[NewHorizons] Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker. GT, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry, Better Questing 2,8K Quests

  • Version 13.12.2018

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.6.04
    Nodal Mechanic 1.1.0-K
    Open Computers
    Tec Tech 3.3.8

    Mod Changes:

    -New OC recipes improvement #3157
    -Make Open Glass gt recipes #3835
    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
    -new ebf coil recipes
    -add new ebf and vac freezer recipes for high tier stuff
    -deep iron added to ebf list and vac freezer
    -Elite Arc Furnaces only have one output slot #3863
    -missing the last one (arc funace wrong otput)
    -Coke Oven Brick Dust recipe bug #3869thanks @DualBallers
    -Add zh lang file thanks to kiwi
    -update Phosphor/Phosphorous (nedd new GT file)

    -Oil recipe fix
    -normal rubber allowed in luv pump #3834
    -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
    -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
    -HV energy hatches too expensive #3844
    -change color for HV coil
    -New EBF Coils 12k and 15k Electrum Flux and Awakened Draconium
    -add new temps to materials
    -change material enums a bit for new ebf coils
    -deep iron added to ebf list
    -Some mistakes in GregTech.lang #3853
    -Potassium nitrade dust recipe missing ingredients #3855
    -MV Output Bus is not possible to craft #3867
    -issue with malachite ore (nether version) #3872
    -Cannot craft Foresty Copper Electron Tubes in the GT Assembling Machine. #3871
    -add cinnabar 2nd mix thanks to kiwi
    update zh lang file for GT thanks to Kiwi
    -Also allow any number to be used while making ore dict things Better NC panel input/output format and additional book recipe (#1501)
    -Update src/main/java/gregtech/api/metatileentity/implementations/GT_MetaTileEntity_BasicBatteryBuffer.java
    -Update src/main/java/gregtech/loaders/postload/GT_MachineRecipeLoader.java
    -Add volumetric flask. (#1500)
    -Fix maintenance cover (#1496)
    -New public variable init
    -Initiated new public variable which is calculate how much damage get turbine rotor per time, its needed to compare with actual rotor durability.
    -Fix #1439 and #1456 (#1503) Fix #1439 Fix #1456
    -Fix flask gui.
    -Add disable sort option for input bus. Default behavior will stay same
    -depricate Phosphor
    -Fix flask crash on server

    Tec Tech
    -Add Object input for ass line
    -add oredict support for circuits in assline
    -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
    -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
    -recipe overlap assembly line slots
    -In case there is no alt field
    -Fix using bad number type in add line recipes...
    -fix material Phosphor to Phosphorus in lastest gt version

    Recipe changes:

    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
    -fix derp. Oredict cant be input item.

    -Update Build-Craft.zs

    -start with comb oredict support

    -add all Trapdoors to AnimalTrap

    -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843

    Open Glasses
    -recipes not removed via code possible

    -Infusion recipe for Charged Silver Caps is missing #3860

    Tinkers Contruct
    -Clear glass pane EBF recipe bug #3879

    Quests changes:

    -Assembly Line NEI #3842
    -re add mil quest from DualBallas
    -[Help] Guidebook localization support. #1643
    -update Sleeping bag quest
    -Move Space Torches quest to after Rocket Fuel #3880
    -add new iron and wooden door quest Oil Sand Quest #3877
    -add lang file us for quests

  • Good day, I would like to know when the GT new horizons updated on Twitch ??. And the game doesn’t work with inventory opening.

    Sorry for my bad English.

  • Version 17.02.2019

    New Mods

    Bartworks 0.3.21

    Mod Upgrade:

    Core Mod 1.6.07
    IFU 1.5
    Open Computers
    Open Security 1.0.117
    Special Mobs 3.3.1
    Tec Tech 3.3.9
    Waila Plugins 0.2.1
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9h

    Mod Changes:

    -Name fix for Raw Casing/Cell
    -Russification new sentences for EMT
    -small graphical update (tooltips adjusted) to provide clearance
    -made tooltips on EMT solars coherent
    -added the real output power of the Essentia Gens to the tooltip
    -updated the de_DE.lang

    -Did block blacklisting smarter so it uses less server load.

