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    i always wait a bit in a wood 7x7 shack before i get all my machines then i move into a swankier place so i am gonna have to experiment alot more with microblocks i didnt know they could be so cool i am thinking even if i dont need space i can have a differant inside then outside which seems really cool

    the reason it has to modify base class files is because it has to store the target coords on your character or everyone could teleport to whatever target was last set by anyone

    would it be possible to use forge so you wouldnt need to edit a base class or is that not possible? or maybe SSP/SMP seperate versions?

    what solar setup are you using to get 64eu/t?

    lets see thats at least 17 5 sec adds, moveing all the mods somewere safe, moveing them in to the jar and i dont think id resolver has a forge version yet so you cant use that i would make it more like 30 minuets at least. thats if you know what mods you want

    i am currently using forge IC2 BC RP and EQEX and alot of small mods WITH ID resolver and it doesnt crash and most of the mods are drag into mods folder and others are highlight all and drag into jar so i think 30 minutes is super overkill and even 30 minutes isnt that much to install mods... i mean if i was 2 hours thats alot

    do you have any idea how long it would take to install all of the mods and change the ids.

    i've done it i have tons of mods installed buildcraft ic redpower EQEX and tons of small mods and it took me about 10 minutes which is basically no time at all to install so many mods and if you get ID resolver redoing the id's takes about 2 minutes so 12 minutes of your day once every time a patch comes out is not much at all

    if i saw lewis and simon in real life i would prolly deck them and then kick them while their down they are so incensitive to the modder's copyrights and if they want to do something illegal they do it ... i would punch them so hard *erupts* :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: :cursing: X( X( X( X( X( X( X(

    so this idea would be a minecart that will hold 60kk EU. Now i know that seems like OMG SO OP but the only way to fill/empty it would be with Lapotron Crystals. The point of this device would be if your transferring bases too far away. There are carts for you and storage carts for your massive amounts of industrial machines, but your energy has to be cabled all the way across Minecraftia; but you could have this and it would be filled up with all your energy. Then it would behave like a storage mine cart on gold rails. It would open an MFSU GUI but would have 60000000 energy storage and the fill/empty slots.
    The crafting recipe would be
    0=either nothing or something to add price to the piece

    This recipe would be good so people cant just craft the cart and expect tons of storage without making MFSU that can hold that amount anyway.