[NewHorizons] Ultra Hard Gregified modpack via Minetweaker and Modtweaker. GT, Thaumcraft, Buildcraft, Witchery, Galacticraft, BloodMagic, Forestry, Better Questing 2,8K Quests

  • Version --- 16.06.2019

    New Mods:

    InGame Info XML
    Lunatrius Core

    Mod Upgrade:
    Avaritia 1.15

    Bartworks 0.4.16
    Blood Arsenal 1.2-8
    Core Mod 1.6.14
    Crops++ 1.3.5
    Crop Load Core 0.1.4
    Electro Magic Tools
    Gt Nei ore plugin 1.0.7
    GT Scanner Mod 1.5.4
    IFU 1.6
    Loot Games 1.0.18
    Not Enough Items 1.0.6-GTNH
    Tec Tech 3.6.11
    Thaumic Horizons
    Universal Singularities 8.5
    Warp Theory 1.0k-Dev
    Witching Gadgets 1.2.9k-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -changed ichorium to gt mod
    -Made project jarSign compatible
    -Unified build-system
    -updated gradle and forge

    -smaller fixes
    -no hardness or resistance on non gt te blocks
    -fixed possible lesu npe
    -maybe fixed windmill dupe?
    -fixed circuit programmer dupe
    -began work on Electric Implosion compressor
    -fixed recipes
    -added multi layer rotor recipes
    -Giant Materials/Space Compat update
    -added ASM
    -added a shit ton of materials and got my own Materials system up and running
    -added Ross128 when GC is installed
    -code clean up
    -made all asm patches disableable
    -removed secondary configs
    -added comments for config
    -Ore Dict Support
    -Added Y/Th Glas
    -Added OreDict support for all Materials
    -Added an Internal Handler for Colors
    -Added Materials and improved Compability to GT and GT++
    -Improved Code Quality of the BW Oregen Handler
    -Fixed NEI handler
    -fixed megas not working with more than one hatch
    -finetuned the veins a bit more
    -changed material names and colors/texture sets
    -removed Taint Biome due to buggyness and i dont like it >:(
    -added debug log
    -added thaumcraft aspects for materials
    -refractored code
    -added a config option for the debug log
    -fixed Graphene Typo
    -prepared custom TC Aspects
    -enabled a config option for the threaded loader (experimental state)
    -Improved Threaded Loader
    -un-threaded GameRegistry stuff
    -Fixed Heated Water Pump
    -will now drop its contents on removal
    -will no longer void non-burnable Items
    -Added ITileDropsContent for easy use
    -Pulled delSlot into its own Class
    -Created FuelSlot (a slot that will only accept burnable stacks)
    -API version increase
    -Added THTR
    -Redid Config to work propperly
    -added some materials/items for the THTR
    -added additional Thorianite Recipes
    -added InfoData on THTR
    -added isSneaking on diode screwdriver click (reverse Actual Amps)
    -added World Generation feature for Ross128b
    -started on Ross128ba
    -cleaned up code
    -started on Werkstoff Liquids
    -fixed small translation failure
    -this time really fixed (#27)
    -added small rocket gui stuff
    -fixed a bug where the moon of ross128b would cause issues with the dim handler
    -added Electric Implosion Compressor recipe and tooltip
    -fixed Electric Implosion Compressor recipe "Map"
    -moved Ross128 to t3 even with galaxyspace loaded
    -fixes crash when ExU is installed
    -Optimised BlockChecker
    -made THTR structure check NOT ignore walls
    -corrected tooltip on THTR
    -added Empty mode on THTR
    -fixed coords hash
    -started work on OC integration
    -rewrote blockchecker just to see if a loop would be faster than a recursive check
    -fixes not enabled ASM code
    -re-enabled the tooltip handler
    -reworked clienteventhandler
    -Tooltip Server Synchronisation
    -Add thaumcraft wand pedestal fix
    -We only add the vis into the wand
    -added ConfigOption for TC patch
    -added DeObfs instruction
    -code cleanup
    -added Miner Compability
    -tweaked heat values for GTNH
    -minor code changes
    -fixed thorianit exploit
    -fixed yttrium oxide recipe
    -added thorium leaf recipe
    -fixed 45% empty space
    -Added config options
    -removed broken IC2 recipes
    -fixed DEHP recipe

    Blood Arsenal
    -Gadomancy Crash fix part 1
    -Update BloodArsenal.java
    -fixed build.grandle

    -Add login message handler
    -Update zh_CN.lang
    -fixes Xenoxene recipe
    -Titanium Dust with Nitrogen same EU cost as without Nitrogen #4261
    -remove all centrifuge recipes from gendustry bee combs and drops
    -added a load check
    -Let the bacteria Vat recipes only load when bartworks is loaded
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -Add usage for Tantalum in SMD Capacitor recipes
    -Missing Rockbreaker LUV+ #4374
    -Tier 8 Rocket is Impossible to Obtain #4267
    -re-configured Quantium Voltage to IV
    -removed unnescarry ,new Object[0] for varargs methods
    -#4474 gating item, updated pack version and added gendustry bees removal warning
    -fix t8 rocket plates
    -added Abandoned GregTechPlusPlus Aspects
    -will hopefully doesnt cause corruption when loaded up
    -Re-enabled Naquadah Generators at IV
    -changed recipe time and minimal heat requirements for enriched Naquadah
    -Awakened Draconium Coil #4647 temperature fix

    -Create zh_CN.lang
    -[ImgBot] Optimize images
    -fully implemented Speiger's Crop Plugin
    -removed (some) duplicate code
    -added debug command
    -fixed magic metal berry
    -added thauminite as supported metal due to request
    -added vanilla Bonsai
    -added HumidityBonus/Malus
    -fixed scala dependency

    Electro Magic Tools
    -Refractored Code
    -fixed Solar crash

    -added a null check
    -changed crop logic a bit
    -if crop havest is not possible at the optimal state, just harvest, ffs.
    -remove redstone flux not working api
    -change api adress and path
    -added recipe

    -Trinium can't be obtained in the Tier below the T4 rocket #4221
    -Disabled all Dimethylhydrazine recipes.
    -Removed them in favour of the GT++ recipes which are harder.
    -Cherry pick multiamp dynamo support for multiblock generators.
    -Removed local explosion checks from large turbine and plasma turbine.
    -Large turbs now support buffered 4A dynamos.
    -salt bees equal to lithium bees #4285
    -Impossible to craft Fusion Reactor MK1 #4276
    -[suggestion] add a recyling recipe for brick stairs #4274
    -Rutile processing magnesium dupe #4260
    -Mining plascrete blocks #3998
    -change name sparkling
    -Problems with bee comb ore quadrupling recipes #4253
    -all ev and iv combs have now chemical recipes
    -Suggestion: Buff Platinum Group Sludge #4241
    -add more comb recipes for Casseterite Sand
    -Titanium ore nerf #3647
    -Increase small titanium ores, change spawn range #4289
    -Superconductor UV Wire wrong recipe #4224
    -Field Generator Tier 2,3,4 are bugged in assembler #4292
    -GT tool fix
    -enable GT Tools to mine any block without tool requirements (dirt i.e.)
    -Make use of scanner recipe map since i also inject my own recipes...
    -refractored code,
    -restored compability to vanilla ore gen,
    -moved GC and Forrestry code to own classes to prevent crashes inDev
    -implemented equals and hashcode on NearbySeeds class
    -added an information line to the Implosion Compressor tooltip
    -Refined last commit
    -re-added unused, Deprecated constructors
    -re-added unused vars
    -treat empty string as null for GT_Tool_*.isMinableBlock
    -allowed to mine any block that doesnt require a tool with GT tools at Hand mining speed
    -rerouted forestry modid to the config value to prevent typos
    -recipy change voltage coil HV,IV #4375
    -redid fake OD
    -removed coal from god of thunder crop
    -beautified code for readability
    -fixed NBT dependant Recipes
    -duct taped import of circuits in assemblers
    -adjusted recipe map sizes
    -redid Item&Fluid Hatches
    -removed rests of UndergroundBiomes & ImmersiveEngineering support
    -added oilsands recipe
    -might fix #3913 and #4421
    -Change gates for Magic Energy Converters. #4324
    -UHV Motor is uncraftable #4350
    -[RFC] New Rocket Recipes #4409
    -shortened sc cooling times
    -ductape fix for fusion reactor
    -cleaned up code
    -Duplicate Alumite tools #4231
    -Fix exploitive hydrogen loophole #4348
    -add missing circuits to ProcessingCircuits
    -added 0lafs changes
    -make higher tier superconductors give out less wires per recipe
    -removed nitrogen/helium cells from superconductor recipes
    -added helium as fuid for superconductor recipes
    -halfed the amount of pumps for superconductors
    -Added HP Solar Steam Boiler
    -added recipe
    -removed unnessecary ", new Object[0]" for vargars methodes
    -UEV Motor uncraftable #4601
    -complain about null inputs
    -adjusted HP solar boiler to match the tooltip
    -re-added solar GUI

