Ores not spawning

  • Have tried to set up a server in FTB: tech world 2; FTB unleashed (v1.1.7); and a couple other modpacks, every time I try to create a world (also in Singleplayer), there are no industrialcraft ores...

    The machines etc are all in the NEI menu, as are the ores, but none are spawned in normally.

    Does anybody have any idea what's going on? :/

  • In those packs IC2 ores are probably disabled via config files, because there is other mods generating copper/tin/lead/whatever, this is made so you don't have 3 tipes of copper and all that, but if you find copper ore (FOR EXAMPLE) from other mod you can use it in the IC2 recipes, same for all the ingots and other things thanks to the "Ore Dictionary".

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    All FTB packs use COFH Core to generate ores, which generates Thermal Expansion's ores instead of IC2's.

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