MFSU will not connect to gregtech transformer?

  • Hello, just recently I discovered that gregtech new energy system is not compatible with IC2 EU. In great disappointment I searched the internet to look for a solution, and I found this info on official ftb wiki:
    one of the lines says, that 'the transformer' is the only block capable of recieving IC2 EU. However I tried to connect the MFSU with any of the Gregtech transformer, with both IC2 and Gregtech cables - but with no success. GT machines will not accept IC2 cables, and the MFSU is not accepting GT cables either.

    Anybody knows something about this? Is there a solution?
    Does new GT have a storage block like MFSU? I cannot see any and AESU and LESU seem to be gone either.

  • Battery buffers are the storage boxes of GregTech.

    for IC2 EU -> GT EU conversion:
    Place MFSU and a HV GT transformer right at the output of the MFSU. It will output GT EU.

  • Dont use Cables, that is your Problem. Also read the GregTech Q/A before posting.

    I don't say, your "insert whatever" is bad. I'm only showing ways for making it better.
    GregTech Website
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  • Thanks both of you for quick responses. It's working now.
    Sorry for not reading the Q&A like I should after installing new GT.