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  • Hello Player,
    I have read the redistribution permissions, and I decided it would be easier then me constantly taking fastcraft out of my modpacks to simply leave it in and get your permission.
    My modpacks will be avalible by the FTB Launcher.
    I hope you are all in good health,

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  • I just wanted to let you know the newest version of fast-craft is broken badly. Is there anyway I could revert back to 1.19 I can't seem to find it. Anywhere.

  • Black Yamato: That's a bug elsewhere, try running with -Dfastcraft.debug.fwel (java options, not after the -jar option)

    P3rf3ct_Zer0: I've yet to receive a "valid" bug report for 1.21. If you have an issue report it including logs as applicable.

  • Hey Player! I run a private modpack called Earf2 through the FTB launcher. I'm just notifying you that we are including your mod in our pack, with the notice you've provided in our modpack description. Thank you so much for your work as well; this mod really does improve our stability :).

  • FastCraft is included in the public pack Minecraft: The Next Generation which is available on the FTB Launcher, and soon ATL. A description with all the required points you have made in your redistribution rules is provided with the pack.

  • Hey Player
    I have my own personal modpack and recently encountered this crash: http://pastebin.com/JU2tXiS3. It corrupted my save and I had to load a backup. The crash log clearly mentions FastCraft in it. After loading the aforementioned backup, I played for maybe 20 minutes and it crashed again. However this time the crash log did not mention FastCraft. Hope you can help! :)

  • Here's a little notification that I am using your mod in my modpack called "Inflation before Power."
    This pack is currently on the Technic Launcher as a dev build pack but soon will be making its way to FTB/Curse for official release.
    A description will be added when we reach public release.
    Thanks for your work and keep up the good work.

  • OhmsFTW: By the looks of it this isn't FastCraft related. The chunk was already corrupted when FastCraft received it and it crashed because of that corruption. Vanilla would have crashed likewise. Unfortunately there's nothing pointing to the actual corruption source. You'll need some tool to delete the corrupted chunks, I'm considering to write one..

  • JamPacked 2 Modpack Inclusion

    Hello, just letting you know that I'm including Fastcraft in my JamPacked 2 modpack; Jovian Disaster.

  • SakuraTheKitten: That's very odd, try installing Sampler (in the op, 2nd spoiler box), run "/csampler chunkInfo" and "/sampler chunkinfo". For the 2nd one it has to be installed on the server as well. Post the outputs at pastebin.

  • I'm hosting a private server with my friends and recently we added forgeessentials-1.7.10-1.4.0-beta6-server to our server and the server crash, i have gone through all the error and found out that forgeessentials-1.7.10-1.4.0-beta6-server doesn't work with fastcraft-1.21

  • SakuraTheKitten: There's probably only a chance for this to happen with most likely the issue itself being independent of FastCraft, although it may increase the chance for it to happen. Just run the command the next time you are on top of such a chunk, it's part of my anti-world-hole efforts :)

    ThinhTruong: Run with -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive (before -jar) to work around the issue until it's fixed, there shouldn't be negative side effects.

  • Player: what do you mean by "Run with -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive (before -jar) to work around the issue until it's fixed, there shouldn't be negative side effects."
    Sorry this one really confused me. xD

  • Hello, I'm just dropping by to let you know that I'll be using your mod, Fastcraft, in my Modpack, Hypersleep, for the FTB Jampacked II competition!

  • Player: what do you mean by "Run with -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive (before -jar) to work around the issue until it's fixed, there shouldn't be negative side effects."
    Sorry this one really confused me. xD

    You start the server with "java -jar forge-version.jar nogui" or similar, replace that with "java -Dfastcraft.asm.permissive -jar forge-version.jar nogui" to activate the option. If you use some server admin panel, you'd have to look for where it allows to specify additional Java parameters.

  • Hi Player
    Just Notifying you that fastcraft will in a modpack on the FTB Launcher On our Privet pack :)
    Hope to have fun and easy fps with your mod

    thanks hyperninja