    Gt Nei ore plugin
    - updated Java 7 -> 8
    -Buffered Input from cfg
    -refractor, code improvements
    -small ores completely working
    -added tooltip
    -added logger
    -added ic2 to gradle
    -updated gradle deps
    -restored base gt compability
    -small ore csv (untested)

    GT Scanner Mod
    -refractored code
    -added bartworks integration
    -added automatic dev and dev-debug build to build grandle

    -redid logic to work propperly with any type of material as input
    -refractored code (a bit)
    -fixed GUI
    -restricted the wand to OW, Nether and TF (configurable)
    -removed damage bar from Item
    -added build wrapper
    -make ifu buildable with the dev version we add on GTNH webpage

    Loot Games
    -Single line that prevented people from completing Stage 4
    -Corrected some confusing messages sent to players

    Not Enough Items
    -Prevent random crashes. No idea why this happens, but deal with it gracefully.
    -(Probably) Stop the ic2 invalid damage application messages.
    -Update gradle wrapper
    -bump version and specify gtnh in filename

    Tec Tech
    -Added recipes for Energy hatches 4A-64A IV/LUV/ZPM
    -Change recipe of Biomainframe (#15)
    -The recipe became more logic.
    -ResearchStation,ObjectHolder and QuantumComputer recipes can only use CrystalProcessorMainframe #4361 (#16)
    -Realy Ultimate Battery Recipe issue #4604
    -[Recipes] Assembly line need few changes. #4636
    -Fix Researchable scanning issue

    Thaumic Horizons
    -several fixes
    -fixed safe handler
    -fixed aspect fraction of the safe handler
    -re-made it buildable for gradlew
    -updated gitignore
    -fixed internal stuff
    -hopefully fixed server crashes
    -added propper dim retrun
    -fixed cloud client crash
    -improved miner Math issues with pocket plane dim
    -added "dustBlock" as default block for pocket planes
    -fixed fps issues by removing clouds from pocket plane dim
    -fixed another NPE

    Universal Singularities
    -name change to make Phosphorus Block working again

    Warp Theory
    -Fixed warptheory error message
    -Always allows usage of command on server

    Witching Gadgets
    -added a catch to the duplication aswell
    -fixed an ArrayOutOfBounds Execption
    -OutOfBounds Execption pt2
    -removed GT++ harddep for softdep

  • Config changes:

    -add bartworks cfg

    -Updating Botany glass to be pure clear glass, no dumb border.

    Core Mod
    -update displayed version
    -update pack version

    Custom Main Menu
    -Update Main menu from GTNH

    Enhanced Lootbags
    -Reward bags are absolute trash: EV suggestions #4268
    -Reward bag suggestions #4257
    -Added a bunch more proper loot to the Advanced bag.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests.
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Fix to IC2 lootbag.

    -add deep iron small ores to mecury

    -enable item rendering in hand. Duct tape fix

    Holo Inventory
    -Due to user demand, ban drawer controller from holoinventory

    InGame Info XML
    -add ingameinfo xml and configs

    Open Modular Turrets
    -Initial Changes to turrets (more damage)

    -Update server list #4479

    Thaumic Horizons
    -enabled pocket plane
    -tested on zeta w/o complications so far

    Witching Gadgets
    -Ichorium nugget duplication in Witching Gadgets #4240

    Script changes:

    -AE2 Cutting Knifes #4264

    -Make UHV circuit correspond to ore dict
    -UHV circuit of Neutron Collector and Neutron Compressor Recipe corresponds to the ore dictionary

    Biome O Plenty
    -Calcite Synthesis #4228

    -Bauxia crop doesn't recognize TiCo Aluminum Block. #4227

    -update EMT script
    -fixed damage problems with EMT Recipes
    -now accept any damage value

    -Minor issue: Unrefined Desh -> Desh Ingot (Furnace recipe) #4286

    -remove old gendustry combs out of the recipes

    -remove handcraft recipes from Niobtitanium and tungstencarbide

    -remove max tier cheaty recipe for machine parts
    -Chest loot #4251

    -Fix Blast Furnace Convert Glass

    Pams Harvest Craft
    -Butchery knife duplication #4234

    SG Craft
    -IC2 SGPU crashes client when attempting to leave its interface #4254

    Tinkers Construct
    -Obsidian dusts don't smelt in the smeltery #4277

    Twilight Forest
    -Steeleaf issues. #4265

    Quests changes:

    -Added large gas turbine quest, fluid regulator quest, fluorine coins quest.
    -Fixed up info on rotors in boilers and steam turbine quests.
    -Fixed butcher knife quest to accept any knife.
    -Fixed alumite ingot quest to oredict.
    -Thorium Reactor Quest #4259
    -BM quest #4250
    -Change block needed for Pyrolusium crop. #4244
    -O like Oxygen Quest Rewrite
    - Slightly rewrote quest text to better direct player toward recipe that creates 2000 L Oxygen
    from 1 Cassiterite Sand, as well as some minor reworking of the rest of the quest text.
    -Added oxygen from sugar to quest text per request
    -#4400 Minor quest fixes complete.
    -$4342: Quest added for Soul Brazier to help players manage permanent warp.
    -Quest fixes and additiona. #4911 #4323 #2358 #4216 #4342 #4320 #4232 #4169 #4245 #4298 $4198
    -Quest fixes. #4337, #4194, #4157, #4109, #2599, #4124, #4117, #4113, #4076, #4091, #4078, #3683, #4349, #3603, #3505, #2926, #2880
    -#3042, #4247, #4319, first pass of #2663.
    -Fixes for crop quests from bedrill, created Botany quests for #2663
    -Next part of #2663.
    -#3647 redo gating for fluid quests. #4404
    -Quests #3996 #3654 #4426 #4327 #4392 #3282 #3503
    -#3503 warning added for Doomsquirter.
    -First pass at TecTech quests, skeleton for Steve's Factory Manager quests.
    -#4227, #4281, #4437, #3604
    -Most of #4424 complete. #4448 #4449 #4447 #4441
    -#4451, #4454, #4455
    -#3851 #4133 #4459 #4465 #4468 #4473
    -#4478, Started #4500 & #3626, general quest cleanup and maintenance.
    -Minor quest changes. Added SAG mill grinding head quest.
    -#4500, adventure backpacks, bee stuff, #4373
    -Remove concrete bug mention.
    -#3626, mostly finished with #4373
    -Quests. Spray can, adventure backpacks, #4530 #4526 #4521 #4488
    -#4373 #4407 #4542 #4555 #4551
    -Trying out new bee quests, setup bee template quest for copying
    -Bee breeding quests megaupdate
    -Added a bunch of magical branch bees, at least enough to get to empowering.
    -Didn't make it thaumic shards and salis mundus
    -Added side effects for shard bees
    -Added more magical bee lines, including draconic and wither bees.
    -Fixed problem with quest unlocks. Added excited and cultivated.
    -Added info on Botany pigmented glass not being fireproof.
    -Fix Celebratory
    -Converted Bee Breeding quests to use Bees Advanced lootbags.
    -Added quest for Acid Generator after Redstone centrifuging. Fixed Slice and Splice rewards.
    -Created IC2 Crops lootbag and added to all IC2 crops breeding quests. Needs a recipe to convert standard to fortuned bag.
    -Spread out ic2 crops quests
    -Added Bees Expert lootbags to last crafting quests, added industrial apiary items to bees expert lootbags.
    -Change Gendustry quests to use proper expert bag. Change alveary quests back to using Bee Advanced.
    -Moved upiering bee adv -> bee expert to unlocking the Genetics Sampler/Mutatron or Industrial Apiary
    -Fixed Enderio Crafter reward bag.
    -Quickfix for Endless Evolution, change from 1:1 to 1:4 due to player concerns.
    -Change DE cores to 4 ichor ingots, reward 16 cores. Clean up LV window.
    -Minor quest fixes. Changed DE quest back to 16 cores, but instead of 16 ichor changed to 4.
    -Final quest update for
    -Update for Chinese translator.
    -Minor quest fixes from Translation, #4643 #4642 #4641
    -fix diamond hammer quest
    -Minor fixes. Quest fixes for translator. Fix to IC2 lootbag.
    -Updated with more bee breeding quests, translation cleanup.
    -update Quest files us lang

