Crop Harvester info?

  • So, has anyone used this device? How does it work? As far as my google research goes, the internet has ZERO information on it. How much power does it use? Does it only harvest crops adjacent to it, or does it have a larger area of effect? What's the cropnalyzer slot for?

  • I've used it. If you put a cropnalyzer in the slot, it will wait for crops to fully mature before harvesting them. Looking at decompiled code, I see it scans an 11x11x3 area centered on itself, one block per tick, bottom to top, north to south, then west to east. It draws a constant 1 EU/t, plus 100 EU for each item it collects from the plants (200 EU with a cropnalyzer).

  • Harvests 11x11 area (with it being in the center) at the same height of it. Does not use much power (i did not test how much). The cropnalyzer is used to make the crop harvester "smart" enough to not early harvest some crops (mainly the stickyreed) before its matured.