• I was playing in a creative world to see how viable luminators are for light.. and i still feel they may not be balanced fully to be used as a long term light source.

    8 solar panels and one batt box can keep active 14 luminators forever.

    They act i believe as a single torch but the only benefit is they can be placed on the ceiling.

    I know the limit of light is one of the major issues. ( can't get above 15)

    I saw someones mod before about flood lighting but its stuck on a old version i believer…craft/mods/GregsLighting/

    I wonder if luminators could have a new item that gives something like this? as a upgrade from luminators?

    One problem i found.. in the test world.. when i would have 36 luminators 2 rows 4 spaces between each (so 90 blocks x 10 ) sometimes when i went back to it.. it caused the game to pause/move slow due to updating all the lighting.. I am not sure if its a issues with IC2 or minecraft itself

    thanks guys

  • Using IC2 build 562(I believe) and I'm wondering if there have been new behaviors regarding luminators. Right clicking with a tier 1 battery or a full energy crystal does not seem to charge them. Thought it could be a texture/shader pack problem, but I hooked the luminator directly to a Geothermal Generator with copper wire and it lit right up. I am aware of placing wires then disguising them with CF foam, but I like the look of the small rectangle luminator. So wondering if i have to use a specific type of battery. Thanks for any help!

  • Man.. luminators are burning mobs :D this is best improvement as i saw from many months. I'm making chess like floors with luminators and it both looks and works beautiful.. And about power - it is supposed to be thet way :) - this is light we are talking about not damn railgun :) - one bad though - they are not appear to glow the same from different angles. in current version ceiling luminators are dimmy..

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