  • Version 22.12.2019

    New Mods:

    -Kekztech 0.2.2

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Appliedenergistics 2 rv3-beta-20
    -AsieLib 0.4.9
    -Avaritia 1.16
    -Bartworks 0.5.3pre6
    -Better Questing 3.0.306
    -Blood Magic 1.3.3-29
    -Comand Blocks for BQ-3
    -Computronics 1.6.6
    -Core Mod 1.6.25
    -Draconic Evolution 1.0.2n
    -Extra Cells 2.4.2bNIGHTLY
    -Galactic Greg 1.0.2
    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.6
    -GTTweaker 1.7.2
    -Open Computers
    -Questbook 2.1.1
    -RF Expansion 3.0.29
    -Spice Of Life 1.3.12
    -Standard Expansion 3.0.162
    -Steves Factory Manager A94-GTNH
    -SuperTiC 1.2.1
    -Tec Tech 3.7.3
    -Thaumic Based 1.4.20-0
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Tinkers Construct
    -Utilityworlds 1.0.9e
    -Universal Singularities 8.5a
    -WAILA Plugins 0.2.2
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.9m-GTNH

  • Version --- 10.01.2020

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Bartworks 0.5.6
    -Better Questing 3.0.320
    -Binnies Mods 2.0.24
    -Core Mod 1.6.26
    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.6a
    -GTTweaker 1.7.4
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-pre-13-GTNH
    -Tec Tech 3.7.3a
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Tinkers Construct
    -Wireless Redstone CBE 1.4.2
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.9n-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed Unification enforcement handler
    -Initial high tier circuit cost adjusted
    -Fixed NEI cleanroom bug
    -moved imprint loader onto server start
    -fixes NBT issues with recipes
    -Removed Duplicate recipes when switching server/single player
    -Ores not beeing detected by Miners
    -CircuitImprints not craftable/recipe buildup when server changes
    -Refractored some code
    -possible ix of OC Adapter recipe don't work #5220 add circuit 16 to wrap of circuit recipe

    Binnies Mod
    -Binnie Master Registry search window not working

    -Update coremod pack version string to #5311

    -Change LCR recipe to create Deep Iron from UV to ZPM #5109
    -and a few recipe eu/t fixes

    -made OreDrilling radius Chunk Sized
    -forgot to readd the << 4
    -Chunkloading support for multiblock miner (#227)
    -Initial attempt at Chunk manager
    -Added chunkloading support to multiblock miner.
    -moved basic miner-independent chunkloading-related stuff up tier, to be more reusable
    -Item dupe through the terminal
    -Oil drills in the world will have radius reset to 0 after the update w/o this check
    -Ore Drilling plant in chunkloading mode was skipping central chunk.
    -Add radius to scanner output. Fixed issue with pump radius not resetting pump queue.
    -Added localization for some infos.
    -Can't breed firestone bees #5271 add Firestone Block to GT
    -Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243
    -Fixed Soldering Iron consuming solder to change chunk mode.
    -Soldering Iron mention in the tooltip went missing in the rebase apparently.

    -Add support GT++ Multiblock Electrolyzer
    -Update GT++ Blast Smelter

    Not Enough Items
    -Backport some JEI features
    -Remove TMI style
    -Remove Load/Save inventory state
    -Reworked ItemPanel so it's no longer used statically
    -BookmarkPanel inherits from ItemPanel
    -Rework LayoutManager
    -Bookmarks - including loading & saving
    -Utility/Cheat buttons line up and wrap based on GUI size
    -Add JEI inspiration/backport attribution & license info
    -Fix AppleCore crash
    -Intellij suggested changes
    -Pre allocate threadpool, with size of 2/3rds numProcessors
    -Workaround missing font renderer causing OptionTextField crash
    -Add hotkeys to move around recipes
    -Save string ids instead of int ids.
    -Fix TCON workbench compat
    -Stop running the LoadItem task on every inventory open (which also re-ran the search and caused lag on every inventory open).
    -Unclear if this breaks anything -- it works with simple testing.

    Tec Tech
    -added deobfs jar (#22)

    Thaumic Horizons
    -Fix NPE

    Tinkers Construct
    -Totally compatible now with GT

    Wireless Redstone CBE
    -Moved gradle files to root directory (standard practice).
    -Removed environment variable from mod version scheme. If a build number is really needed, it can be done manually.
    -Attempt to patch GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons#3375

    Witching Gadgets
    -fix recipe with ichorium

    Config changes:

    Blood Magic
    -Teleposers telepose blocks with -1 hardness, including Bedrock and Transport Beacons #5245

    Core Mod
    -Update coremod pack version string to #5311

    -Add space rocks to diggers backpack

    disable gt++ logging

    Server Dat
    Request to add Modded Minecraft Club to official server list #5274

    Script changes:

    Tinkers Construct
    -Aluminium had the same problem but no one report it

    Thaumic Exploration
    -change sould braizer recipe

    Thaumic Tinkers
    -fix script

    -Quicklime dust recipe issue #5261

    Magic Mods
    -change ichorium to gt ingot

    Quests changes:

    -Fix wording, add new quests. 2020Q1 quest changes.
    -Update some quests.
    -Final batch of quest changes for 8.0.
    -rearraged lv Quest a bit
    -Replace platinum with blue alloy in Workstation quest.
    -Quests Getting your first Platinum and SMD Circuit components still impossible where placed #5279
    -Fixes quest errors. Restores proper dimethylhydrazine quests. Puts in placeholder quest for GT++ chemical plant
    -Fix #5246 use iron capped greatwood wand.
    -#5143 Added concealment key quest
    -#4855 Adjusted quest to consume wispy cotton.
    -#3702 Added info on aesthetic covers for GT pipes
    -#5285 Added rewards for smoothie quest.
    -#5293 Mutating Sprig quest requirement wrong.
    -#5238 Fixed wording for coins quests
    -Also, adjusted spacing on fusion quests to make them more readable.
    -#5294 Moved nightmare quest, reduced number of kills required.
    -#5301 Added requirement for primal shrooms
    -#5310 Added checkbox quest for name remover
    -#5295, #5296 - Moved witchery quests around.

  • Version 17.01.2020

    New Mods

    Hardcore Darkness 1.7

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Bartworks 0.5.8

    -Core Mod 1.6.28


    -GTTweaker 1.7.5

    -Hardcore Darkness 1.7

    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-1-GTNH

    Mod Changes:


    -fixed rejoin issues

    -made circuit assembler recipes get readded if server is switched and re-calcuted

    -added a command to clear the crafting cache

    -made the NEI OreHandler more stable

    -worked a bit on implementing the APL

    -reworked LuVTierEnhancer

    -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method


    -Infinite iron/steel through re-smelting/pulverizing boiler tanks. #5321


    -Add GT++ Blast Smelter more recipes

    Not Enough Items

    -rename version to be beta.

    Config changes:


    -#5356 Loophole in the big backpack recipe

    Block Limiter

    -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode consume heart

    Hardcore Darkness

    -update random things and HD mod config

    Random Things

    -update random things and HD mod config

    Script changes:

    Extra Cells

    -ME Fluid Interface panel can't be back to block form #5322

    Quests changes:

    -#5342 Fix for questbook losing sounds.

    -#5345 Changed door quest to require oak slabs, add pointers to coins quest for purchasing oaks, unlocks with questbook quest now.

    -#5343 Add overflow cover quest

    -#5337 added ignoreNBT tag to all rocket quests because of GT crafting tags.

    -#5338 Many random quest suggestions.

    -#5349 Allow Hardcore Questing mode

    -Move Tips and Tricks tab to after Tier 0, since top tab is where book opens to first time it is used.

    -#5355 Add Ingame Info quest description.

    -#5357 Add quest for Workbench Backpack

    -#5262 Add warning on nether farms killing TPS. Remove comment that chemical bath is best source of Platinum.

    -#5233 Removed diamond sword requirement from Division Sigil quest.

    -hide the few info quest behind the first quest

    -Undo ignoreNBT changes to ic2 crops, not necessary.

    -More ignoreNBT tags

    -#5320 created separate crowbar quest to not block progress

    -Move GT++ Chemical Plant to HV and add more info

    -Add info on using the cauldron to make dough without wasting water

    -Fix alumite quest wording

    -Alloy Smelter/wrought iron quest wording

    -Add note on first tree breeding quests that trees must be pure species and scanned.

