IC2E 2.1.459 - New electricity system doesn't seem implemented?

  • So, I'm playing in 2.1.459, and from what I've understood through reading here power is now limited per tick rather than per packet. However, in my world it doesn't seem to be the case - in my test world I hooked up 20 generators via tin cable and into a batbox - it just filled very quickly. No kaboom.

    Anyone have any idea what might be the issue? Thanks a lot for any help.

    I'm running in 1.7.2, and the only other mods installed are NEI, buildcraft, applied energistics, and bibliocraft.

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  • Excessive voltage explosions are disabled for IC² blocks. However, if you use GregTech, its blocks will explode upon exceeding maximum EU/t.

    Oh, thanks! But, is the max input also disabled (or does a batbox now have a max input above 32 eu/t?)? When comparing a batbox being filled by 4 generators (which should produce more than the 32 eu/t) it was noticably slower than if being filled by 13 generators.

  • Nope, unless you go for a really ancient build of IC2 experimental (like 210 or something I think)

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  • So at this point all blocks can take unlimited power? Transformer upgrades etc are pointless?

    Nope, transformer upgrades are still useful for powering low-tier machines with a high-tier item. For example, if you put some transformer upgrades into a Macerator, you can charge it with Energy Pack, or Lapotron Crystals (normally, if would only accept a Batpack or RE-Batteries). Handy, if you're running field operations. For instance, you can power a Miner this way.