    -move neutronium ebf to max tier
    -Helium from Aurora Blocks [Suggestion] #3929
    -mica insulator in awakened coil to 40
    -IV Mainframe recipe is wrong. #3924
    -add new Item Raw Neutronium for Neutronium Process.
    -renerf quantium ebf recipe
    -change circuit to 11 because it use a fluid/gas (neutronium)
    -Suggestion: Modify SMD Diodes #3945
    -GT Block of Cobalt can't be crafted #3888
    -Magnalium Recipe Bug #3946
    -Brick dust recipe change #3868
    -Thick Neutron Reflector wrong recipe(It don't show on NEI) #3962
    -change resistance from Reinforced Blocks be similar to gt change harvet level as well
    -fixed Venus Blocks OreDict Issure
    -added blockOlivine as blockPeridot in OreDict
    -Endium Blocks cannot be broken back down into ingots #3957
    -Hazelnut Wood not working to make heavy oil in pyrolyse oven #3956
    -change Neutronium Mixer recipe to zpm
    -add uhv cutting machine recipes for power ics
    -add fusion mk 4 recipes to core mod
    -removed unused bat file


    -Fix flask crash on server
    -More Osmiridium Wires per recipe,
    -Lower Osmiridium and Europium wires in Motors
    -Adjust a few Fusion recipes
    -remove europium from pure generation on Planets
    -Add simple mass overrides for replicator
    -reactor coolant change
    -[2062]assembling machine energy-dynamo hatch mistake #3907
    -Deep iron can still be smelted #3900
    -Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895
    -redid small boiler logic, added blocks, added diamond
    -rescaled burn value of coal coke to 3200 instead of 6400 in small boilers
    -added everything burnable else
    - that is not in a bucket or cell (No Fluids)
    - has at least 2000 burntime (No Wood/Saplings)
    -[] Phatlic Acid recipe consumes second cell #3938
    -fix lce 9x output
    -add wiremill recipe for Fine Wire Americium recipe
    -Input grid in 9-input assembler is not centered to items #3865
    -change hardness from the Reinforce Blocks to be core mod equivalent
    -add missing Core mod reinforced blocks to gt
    -restore compability for mods (superconductor wires)
    -reroute Superconductor to SuperconductorUHV and mark Superconductor as Deprecated
    -also fixes a possible NPE in dev enviroments
    -MV lathe requires industrial diamond? #3980
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961
    -Changed Crops
    -Buffed Lemon crossbreed chance to a reasonable rate
    -Buffed Oil Output from Rape since IC2 crops cant be sprinklered like Pam's
    -Buffed CompressedPlantball recipes to use less Crop Drops since they are rarer than other stuff
    -Buffed Milkwart to always produce a dust instead of a small dust in the extractor, this reflects the chanche of the Fluid Extractor recipe
    -adding the liquid fuel back for campatibility reasons (GT++)
    -Change fuel requirements
    -Increase stone chances. Increased small ore for silver, realgar, zinc. Decreased density of some oreveins. Increased orevein percentage to 100%
    -Fix problem with genertor leaving 1L and IC2 universal fluid cells providing random EU.
    -Re-enable filling containers from generators.
    -Lower densities for rest of ores.
    -Fix for oreveins not always taking on color of surround GT stones.
    -oreveins were being placed first, changed to now place GT stones first.
    -Increased GT stone changes again. Added feature that GT stones will now replaced hardened stained clay and cobblestone in the worldgen. -This will allow small ores and potentially oreveins to be seen higher up in mountains and in canyon biomes.
    -Add support for placer ores, including config options for enable/disable and density.
    -Increase orevein height to 9 layers. Give small ores a free 1 fortune boost to compensate for lower orevein densities.
    -Fix copper tin orevein to be 80-200, not 180-200. Minor orevein optimization.
    -Add more messages during startup so players know things are working.
    -change Neutronium comb recipe use more eu/t now
    -changed processing time and tier for cosmic neutronium, infinity catalyst and infinity
    -add materials Curium, Californium and Flerovium 
    -add new fusion recipes mk 4
    -fixed NPE related to custom materials, might break their language support.
    -restored compability for the Driller Base
    -Update assemby line info in nei for scanner recipes

    Special Mobs:
    -Fixed internal MCP code usage.
    -Pain will now trigger death events properly.

    Tec Tech
    -fixed ur thing (#12)
    -moved gtnh circuits in if clause and disabled non-existant circuit
    -Update GT_MetaTileEntity_Hatch_Rack.java
    -change Nano circuit recipe

    Witching Gadgets:
    -add more Materials to Blacklist

    Recipe changes:

    -replaced dremcraft and ic2 item casing by gt (in bq and script)
    -Solar Pannel nerf

    Bio o Plenty:
    -Bamboo (Sticks replacement) have no burnvalue #3978

    Clear glass recipe inconsistencies #3895

    Core Mod:
    -Fix Neutron Reflector Parts
    -No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Extra Utilities:
    Fix can't craft Bedrock Drum Because don't use the ore dictionary,can't make Bedrock drum

    -added mortar recipes for cooked/uncooked minced meat - issue 4039

    -Add recipes for disabled Harvestcraft cooking tools #3878

    -Can not craft the OC:CHARGER in #4067

    Magic Bees:
    -Thaumcraft's research Magic Bees's frames introduction #3939

    Project Red:
    -Indigo dye needs Blue Illuminar recipe #3896

    -Assembler recipes needed for HS booster and HS transition track #3933

    Steve Carts:
    -change chest pane recipe from steve carts

    Tainted Magic:
    -tainted magic messed up after 2.7 #4030
    -fix broken Tainted magic page