    -Add coins quests for steadfast and monastic bees

    -Change solid fueled firebox quest to retrival instead of crafting since players might have forestry worktables by this time.

    -Fix HP solar boiler icon, advanced circuit assembler nbt

    -Fix NBT data on fishing/farming/cooking tab

    -Fix missing text in quest 3, fix nbt on How to bee quests

    -Translation update to

  • Version 15.02.2020

    New Mods

    Thaumcraft NEI Additions

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Appliedenergistics 2 rv3 beta 22

    -Avaritia 1.17

    -Better Questing 3.0.322

    -Binnies Mod 2.0.26

    -Bartworks 0.5.10


    -Core Mod 1.6.31


    -Ender Zoo


    -GTNH TC Wands 1.2.0

    -Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye

    -Not Enough Items 2.0.0-beta-6-GTNH

    -Special Mobs-1.7.10-3.3.4

    -Standard Expansion 3.0.174

    -Storage Drawers 1.11.1-gtnh

    -Thaumic Horizons

    -Thaumic Tinkerer 2.5-557-GTNH

    -Twilightforest 2.3.8dev

    -Universal Singularities 8.6

    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.10-GTNH

    Mod Changes:


    -Duct tape fix for HEE replacing the Dragon Egg

    -Revert "Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it."


    -Added Impure Tear to Avaritia.


    -Minor fixes

    -reworked LuVTierEnhancer

    -use of isAir() instead of block.equals(air) in base layer check method

    -circuitassemblyline balance

    -refractor of code

    -Fixed air offset for multis

    Binnies Mod

    -fix(tile): remove useless meta nbt

    -fix(fruitdrop): remove 5x multiplier

    -fix(lang): osange orange and sync lang keys

    -fix(doors): up max stack size from 1 to 8

    -Align Max stack size to 8 same as MC Door Item.


    -Don't allow chiseling of TileEntity


    -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366

    -add damuscus steel to 9 slot mixer

    -feat(oredict): add fenceWoodRegistration

    -Added EndSteel recipe

    -redstone alloy weak exploit #5560


    -Added Grinding Balls and End Steel

    -Added EndSteel Armor

    -Added Capacitor

    -Added Empowered 5

    -Added more 1.12 content

    - Added Generators

    - Added Fluids

    - made grindingBalls seperate Items

    - Added solar Panel 3

    -Fixed missing localization

    Ender Zoo

    -Update forge version

    -Remove WAILA build requirement

    -Add WAILA dependency lib

    -Remove CONIFEROUS from biome filter

    -Update direwolf howl behavior

    -Add custom drops for Dire Wolf

    -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name

    -Fixed sceptre has wand rod name instead of staff rod name

    -added Thaumcraft NEI Additions to development workspace

    -added auto uncommenting 'required-after:dreamcraft' while building jar

    -Fixed custom crafting rods are not applied for sceptres.


    -Fluxed electrum no mixer recipe, only shapeless #5366

    -Fix textures of Pyrolyse Oven

    -962 is texture of 8 page and 66 ID.

    -New GT Mixer texture need to be corrected #5467

    -Set correct mass fabricator recipe map amperage

    -(Massfab recipes are fake, so no one except NEI actually uses it's amperage)

    -Suggestion for Distilled Water uses #5520

    -Added EndSteel

    -Added ability to lock output hatch with a cell or any IFluidContainerItem if it was locked but fluid was not set yet.

    -(Basically use screwdriver to set mode 8 or 9, and set the fluid with a cell)

    -Iron Electron Tube recipe #5554

    -Ender Electron Tube missing CA recipe #4502

    -Crash shortly after loading world (probably caused by pyrolyse oven texture change) #5577

    -removed unused imports changed subversion to 33

    GTNH TC Wands

    -Update ThaumcraftWands.java

    -Improved readability, fixed some warnings

    -Improved readability v2

    -Initial refactor commit

    -Added gregtech sources...

    -Moved to working gregtech...

    -Fixed error with empty String

    -moved Items so they are not null

    -Reviewed, fixed and removed some FIXME tags

    Mine and Blade Battlegear 2 Bullseye

    -Upgrade Gradle

    -RM jars

    -Don't choke on null items -- unclear why it is null...

    Not Enough Items

    -Add back in ItemPanel.items as static

    -Fixes crash in ThermalDyanmics [probably]

    -Avoid divide by zero error

    -Fix clicking on items in the bookmark panel. Thanks @monatann for contributin

    -Slightly better fix.

    -Fix the underlying problem -- Bad X!

    Special Mobs

    -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs

    -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.

    -Remove trolling BS.

    -Fix spawn egg issues.

    -Add START_FIRES option

    -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.

    -Fix model/texture issues

    -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.

    -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.

    -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.

    -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.

    -Basic Loot option added.

    -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.

    -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.

    -Default health increased to 24.

    -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.

    -New fun damage source with death chat provided.

    -Redo how Pain works.

    -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.

    -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.

    -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast

    -Stick now effective against vampire pigman

    -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages

    -Add localized chat messages per mob.

    -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.

    -Handle mod classes not present.

    -Use client side checks for server play.

    -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron

    -Add snark for empty handed attacks

    -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport

    -Change name is something a little less stupid

    -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.

    -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers

    -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.

    -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.

    -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.

    -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.

    -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.

    -Remove unneeded classes

    Storage Drawers

    -new(integration): storagedrawers gtnh recipes

    -Integrates StorageDrawers with gtnh recipes.

    -Config change

    -Deprecate script

    -Remove Gregtech assembler recipes map spam

    -Move wood variants of drawers to chisel

    -Save on load and server join time

    -fix(crash): gtnh integration returning null modid

    -now returns "gtnh" string that is comparable to another string.

    -fix(integration): gtnh recipes not loading

    -Fixed the MOD_ID String conditioning the gtnh module initialization to "dreamcraft" that is the GTNH-Core MOD_ID.

    Thaumic Horizons

    -A very very cheap way to remove all permanent warp 2 #5404

    -remove gregtech dependencies

    -fix recipe

    -reduce aspects on recipes

    Thaumic Tinkerer

    -Quest Suggestion: Bedrock Dimension #5476

    -Ores that exists in GT not working

    -Cleaned gradle up and made it buildable

    -Fixed TTResearchItem.setPages calling twice


    -Fix textures that make the max mipmap level drop

    -Compress armor textures (lossless)

    -Compress item textures (lossless)

    -Compress block textures (lossless)

    -Compress model textures (lossless)

    -Update forge version to

    -Organize imports (removes a large number of unused imports)

    -Only save the biome ID config if it has changed

    -Change several "else if" statements to "switch case" statements

    -Don't use Byte.valueOf() on something cast as a byte

    -Don't use Integer.valueOf on an int or something cast as an int

    -Format code so I don't go insane trying to read it

    -Improve onCrafting event listener in TFEventListener

    -Fast render mode for magic leaves

    -Misc formatting and more if else to switch case

    -Fix for Timewood Clock chunk corruption bug

    -I was unable to do extensive testing, but 15 minutes with six of them going followed

    -by switching my render distance, flying around, and save reloading did not cause issues.

    -More formatting cleanup and if else to switch case

    -Split classes out of TFFinalCastle.java (like later versions of the mod) to make debugging easier

    -Fix errors from last commit and format said code again (No idea why Eclipse stopped showing errors)

    -Fix final dungeon calling random.nextInt with a zero

    -Small improvement to last fix

    -Update english lang file (some things are still missing from it)

    -Ice bomb damage source

    -Update en_US.lang

    -Fix water check in TFGenRavine

    -Add missing breaks to a swicth case in TFGenSmallLog

    -More code cleanup and small optimizations

    -Use String.valueOf rather than adding to an empty string + other cleanup

    -Improve TF event listener performance significantly

    -Optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks

    -Make some Firefly and Cicada checks much faster

    -Use equals over == when possible

    -Turn off seeker arrow debug logging

    -Add missing localization

    -Comment uneeded code out of BlockTFPlant updateTick

    -Remove updateTick and tickRate from BlockTFFirefly

    -Make blank magic and maze maps only work in the Twilight Forest

    -Replace tabs with four spaces

    -Comment out unneeded code from BlockTFPortal

    -Add more missing localization

    -Further optimize TFGenerator surroundedByAir, hasAirAround, and nearSolid checks

    -Clean up some log code

    -Limit placements from TF misc biome decorator to between 20 and 75 height

    -Remove minimum placement limit from TF misc biome decorator, it is not needed

    Universal Singularities

    -[Suggest]Fine tune the number of singularities for automation #5567

    -update gradle

    Witching Gadget

    -Update TileEntitySpinningWheel.java

    -it is now possible for spinwheel automation.

