Question: surrounding reactor with ice

  • If you surround a reactor with ice does it ace like water in cooling terms or does it does it not provide any cooling at all, because i think it would be cool if you surrounded it with ice it does cool down the reactor better that water

  • Unrealistic.

    Thermal conductivity of ice is around 2 Watts per meter per Kelvin; water is only a third of that.

    But water, being liquid, has convection that can transfer heat. And forced convection (pumping). And boiling. Water can hit heat transfer coefficients of 10,000 Watts per square meter per Kelvin under certain circumstances. 1000 W/m²K is pretty easy.

    To be clear, these numbers are not directly comparable, because the units are different. One has inverse-meters, the other has inverse-square-meters. But really, water wins.

    — 0x517A5D Ψ

  • maybe I should add a hook for such custom items into my addon so people who wants this can add it?

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