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  • Hi

    Just a note to say I'm including FastCraft in a private pack, Strangeville, on the FTB launcher, complete with full disclaimer. Thanks for the great mod!


  • Hey, just letting you know that i'm using FastCrat in my modpack, called "hbh7's Modpack" because I'm creative...
    I'll make sure to leave credit and follow your redistribution rules.

  • Just giving a notification that I've included FastCraft in the LessFood pack.
    Distribution rules are followed (FTB) and I have included a blurb saying that it is used.

  • This is a courtesy notice that I am including FastCraft in the next update to EzTFC as it's not only a wonderful thing to have in the 1.7.10 era, but is highly recommended to be included by the TFC developers themselves. Thanks for the mod and the permission to include! =)

  • complying with the FTB guidelines and your request for a notice of inclusion in a private modpack. going with an unorigional name here, Kiokus' Modpack. thanks for the awesome mod!

  • I, Rebirth gaming, hereby notify you, Player, of the use of your mod, Fastcraft, in our 1.7.10 modpack named Rebirth. We accept your terms of use and will honor them.
    The pack is available on the Technic launcher using this link: http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/rebirth-gaming
    The pack is available on the FTB launcher using the code "Rebirth".
    You may direct all questions and concerns regardingt our modpack and the usage of your mod, Fastcraft, in our modpack to rebirthgamingcommunity@gmail.com, or find us at http://www.RebirthGaming.org
    Our modpack is, at the time of this post, on version 1.1.8

    Thank you for allowing us and others to use your mod in modpacks!

  • Hi Player

    I see some Sites before this error and i get the same on. (Server Console Spawn log)

    can i do something against it.

    • Official Post

    There should be a full exception elsewhere in the logs (latest.log or fml-server-latest.log). I'm pretty sure those don't come from FastCraft though.

  • The Honorable Mr Sir Player,
    I am notifying you that I want to include "FastCraft" in my modpack Fear the Night.
    I will be submitting it to the FTB Launcher.

    I appreciate all the hard work you and your crew put into your mods.
    Thank you very much.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for allowing Fastcraft to be used in packs, I've been following it for a while and the improvements are great.

    I would like to be including it in my pack that I have been working on TMC that is available on the FTB launcher.

    Thanks again for the great work.

  • Hello Player,

    I am going to be using FastCraft for my modpack, Shaireshot. Following your redistribution terms, I will going to distribute FastCraft using FTB and Technic. Thank you for this nice modification.

    - SteveTS101