    -Before this commit I can't get the output slot of spinwheel other than by hand.

  • Config changes:

    Better Questing

    -Update readme with better information on how to do quests.

    Core Mod

    -add all solar pannels to blacklist of the worldaccelerator

    Ender IO

    -Free platinum from nickel ore #5433

    -update ender io recipes and config files

    -add recipes to enderIo by Zoko

    -add value for new armor

    -add Gdiode to Endsteel Armor

    -add Melodic Capacitor to Dimensional Transceiver

    -fix Grindball info

    -add dark steel rod recipe

    Ender Zoo

    -Update Enderzoo Dire Wolf config per #5485


    -Update railcraft settings from Gt++ #5481

    -update gt++ config

    Holo Inventory

    -HoloInventory: Added Nuclear Info Panel & Advance Panel to Blacklist

    -Just to prevent this from happening lol:

    Infernal Mobs

    -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.

    -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.

    -Make jolt blazes have 50% more health since they got a little easier.

    Special Mobs

    -update special mobs cfg

    -Makes all blazes Special Blazes, so that snowball damage works when they are infernal.

    -Vanilla spawn ratio set to 20 so that special blazes are rarer.

    Storage Drawers

    -update(config): storagedrawer

    -Adapt to new custom version of StorageDrawers

    Script changes:


    -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod


    -fix #5517 Conflicting recipes for leather and gold dust change recipe from shape.


    -Quest #810 doesn't accept rocket with storage #5533


    -"Sharpness: Over... 5..." quest issue. #5384


    -Add a use for HEE Sphalerite #5426

    Storage Drawers

    -obsolete now. Thanks to leagris modified version of Storage Drawers

    Thaumic Tinker

    -Fixed wrong recipe of Ichorium Ingot in Thaumonomicon

    Tinkers Construct

    -feat(tconstruct): move chiselling decorations to chisel2 mod


    -some witchery books recipes are a little expensive #5436

    -Earmuffs have no recipe #5484

    -request to change the new witchery quartz crystal recipe #5369

    Many Mod

    -feat(ordict): add all wooden fences to fenceWood

    -Forestry mod already provides the fenceWood oredictionary name.

    -Adds all other wooden fences to <ore:fenceWood>

    -Use the oredict in recipes to reduce the number of same output recipes

    -Recipes updated to the <ore:fenceWood>:

    -Carpenter's Barrier (Carpenter's Blocks)

    -Builder's Backpack (Forestry)

    -Piston (Minecraft)

    -Bed (Minecraft)

    -Firework Display (Steve's Carts 2)

    -Stencil Table (Tinkers' Construct)

    -remove(oredict): fenceWood registration offloaded to coremod

    -Returned back old research keys for rods and wands to fix the issue that NEI can't show some wand recipes.

    -Removed en-localizations that duplicates standard ones (tested)

    Quests changes:

    -Quest #1243 - Pitchblende only accepts "Mars" Pitchblende #5439

    -Energetic Alloy quest #5438

    -Cannot complete oredrill quest due to nbt on second task #5434

    -HEE quests require you to collect large amounts of useless stuff #5428

    -Flower Power quest change suggestion #5424

    -Medium Fuel Canister Quest not detecting #5422

    -tier 5 rocket stuffing quests #5442

    -Fresh Soft Mallet not recognized in retrieval task #5418

    -Quest 839 not recognized (NBT issue) #5417

    -#5456 Added Drawer Controller quest

    -#5471 Added Rare Earths quest

    -#5476 Added Bedrock Dim quest

    -#5478 Added LM quest, and LM hint quest

    -#5479 Added Deep Dark Quest

    -Not sold on the name of the quest though, The Deepest Darkness or Just How Dark? could also be used for example

    -The quest rewards are a joke, if anything is added to the UV lootbag, remove it from the rewards for this quest. Currently it gives a diamond.

    -Has LM quest as a Req to show up, so keep that in mind when testing

    -I'm not sure what the real reqs are though. Infinity catalyst + UV Tier? There's no quests for those either.

    -#5483 Added text to quest

    -Also fixed incorrect text in the names of the valid materials for the CP

    -Added what the machine casing are to prevent confusion (the thing you make hulls out of)

    -#5487 Added Void Upgrade quest

    -#5341 Added Quest that points at witchery for biome changing on FFC and be(e) tab (and explains other options)

    -Added ghetto biome changinq quest on be(e) tab

    -Added mention of NC to tropical bee quest, not gonna find all the appropriate biomes to list though

    -#5341 Added biome changing questline for witchery

    -fixing a few Quests have to be hidden untill triggered

    -fixing DE Questline use Ichorium

    -move Deep Dark Quest to Magic Adept tab

    -Gallium Arsenide quest wrong info #5549

    -Tantalum quest #1835 not oredicted #5544

    -adding Nether Quest

    -advanced fermenter for Fermented Biomass (MV) quest isn't detected #5551

    -I can’t complete quest # 908 #5543

    -Quest #1404 Electric Pump(MV) cannot be recognized. #5541

    -Retrieval Quest Detection: Quest #169 #5448

    -plunger 2.0 The Hand Pump - quest wrong #5170

    -#5576 Completely hide old familiar quest

    -#5576 Delete the old familiar quest because dream said to

  • Version --- 10.03.2020

    New Mods:

    Hodgepodge 1.3.0

    Sponge Mixins 1.1.0

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH

    -Appliedenergistics rv3.beta-23

    -Bartworks 0.5.12

    -Binnie Mods 2.0.27-GTNH

    -Blood Arsenal 1.2-10

    -Core Mod 1.6.33

    -Ender Zoo


    -Galactic Greg 1.0.3

    -GT PlusPlus

    -Infernal Mobs 1.7.0-GTNH

    -In Game Info XML


    -Magicbees 2.5.2

    -Mine and Blade Battlegear

    -Not Enough Items 2.0.1-GTNH

    -Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs 1.1.0

    -Open Blocks 1.6.1

    -Open Mods Lib 0.10.1

    -Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1

    -Storage Drawers 1.11.4-gtnh

    -TConstruct 1.8.9-GTNH.build15

    -Tec Tech 3.7.4

    -Warp Theory 1.0.1-GTNH

    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.11-GTNH

    Mod Changes:


    -Fixed a bug where an NPE occurred during death from a fall with the copter turned on

    -and in the presence of the Open Blocks mod. Dummy fix, just preventing NPE - refactor needed.


    -Added processing pattern terminal with 16 input slots

    -fixed crafting CPU to work with large (processing) recipes

    -Tooltip name

    -Added ability to "upgrade" AE interface


    -Fixes #50 #51 #52

    -fixes a bug where old recipes were still chosen due to missing buffer update

    -Fixed Materials

    -Fixed some GTNH small ores not having weight

    -fixed tooltip on Platinum Metallic Powder

    -Fixed NEI Handler for small ores

    -useage of fastfloor/ceil

    -Loading plugin reorder

    Binnies Mod

    -fix(fences): connection to logic

    -Fix ExtraTrees fences to connect correctly to other wooden fences and fence gates.

    Blood Arsenal

    -Fixed three-times death after applying Soul Burn effect with 0 LP in Network.

    -Fixed crash when taking Soul Burn effect on multiplayer server

    -TileLifeInfuser: Improved readability, because I hate such style

    -TileLifeInfuser: fixed changing meta in items with subtypes


    -Update GT_Loader_Machines.java

    -Chang endsteel and darksteel

    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639

    -remove europium from LuV lapotronic orbs #5645

    -Archmage Blood Orb still uses Chrome Screws #5573

    -Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704

    -Tanned Leather not craftable in the Chemical Dehydrator #5697

    Ender Zoo

    -Drop debug log message when howling


    -Fix NPE

    Galactic Greg

    -Update to Java 8

    -Fixed Crash with BWOres


    -Gradlewrapper to 4.4.1

    -Return default texture in case of NPE isntead of crashing

    -Update ItemComb.java

    -EnergeticAlloy Combs now produce correctly, not vibrant alloy.

    -No way to turn amethyst dust into amethyst. #5596

    -Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631

    -OP command to toggle debug flags

    -tab completion improved

    -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players.

    -Provide owner's UUID to forge event bus for fake players. Second PR cuz line endings fixed.

    -Centrifuging Rubber Wood only outputs Methane Gas #5243

    -Add separate debug variables for pumps and miners

    -Add new debug switches to command list.

    -Undo bounding box size increase, for now. After testing might increase.

