbing down to the ground or placing a random stone support.