Suggestion: MFSU Minecart

  • so this idea would be a minecart that will hold 60kk EU. Now i know that seems like OMG SO OP but the only way to fill/empty it would be with Lapotron Crystals. The point of this device would be if your transferring bases too far away. There are carts for you and storage carts for your massive amounts of industrial machines, but your energy has to be cabled all the way across Minecraftia; but you could have this and it would be filled up with all your energy. Then it would behave like a storage mine cart on gold rails. It would open an MFSU GUI but would have 60000000 energy storage and the fill/empty slots.
    The crafting recipe would be
    0=either nothing or something to add price to the piece

    This recipe would be good so people cant just craft the cart and expect tons of storage without making MFSU that can hold that amount anyway.

  • why not just fill a regular storage minecart with lapotron crystals sure it only holds 27 kk eu's energy but would be so cheap to construct that it would be worth it.