    -Basalt GT covers #5683

    -LCR recipe for Diesel/Fuel is more expensive EU-wise compared to the Mixer #5679

    -Hydrogen sulfide in the LCR has a conflicting recipe #5677

    -Question: Phobos bee flower type #5674

    -add localizer for bee effects

    -changing a bit bees allele

    -Pyrolyse oven won't form with certain coils #5663

    Infernal Mobs

    -Make various aspects of mob modifiers configurable

    -Fix wrong sound effects being played

    -Fix Infernal Modifiers getting lost from mobs when reentering world

    -Happens in singleplayer when leaving and immediately reentering a world.

    -There seems to be a mechanism already present, but it is ineffective.

    -Make modifier strings case insensitive

    -Don't adjust base max health when setting actual health

    -Before, adjusting health through setEntityHealthPastMax() would use the

    -new health amount as max health, which lead to the healthbar being

    -rendered incorrectly.

    -This fixes problems with MM_1UP, MM_Lifesteal, and MM_Regen

    -Fix targetting mechanic effecting neutrals

    -When applicable, use built-in targetting mechanics. This fixes certain

    -modifiers firing even though opponent it neutral.

    -Fixes MM_Blastoff, MM_Choke, MM_Cloaking, MM_Quicksand, MM_Storm, and MM_Webber.

    -Move remaining modifiers to fixed targetting mechanic

    -Fixes MM_Ghastly, MM_Alchemist

    -Also updates targetting mechanic to ignore creative players

    -Make Quicksand duration continuous

    -Make Webber ignore creative players

    -Rework cloaking modifier duration

    -Make certain modifiers ignore creative players

    -Effects MM_Blastoff, MM_Gravity, and MM_Sticky.

    -Add command to spawn Infernal with a random number of modifiers

    -Add configuration options for minimum and maximum number of modifiers per Infernal class

    -Make certain modifiers no longer apply when hurt using ranged attacks

    -Backport choke modifier render fix from 1.7.6

    -Drop maxOneShotDamage config option

    -This option was too coarse grained. Instead, replace it with max damage

    -options and reflect damage multipliers for earch modifier itself.

    -This applies to Vengeance, Ninja, Ender, and Berserk.

    -Replace System.* with FMLLog.log()

    -Use centrally defined mod version

    -Inspired by https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/AdventureBackpack2

    In Game Info XML

    -optimized things

    -scale value changed to INT


    -one more TFFT cell, fixed press/alloying recipes, improved fuel cells

    -Fixed Item Server structure check. Wrote better doc for the MIH

    -Improved TE IS IO port code but it's still not working

    -added maintenance hatch to tfft tooltip

    -tfft scanner data should now correctly show power usage during maintenance issues

    -removed WIP things for v0.2.3 bug fix release


    -More Thaumcraft compat

    -Fixed only some hives having aspects assigned

    -Removed the [MB] tag from research. This hasn't been needed since TC3, when addons didn't have their own tabs

    -Added Void metal scoop and grafter for the eldritch-inclined apiarists

    -Added uncommon rarity to Thaumium scoop/grafter for consistant tool look

  • Mine and Blade Battlegear

    -Overloaded Armor Bar backported to 1.7.10!!

    -The vanilla armor bar doesn't accurately show "better than diamond" level armor,

    -as it simply maxes out when its full.

    -This mod allows armor values over 20 to be displayed as

    -different colored (configurable) icons depending on how many times you fill the bar.

    -However, without AttributeFix, the armor display will cap out at 30 Armor,

    -or 1.5x diamond armor due to the vanilla armor cap.

    -ToroHealth Damage Indicators backported to 1.7.10!!

    -With ToroHealth Damage Indicators, damage given, received,

    -or mitigated will be displayed as a number that pops off of the entity.

    -New arrows

    -Ice Packed arrow, effective against fire immune creatures.

    -Holy Torch arrow, it helps you face the darkness

    -New Bows

    -Iron and Diamond bow, that have a cool arrow render and more durability.

    -Separate key category

    -GUI clean up-->:

    -Mod updater "Mud" removed.

    -Now the Battlegear slots are shown when you are in the dual wielding mode.

    -New config options-->:

    -(overloaded armor bar options:)

    Not Enough Items

    -Adjust cheat button alignment with bookmark previous button

    -promote to non beta

    -Handle NPE from GC

    -Whoops, it's ArithmeticException not NPE

    Special Mobs

    -First working commit of Lava Monsters incorporated into Special Mobs

    -Adjust spawning algorithm. Adjust for better defaults.

    -Remove trolling BS.

    -Fix spawn egg issues.

    -Add START_FIRES option

    -Added some nicer loot options on superRare drops.

    -Fix model/texture issues

    -Basic drop now prefers coal, then firecharges, then lava buckets.

    -Added new "healing when in lava" abilitiy.

    -Adjusted attack to be a little faster.

    -Added back in decreasing age in bright areas - otherwise they despawn too soon.

    -Basic Loot option added.

    -Upped damage from snowballs to 1/3 of the entity health.

    -Fixed healing so they properly heal 1/4 of their damage when in lava.

    -Default health increased to 24.

    -Ember modified to do 2 hearts of direct damage using normal mechanism so that graves spawn.

    -New fun damage source with death chat provided.

    -Redo how Pain works.

    -Add custom damage for blazes on named blaze Conflagration from snowballs and Frost Wand Focus.

    -Move class detection function into Properties file. Add support for Twilight Forest ice sword and ice bow.

    -Add strong/weak attack tweaks to vampire pigman, conflagration, unholy ghast

    -Stick now effective against vampire pigman

    -Implemented first pass of snarky/super effective messages

    -Add localized chat messages per mob.

    -Update required Java version for proper static interface support.

    -Handle mod classes not present.

    -Use client side checks for server play.

    -Check against null in case player is not holding anything and attacks like a moron

    -Add snark for empty handed attacks

    -Reduce the number of chances for a jolt teleport

    -Change name is something a little less stupid

    -Skip obvious damage sources not from the player.

    -Block chats being sent to FakePlayers

    -Block chats sent from dispensers etc in mobfarms.

    -Jolts only teleport now when hit by a projectile.

    -When hit, they take 1/5th the damage from projectiles.

    -This has no minimum, so if you have a weak arrow, it takes 0 damage just like before.

    -Melee does not teleport the Jolt, but it does still cause a lightning strike.

    -Remove unneeded classes

    Not EnoughThaumcraft Tabs

    -Initially import decompiled NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs sources

    -This was decompiled using fernflower. No modification to the mod logic

    -was done other then the decompilation and the automatic version

    -replacement in the code.

    -Reformat code to remove cruft from decompilation

    -Add type parameters in core mod

    -The GuiResearchBrowser requires some more work to add type parameters.

    -Remove offending log message

    -This used to fill the client log when the player opened the Thaumonomicon.

    -Add missing type parameters for generic Types

    -Basic refactoring part 1 and 2

    -Initial refactoring. Everything except genResearchBackground().

    Spice Of Life 2.0.0-carrot-beta-1

    -Update License (LGPL) for GTNH additions, including any inspiration taken from SoL Carrot Edition

    -Reformat Code

    -Run Idea code inspections and address some of them

    -WIP Carrot Edition

    -Add tooltip handler

    -Add FoodSet

    -Add Sync of full history

    -Wire up MaxHealthHandler

    -Add FoodList (List of all Foods)

    -Remove unused config options

    -FoodList command

    -Remove onPlayerLogin event handler from MaxHealthHandler since it's handled by syncFoodList anyway

    -FoodBook now shows all food history, and currently shows a tooltip for recently eaten ones

    Storage Drawers

    -fix(recipe): upgrade template workbench recipe

    -Re-add a workbench recipe for the upgrade template.

    -Address issue #5622

    -errata(recipe): upgrade template

    -Condition the upgrade template's workbench recipe registration,

    -to its config enablement.

    -fix(recipes): tierred upgrade

    Tec Tech

    -Optical Connector Fix

    -Quick issue patch for Kiwi233

    -Fixes Optical master connector and Optical slave connector having GUIs on right click


    -Show casting progress for casting basins & tables


    -Further speed up parts of the TF event listener

    -New items for the Adherent and Harbinger Cube mobs to drop.

    Warp Theory

    -Attempt to add new item that removes 1 warp

    -Fix the stuff I didn't know I needed so it builds

    -Fix name and texture

    -Change new item's color. Make using it semi-random. Adjust text to say so.

    -subclass instead of copy

    -static random

    -Changed Tear and talisman textures

    -I always thought the texture didn't correspond to a "tear"

    -so I made another (imho better looking) texture that is a derivative of a ghast tear (It also glows, yay).

