Kinetic Windgenerator not craftable recipe gone /Advanced Machine Casing not craftable

  • Hey,

    Since i updated my Industrial Craft version i cant see anymore the recipe for the Kinetic Windgenerator also the Kinetic Windturbine, same with Advanced Machine Casing i can't find a working recipe.

    Anyone who can help?

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    Updated from which build to what? Advanced Machine Casings need refined iron plates, and the kinetic generator changed recipes about 50 builds ago, but NEI tells you the recipes, so you should be using that.

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  • We are using Build 587 atm, I cant craft refined iron, put iron into furnance dosent work. We use CraftingGuide because TMI is for Singeplayer and NEI Crashed often on 1.7.10.

  • You need to place iron in a blast furnace along with 6 compressed air cells. You'll get 1 refined iron after a fairly long period of time, along with some slag. Slag can be centrifuged to coal and gold.

    Blast furnace is not powered by EU directly, but by hU. You can use either Electric Heat Generator (EU, with coils supplied), Solid Heat Generator (furnace fuel), Fluid Heat Generator (biogas, BC fuel, creosote oil, etc.), or Electric Heat Exchanger (lava or hot nuclear coolant) to generate hU. Make sure the copper square on the heat generator of your choice and the copper square on the blast furnace are facing each other.

    Note that the tech level of refined iron is higher than what it was in classic IC2. Refined iron now is equivalent to steel, back then it was the same level as normal iron.