    Tinker Construct:
    -add cobalt ingots and nuggets back to smeltery

    Config changes:

    -correct server properties

    Core Mod-
    No machine automated recipe for Iridium-Tngstensteel Reinforced Blocks #3961

    Ender IO:
    -Eener io tp is now 2 secs cooldown like the quest book said

    -add 4 item to protein vanilla porkchop, beef, chicken, fish

    -changed europium mix to uranmix
    - Updated gregtech orevein percentage to 100 in prep for changes.
    -update GT cfg

    -Updated IFU config with blacklisted blocks to prevent mineshaft/dungeon exploiting.

    Witching Gadgets:
    -update WG config

    Quests changes:

    -update translate able version to
    -Major update with new IC2 quests and PTFE quests.
    -Re-ararnged some quests to make better sense.
    -Fixed minor typos. Added super tank 2 and 3 quests.
    -Addeed some more info for newbies to understand pipes and water generation.
    -Added printer quest for Seismic Prospector.
    -Added info on steam outputs cannot be blocked.
    -Removed outdated oil cracker info.
    -Added info on more ways to get gallium and arsenic.
    -add new Quests for Bartworks thanks to @bartimaeusnek
    -correct Windmil quest (hardened clay amount)
    -add new ebf coil quests for 12k and 15k coils
    -add quest early on about mushroom islands #3932
    -Quest 1200 Plasma Generator should ask for a lower tier dynamo #3931
    -New ore mix quests #3887
    -Add Kitchenware 2.0 Quest (HV Age)
    -fix quest "Radon Decay"
    -added chinese quest file. Thanks to Kiwi
    -Cant complete the Crossbow-Bolt Quests #1154 and #1156 #3884
    -Quest ID 1156 Not Completing (iron tiped bolts) #3808
    -Add a few more Quest like Ironwood Tools and Armor or Canopy Tree quest.
    -moved redstone quest to after upgrade 2.0 so players find out about cauldron cleaning sooner and can clean redstone for their ore wand
    underground fluids quest after moon.
    -updated ic2 crops starting quest
    -Tips for monsters
    -Railcraft boiler tips
    -Backpacks config option to wear backpack
    -Bees breeding - Need purebreed bees
    -tier 0 quests for tips on dealing with infernals and other monsters
    -spectre glass for nether portals, spectre key, spectral armor
    -stairs quest
    -Openblocks fan quest
    -EBF tips
    -A bunch of new pam's foods quests
    -enderio magnet
    -Added some base tier coins quests for animal products like leather/wool/eggs
    -Added flood gate quest
    -correcting coin amounts and change some minor quest stuff
    -seismic prospector - added that it also finds ores.
    -added quest that tells you ball of moss is not shown because of thaumcraft
    -added quest talking about alternatives to aluminium gravel ore.
    -Made Alu gravel no longer required to progress Making Better Tools
    -re-arranged Quest in MV and HV
    -Add a few new Quests like PVC, Field Gen I, Power ICs and MV Motor
    -add more quest for uu mater and replication
    -quest 1078 and 1079 need to change #4031
    -Add a GT crowbar quest #4052
    -fix description of quest 1703 and correct some Chinese translations
    -update questfile (us) to lastest Questfile
    -Tetrahedrite unlock, made redstone mainline
    -made iron tipped bolts and ticon Forge tools generic
    -fix Large Bronze Boiler quest-
    -set oreberry coin rewards to 10
    -added some new coins rewards and adjusted others
    -AE System - Cables #184 reward is a T5 EV lootbag #4058
    -Add Quest: Basic Electric Oven #4054
    -Rubber armor repair recipe or quest #4049

  • Version --- 08.03.2019

    New Mods:

    Controlling 1.0.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    Avaritia 1.15
    Bartworks 0.3.22
    Core Mod 1.6.10
    Crops++ 1.3.2
    Crop Load Core 0.1.3
    GT Tweaker 1.7.1
    IC2 Nei Plugin 1.2.2
    Loot Games 1.0.17
    SpecialMobs 3.3.2
    Tec Tech 3.6.10
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9i-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Added Radox + Bartworks
    -changed forge's maven to overminddl1's maven
    -should also host IC2 etc.
    -added recipes:
    -add second input slot to cutting saw
    -DEV ProjectRed Suggestion #4166
    -GregTech Wrong Circuits in Recepten LuV,ZPM,UV #4128
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -changed high tier material ebf temp to 9,9K and 10,8K
    -rockets now better tiered t1-8 1=HV 2=EV 3=IV and so on
    -Add login message handler