    -The amulet colors were remade to match that change.

    -A few rendering changes had to be done to render the tear nicely in hand.

    -Thanks to TechnicianLP for that.

    Witching Gadget

    -Added libraries to properly build and test mod

    -Infernal Blast Furnace: fixed lack of processing of boosted low-time recipes

    Config changes:


    -Sacrificial dagger triggers anger mod explosions. #5714

    Apple Core

    -Add apple core config

    Better Questing

    -add midnight ressource file to BQ

    Blood Magic

    -Add Sky Stone to Mark of the Falling Tower ritual from blood magic #4794


    -Update GregTech.cfg


    -add hodgepodge cfg

    Holo Inventory

    -Set default holoinventory keymode to 1 #5613

    Infernal Mobs

    -add new config values to infernal mobs

    Ingame Info

    -fix infoxml to workd with new version

    Server dat

    -Add Russian server #5611

    -New fresh Russian server: Zvezdolet #5650

    Script changes:


    -add new recipes to Processing Terminal and Pattern Capacity Card


    -Fix recipe of Fancy Gold Lamp

    Blood Magic

    -BM Weak Activation Crystal can't be made at the tier it should be #5685

    Carpenters Blocks

    -Incorrect time usage with Lubricant


    -change chisel recipes of Upgrades to LV

    -Add reversions Upgrade recipe

    -feat(chisel): mushroom blocks variations

    -Address issue [Mushroom Block With Chisel Support #5701

    Enhanced Lootbags

    -EV tier lootbag can't be enchanted with fortune III #5661

    Extra Utilities

    -etheric sword uncraftable with stable ingot #5666


    -Frames show now always they values


    -Raw Walleye cannot be processed into mince meat #5667

    Magic Bees

    -update Magic Bees file with new void items

    Project Red

    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639


    -Cannot get High speed booster track in Assembler #5631

    -adjust recipes times and eu/t

    -removed unused tracks


    -Move to WarpWarning to BasicTab

    -update position warp warning

    Tinkers Construct

    -Add Seared Brick Block in Forge Hammer > Seared Bricks? #5704

    Warp Theory

    -#5643 As noted on the issue page, I'm not sure this should be the final recipe

    -fix impure Tier names


    -fix(ztones): myst block recipe

    -Add any mushroom block as ingredient

    Many Mods

    -Apiarist Database #5668

    Quests changes:

    -#5602 Dimension and range values were mixed up

    -Fix typo in Redstone quest

    -Schematic quest tier2 rocket small typo EV => HV #5615

    -Quest 2110 world accelerator NBT issue #5612

    -Passive Chunklaoding quest not work #5616

    -Little Helpers quest issue #5600

    -Questbook singularity triger dont work #5595

    -Bucket Duping #5591

    -Translation update to

    -Quest Forming Press v0.1 #5634

    -start with ore exchange Quests in coins coins coins tab

    -Quest "High Pressure Boiler Tank" can't be completed #5652

    -A couple of notes after completing steam age #5649

    -quest #721 "Unknown seeds no more" can't be completed #5647

    -Cyprium doesn't accept copper ore as soil. #5633

    -Quest 205 detect & amt item #5628

    -Quest 1754 - Computer Case not detecting MV Transformer #5625

    -Item pipes placed after updating world cannot be broken with wrench #5482

    -Woah Rad Graphics not detecting Monitor Cover #5624

    -Enchantment table #5586

    -Soul bee quest broke #5575

    -#3987 Adjusted text/quest req for PE quests

    -#3989 Adjusted text for HDP to 37

    -#4852 Adjusted amount of glass needed

    -#4957 Adjusted amount of chloroform needed

    -#5394 Adjusted text to add the name of the block and how to use it

    -#5235 Added text to explain to use a tank to fill larger cells to aluminium cell quest

    -#5360 Adjusted text/quest req to reflect platinum changes

    -#5386 Turned on ignoreNBT for Centrifuge quest.

    -I thought GT items were supposed to be in their own retrieval tasks according to the readme guide?

    -It's already on in the Carpenter one, so I don't know what's up with that

    -#5396 Turned ignoreNBT off

    -#5413 Turn on ignoreNBT

    -#5451 Turned ignoreNBT on

    -#5452 Turned on ignoreNBT for second mentioned quest.

    -Is there a separate ticket somewhere? Main issue not resolved yet though

    -#5462 Turned on ignoreNBT again

    -#5473 Added suggested text

    -#5569 Turned ignoreNBT on

    -#5568 Added oxygen to req to make it clearer you should use it. Changed 30 to 31, since you make that many

    -#5680 Change prereq to HV pump, since you'll have the EBF and alloy smelter by then anyways

    -#5688 Turned ignoreNBT on, becuase golem tags are trash

    -BQ quest "Automated evolution" (#391) not consume item #5688

    -Fixed quest typo and readme typos

    -quest 1780: find => found

    -quest 1834: rwg => RWG | it's an acronym (tho "rwg" might have been intended)

    -Readme: Corrected some typos, also checked with grammarly for the commas

    -update fuel values for light and heavy fuel

  • Version ---14.03.2020

    Mod Upgrade:


    -CoreMod 1.6.34

    -Ender IO

    -Extra Cells 2.4.2cNIGHTLY


    -GTNH TC Wands 1.2.1

    -Hodgepodge 1.4.0

    -Holoinventory 2.0.0-beta2-GTNH

    -Mine and Blade Battlegear

    -Special Mobs 3.3.5

    -SpongeM ixins 1.1.0


    -Thaumcraft NEI Additions


    Mod Changes:


    -Updated gradle to 4.4.1

    -Removed Mek, RotaryCraft and ColoredLights dependencies

    -moved InventoryTweaks and MFR dependencies to libs

    -build mod against java 1.6

    -Moved the cache up a level, so that pattern terminal also would use it.


    -[BartWorks] Electric Implosion Compressor recipe missing: Pile of Neutrons #5566

    Ender IO

    -Fixed Armor & new Conduit texture

    -Fixed Armor again

    Extra Cells

    -build against ae3 build 24


    -add a option to separate PA input busses

    -added the sugestions

    -move getBaseMetaTileEntity actualy outside the loop

    GTNH TC Wands

    -Partly fixed https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/issues/5218 (first and second paragraph)

    -Removed custom researches due to changes in commit 56f20f4 https://github.com/GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/pull/5561


    -add holo glasses

    -added the texture & recipe

    -maybe fix the textures

    -Holo Glasses textures v2 & change the mod name

    -Remove Key Manager

    -Remove Holo Glasses recipe

    Mine and Blade Battlegear

    -Absorption health solved

    Special Mobs

    -Add support for Frost damage source from Battlegear2.


    -build against ae2 version 23

    Thaumcraft NEI Additions

    -Removed shading


    -Further speed up parts of the TF event listener

    -New items for the Adherent and Harbinger Cube mobs to drop.

    Config changes:


    -Update GTplusplus.cfg (#5735)

    -Disables the ++ RF converter

    Holo Inventory

    -Update HoloInventory.cfg

    -Add bibliocraft clipboard to HoloInventory blacklist. #5746

    Script changes:


    -[BartWorks] Electric Implosion Compressor recipe missing: Pile of Neutrons #5566

    Holo Inventory

    -Add Holo Glasses recipes

    -add Tooltip for Holo Glasses


    -Add recipe: Bio Organic Mesh to Raw Carbon Mesh #5741

    Thaumic Exploration


    -nerf for the everburn urn that was discused #5739

    Quests changes:

    -add holo Glasses as reward to Bronze Steam Boiler

    -Diesel quest gives LV lootbag #5742

  • Version 22.03.2020

    New Mods

    -Overloadedarmorbar 1.0.0-beta5
    -Torohealth 1.0.0-beta3

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH
    -Bartworks 0.5.13_pre2
    -Binnie Mods 2.0.28-GTNH
    -CoreMod 1.6.34
    -Holoinventory 2.1.3-beta-GTNH
    -Infernal Mobs 1.7.1-GTNH
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear2
    -Natura 2.3.0-dev
    -SpiceOfLife 2.0.0 carrot-beta-3
    -Sponge Mixins 1.2.0
    -Waila Harvestability 1.1.7-GTNH

    Mod Changes:

    -Fixed NPE in wearable packet
    -Some forgotten ancient fixes

    -Added ability to encode (4 inputs -> 16 outputs) recipes
    -Made a calculation more clear

