The old Minetweaker GT Recipe List Thread

  • Ooh, :3 *Meow*

    You like being the inferior one in a Relationship ? :P :D XD *Joking..or not* BTW : Being with a yandere implies being a bit masochistic, unless you didn't knew that when you first dated her :P That's why I said it's best if it's a tsundere, at least she won't kill you :D

  • I just never had a real (amorous) relationship with anyone in those 18 years of my life. I have been feeling awfully lonely for the last two years, just that. Thus I don't think I would mind such.

    Lol for what bloody said. Also, this is definitely not the place for it... this went way too offtopic :(.

  • @Bloody : XD, yeah, kinda true, I also thought about that :P

    @SpwnY : Ooh :( , well, you will find eventually someone, I had a few relations, but in the end we all stayed friends, now I'm a loner since 2012 ? I think XD Well, at least, you don't have a bunch of girls that dress up like ******* in your college, and that think that they are the best, but that are so dumb that even someone who is bad at comebacks can make them angry XD , most of the girls I dated aren't in my class/college anymore :/ , but I'm waiting and being patient ( actually, no I'm not, but I'm not the guy who jumps on every girls he sees and that isn't loyal ;) ) :) :D :P :D

    Edit : Girl or guy, I don't really know your préférences, just for not being seen as homophobic and stuff by extreme people --' but yeah, be patient :)

  • I could do that, but instead i'll move it to the proper place. Once I get home from college.

    PS: I'm the weird nerd guy that is always lone, even on places full of people, like college/university.

  • Sorry, I don't understand the reference about SpwnX and Grill :c ;(

    SpwnX : Same thing here, or let say 50% same thing, people think I'm a geek and a nerd & stuff except for sport, where they say I'm a baowss :3 but I'm kinda lonely. People also used to think that I was fat & some other bullsh*t about me until the last year, the last day of the school year, we all went to Aquapark, and then they just stfuped about telling me I'm fat ( abs FTW ) XD :P :D

  • Yeah... I don't like sports. You can guess my body type. I'm not that fat at least. Just a bit overweight.

    Awkward, quiet, shy and not handsome, waiting doesn't work ^^. Acting... neither.

    Note to everyone: I'll move these posts later.

  • Meh, it's very easy to get abs :P , just a bit of training every day ;)

    Acting ? What do you mean, you have difficulties to interact with people ?... I was like that before :/ ;(

  • Yes I do have such problems. Nor I have the motivation to do anything, at all. The result is my grades falling... and I might have to do some subjects again if it goes like this.

    Well, it is a loop of self hatred low esteem and depression.
    Often I feel like just giving up on everything and say goodbye.

  • ... Let's stop talking about this here, we went already too far. I think it will be best for you. :)