    -Add new Garnet based crop PNGs.
    -added moron's garnydinia
    -added the lens
    -refractored the code and removed Opererators from CropLoadCore
    -fixed GarnydniaCrop crashing NEI-plugin
    -removed wronly implemented getCropInformation()
    -added documentation to Speigers ICropCardInfo
    -removed comments
    -fixed localizer cppLense

    -removeal of Axe for base entites
    -streamlined single block NaquadahReactor
    -fixed basegenerator for naquadagen
    -redid the naquadah override to an universal solid fuel function
    -Add fortune bonuses to miner and multiblock miner.
    -Fix for pipes left with 1L when splitting.
    -Add alumite material and generate GT tools.
    -fix(magical energy absorber): crash in scanAvailableAspects
    -Adds null checks and bound check when getting aspects list from an aspects container (jar or addon euquivallent)
    -add a second intput slots to the cutting saw to add a circuit
    -add nei support for the second cutter input slot
    -Wooden pipe recipe #4187
    -[suggestion] additional gt decorative plates #4185
    -restored compability & removed duplicates
    -added more adding methodes to the cutting machine
    -Construction Foam plate #4175
    -HOG (high octane gasoline) buff [RFC] #4168
    -LV Energy Hatch Recipe Suggestion DEV #4159
    -Grammar/Spelling in Achievement #4141
    -Achievement Misspelled #4139
    -As a tic/gt material to use the Ichorium #4130
    -New coil rebalance (1200K+) #4126
    -Change ore mix of pure Ti/Cromite to Imlenite/Cromite
    -Change ore mix of bauxite/bauxite to bauxite/ilmenite
    -Change recipe of Magnesium chlorine + sodium to give back 9 small magnesium dusts
    -Change the ebf recipe of titanium to require EV in the ebf instead of HV
    -Change the recipe of Tungstensteel/Tungsten to require EV in the ebf as well
    -Change the recipe of HSS-G coils to require 144L tungstensteel instead of tungsten and take 7680eu/t in the assembler
    -Change the recipe of naquadah coils to require 144L HSS-G instead of tungstensteel
    -Change recipe of Naquadah coils to require 30720 eu/t,
    -Change recipe of naquadah alloy coils to use 122880 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of fluxed electrum coils to use 500000 eu/t in the assembler
    -Change recipe of Awakened drac coils to use 2000000 eu/t in the assembler
    -T2 and T3 Rockets now tiered to EV/IV
    -tiered t3 rockets to iridium(IV). Mars stone ia s iridium source
    -rockets now tiered t4-8
    -Muffler Hatch (MV) Recipe Incorrect #4207
    -Faster saplings -> wood pulp #4210

    GT Tweaker
    -two input sawcutter support for GTNH

    Loot Games
    -Stop worldgen for entrance if block to be replaced is non-solid

    Special Mobs
    -Just used a generic damage source, as opposed to an indirect one.

    Tec Tech
    -Really Ultimate Battery recipes is lack #4204

    Witching Gadgets
    -remove gallium and add ichorium to black list

    Config changes:

    -Ganymed have now samll osmium

    Recipe changes:

    -Gregtech Stone Chisel Compatibility
    -Left Abyssal Stone in the Black Granite group instead of moving it to the Basalt Group by popular demand.

    Storage Drawers
    -add storage drawers to assembler thanks to Drags Team

    Quests changes:

    -Quest ID 1637 Storing the Fluids (ProjectRed) Retrieval Task Change #4181
    -Too many items required? Quest 1814 #4170
    -add new healing axe buying quest
    -Quests 1782-1786 cannot be competed #4190
    -MV Solar quest ingredients - wrong wire flavour. #4123
    -issue regarding fired clay water buckets and cauldrons #4160
    -Impossible quest in Witchry #4155
    -Quest 84 Where can I put all the liquids doesn't actually craft a tank #4153
    -Coins Quest 1044 - Iron (III) Chloride #4151
    -Fix HV and MV miner quests, have incorrect EU/tic #4150
    -Adjust butcher knife quest so it accepts any butcher knife, not just iron #4147
    -Quest 755: Better Than Duct Tape Recommendation #4142
    -Change tungstensteel unlock quest #4138
    -Quest ID 553 Diesel Fuel #4193
    -update quest book for new ti changes and ebf changes
    -fix ichorium ingots
    -Marble cobble should not be part of Nickel quest #4209

  • В каком плане? Спрашивай, если есть конкретные вопросы, отвечу.

    Когда перевожу квесты то всегда сталкиваюсь с броблемами, то не переводится текст то все квесты исщезают. "Квесты перевожу для себя."

  • Не понял. Не переводится в смысле не понимаешь как перевести?

    Насчет исчезновения - не знаю, может, задеваешь кавычки? JSON может скочуриться, если их не так расставить. Скачай Notepad++, там есть подсветка синтаксиса.