Modifying IC2 config from addon and question about viewing IC2 code

  • Hello!
    I'm developing an nuclear-related addon, and I need to disable the basic IC2 uranium ore generation (i want to handle it by myself). I found the config field enableWorldGenOreUranium, but I cannot realize how I can change it in my mod, due to fact MainConfig.Confing been private?

    Also, a more abstract question (sorry, I am newbie in mcmodding). I asked related question on main minecraft forum, and I got answer that I must not post any tiny bits of IC2 source that I viewed by JavaDecompiler. And I have a question - is it prohibited to even look in ic2.jar, or it is not? I mean, it has developement deobfuscated version and so... I'm very confused =-)

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  • Hey... I remember you! It's not really prohibited to look at the code, but just don't post the code publicly. The reason why they put dev jars up, is so people can test their ic2-addons with ic2 not crashing. Because most mods are in obfuscated form (meaning that they cannot be read correctly), and within an I.D.E., the code is just de-obfuscated. If you try to put the two together, it will crash the game. So that's why they put up a dev jar to make people's life easier.