    -Added VoidMinerWIP
    -Continue work on VoidMiner
    -Added a function to BWOreLayers
    -Made the voidminer actually WORK somewhat
    -added recipes
    -made the void miner consume noble gasses to boost output
    -refactored code by quite a lot
    -added newest GT
    -Added GalacticGreg lib
    -added localisation of achivements
    -Several fixes
    -Fixed BioVat
    -Added some Debug Commands
    -Changed Void Miner logic
    -removed Experimental ThreadedLoader
    -moved LoaderCalls into LoaderReference
    -moved FMLCommonHandler.instance().get(Effective)Side() into SideReference
    -made radio hatch compat call static
    -Made More Stuff static
    -improved flow control
    -Added more Block-Recipes

    Binnie Mods
    -Fix fences and gates showing up wrong in WAILA

    -Forget to change. Now we on
    -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639
    -IC2 Charging Packs #5791

    -BartWorks support for apiculture requirements (#4)

    -add generate plates for marble and basalt
    -Now Basalt and Marbel Covers work
    -Refactored GT
    -Made ObjectCast explicit
    -adjusted Lava recipe to be more realistic
    -Add cover information on the machine item tooltip. (#252)
    -updated AE2 dependency to use rv3 API
    -IC2 Charging Packs #5791

    -trying to move it to the tinkers mask slot #1
    -Added Holo Glasses
    -Added model, changed name, cleanup Code
    -readded Key Manager, added Glasses Conig, made Config static
    -Disable Glasses requirement Config
    -add tooltip, separate key category and more
    -Update Config.java

    Infernal Mobs
    -Fix crash when attack target is an unexpected class
    -Update zh_CN.lang

    -extended scale value values

    Mine and Blade Battlegear2
    -remove overlodadedarmorbar and torohealth
    -add always show slots to gui config

    -Fix and optimize large glowshroom rendering
    -Optimize berry bush rendering and add CoFHTweaks/Optifine fast leaves support
    -Only use one creative tab
    -Sync glowshroom bonemeal growth to clients and replace fire during world gen
    -Fix isFireSource in Tainted Soil
    -Give items with the correct metadata when making Fence Gates, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Stairs, and Trapdoors using wood with metatdata 1 or above
    -Fix Workbenches and bookshelves not being solid blocks.
    -New config options, bugfixes, and a lot of cleanup
    -Make crops break when farmland is trampled

    -Better item equality testing.
    -Fixes #7
    -Play levelup sound on new milestone.
    -Actually spawn particles!

    Sponge Mixins
    -Switch to CorePlugin and register so that we load very early
    -Updated SpongeMixins Mod Version

    Waila Harvestability
    -Fix wrong effective tool on GT things such as cables
    -Update gradle and version

    Config changes:

    Anger Mod
    -GT Butcher Knife doesn't work on chickens #5759

    Core Mod
    -change core mod version

    -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773

    -Update HoloInventory Config

    Ingame Info XML
    -Update InGameInfoXML.cfg

    Meine and Blade
    -Update battlegear2.cfg

    Script changes:

    -change Pattern Capacity Card

    -Uncraftable Quantumsuit Boots of the Traveller #5792

    -Firestone plate uncraftable #5391

    Tinkers Contruct
    -Tinkers smeltery not accepting GT aluminium ingots #5784

    -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773

    -Update Ztones.zs mini charcoal and coal recipe

    Quests changes:

    -Translation update to
    -Gardener quest stone age #5771
    -Task ID: 798 The second project ID is incorrect #5769
    -Quest 1526 'Best crossbow?' gives MV lootbag #5774
    -Quest 2071 Panning for gold is for chumps - NBT issue #5762
    -Quest 'Time to ore drill!' needs changes. #5755

  • Version 12.06.2020

    -The update to QF4 breaks AE2 autocrafting patterns using GT components.
    Re-craft the component and remove & replace them in any patterns that are affected.

    New Mods:

    -Better Loading Screen 1.3.23-GTNH
    -Bug Torch 1.0.2
    -Itlt 1.0.2

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h14-GTNH
    -Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-31
    -Architecture Craft 1.7.4-GTNH
    -Avaritia 1.18
    -Better Questing 3.0.334-GTNH
    -Binnie Mods
    -Biomes O Plenty 2.1.1-GTNH
    -Blood Arsenal 1.2.1-11
    -Blood Magic 1.3.3-30
    -Chisel 2.9.8-GTNH
    -CoreMod 1.6.46
    -Craft Tweaker 3.1.0-legacy
    -Draconic Evolution 1.0.2q
    -Electro Magic Tools
    -Ender IO beta
    -Ender Zoo
    -Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.3
    -Extra Cells 2.4.3b3
    -Galacticraft 3.0.15-GTNH-full
    -GT PlusPlus
    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.7
    -Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.6a
    -Hodgepodge 1.4.2
    -Holoinventory 2.1.4-beta-GTNH
    -IC2 Crop Plugin Version 1.3.1
    -IFU 1.7
    -Iguana Tinker Tweaks
    -InGame Info XML
    -Irontanks 1.1.19
    -Jabba 1.2.6
    -Kekztech 0.4.6
    -Magicbees 2.5.3-GTNH
    -Micdoodle Core 3.0.13-GTNH
    -Mine and Blade Battlegear
    -Natura 2.3.2-dev
    -Nodal Mechanics 1.1-2-GTNH
    -Not Enough Items 2.0.4-GTNH
    -Open Blocks 1.6.2
    -Open Computers
    -Overloaded Armorbar 1.0.0
    -Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.1-GTNH
    -Remote IO 2.4.2
    -Roguelike 1.5.1
    -SGCraft 1.13.7-GTNH
    -Special Mobs 3.3.6
    -Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-5
    -Standard Expansion 3.0.182-GTNH
    -Steves Addons 0.10.17
    -Steves Carts 2.0.0.b19
    -Steves Factory Manager A96-GTNH
    -Storage Drawers 1.11.5-gtnh
    -TecTech 3.8.3
    -Thaumcraft NEI Additions
    -Thaumic Based 1.4.22-0
    -Thaumic Exploration 1.1.74-0
    -Thaumic Horizons
    -Torohealth 1.0.0
    -WAILA Plugins
    -Warp Theory 1.0.3-GTNH
    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.12-GTNH
    -Universal Singularities 8.6.1

    Complete Changelog:


  • Version 23.12.2020


    -After the update the "one Ring" will give you over time a lot of perm warp. Better not wear this ring for a longer time in the future.

    New Mods:

    -Forgelin 1.8.4-GTNH

    -Modmixins 0.0.3

    -Witchery Extras 1.0.1.jar

    Removed Mods:

    -Aquacreeper 1.0.1

    Mod Upgrade:

    -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h15-GTNH


    -Appliedenergistics2 rv3-beta-35

    -Bartworks 0.5.14

    -Better Questing 3.0.337-GTNH

    -Binnie Mods

    -BOP 2.1.2-GTNH

    -Blood Magic 1.3.3-43

    -Carpenter's Blocks


    -CoreMod 1.7.00

    -Craft Tweaker 3.2.2-GTNH

    -Electro Magic Tools

    -Ender IO beta

    -Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.4

    -Eternal Singularity-1.0.4b

    -Extra Cells 2.4.6b9



    -Galacticraft 3.0.22-GTNH-full



    -GT Scanner Mod 1.5.9

    -Hardcore Ender Expansion 1.8.7

    -Holoinventory 2.1.5-beta-GTNH

    -Iguana Tinker Tweaks

    -Infernal Mobs-1.7.2-GTNH

    -Irontanks 1.2.0

    -Jabba 1.2.7

    -Kekztech 0.5.2

    -Magicbees 2.5.5-GTNH

    -Natura 2.4.1-dev

    -Nodal Mechanics 1.1-4-GTNH

    -Not Enough Items 2.0.6-GTNH

    -Open Blocks 1.6.3

    -Open Computers

    -Open Glasses-1.1-GTNH

    -Open Modular Turrets-2.2.11-245

    -Pam's Harvestcraft Lb-1.0.2-GTNH


    -SGCraft 1.13.8-GTNH

    -Special Mobs 3.3.7

    -Spice Of Life 2.0.0 carrot-beta-6

    -Standard Expansion 3.0.183-GTNH

    -Steves Factory Manager A97-GTNH

    -Tinkers Construct-

    -TecTech 4.10.0

    -Thaumic Based 1.4.23-0


    -Thaumic Exploration 1.1.75-0

    -Thaumic Horizons

    -Travellers Gear-1.16.7


    -Universal Singularities-8.6.2

    -WAILA Plugins

    -Warp Theory 1.1.0-GTNH

    -Wireless Crafting Terminal-

    -Witching Gadgets 1.2.13

    Complete Changelog: