Gregtech Power system questions (How to best avoid wire fires and explosions)

  • Before anyone links it, yes I have read this guide:…1HbxOM87Sh1OO2Fou6zM/edit

    Very frustrated because I feel like I am doing everything right according to what I have read. X(

    During my last base explosion (3rd times the charm right? NO). My setup was one bronze multiblock boiler leading into 3 LV steam turbines with about 3 pieces of 4X tin cable to a 4 slot battery buffer. I had a few macerators, a lathe, cobble gen, hammers, and furnaces running off of this battery buffer. I figured it would be ok because these machines might request more than 4 amps but the 4X LV buffer can only put out 4 amps maxed out on batteries so no wire fires. And yet it still happened, again.

    From what I understand all gregtech 5 unofficial generators are SUPPOSE TO only put out 1 amp, although I have read somewhere else that it is possible for it to put out more if their power buffer builds 2 amps per generator in that case?? I've also heard that sometimes you get stray packets on a cable on earth are we suppose to account for that?? Just use 12X cable for absolutely everything? Im considering just doubling cable on expected amps for 8x cable hooked up to 3 LV turbines for example. Is this what I have to do? Really if this is honestly the case it should be changed. I have no problem with complexity but weird stuff like this causing explosions isn't fair if it isn't documented well in the mod. If I read on the tooltip that something can only put out 1amp it should put out 1amp PERIOD. Not 2 or 3 amps sometimes when it feels like it. How am I suppose to know how many of these 'stray packets' are floating around on my cables waiting to cause fires?

    And yet, I have a slightly similar setup for making charcoal out of wood that I have had absolutely no problems or explosions with.

    (2X (1 multiblock bronze boiler> 3LV turbines> 4X tin cable> 4X buffer>(2X (1X buffer > 7 LV furnace)))

    The only other thing I can think of really is that maybe the wood in my base caused the fire...but my charcoal setup is surrounded by wood too so id think that would blow up too if that was the case. Right now everything just seems completely random.

    Can steam pipes explode now or something??

    Also everything is covered, I do have a roof over everything.

  • This: might help.

    But I would have to see how you make your wiring setup before saying anything is wrong.

    Just a by the by, a multiblock bronze boiler outputs 800 mb/t of steam, which is enough for ~7 LV steam turbines.

  • Yeah id love to show you, if I had pics of before my base blew up for like the 4th time. Can you confirm or deny that turbines are capable of putting out more than one amp if their power buffer fills up? Know anything about stray packets on cables? What about wood, does gregtech detect wood and set it on fire if cables are running near it? The guides I've seen don't go into detail on this.

    Funny enough, im trying to replicate my build in a creative world...and everything is working perfectly! UGH...try the same thing in survival and im sure it will all blow up knowing my luck

  • Well, there are things that will cause fire on wood, but I don't exactly remember what. I know its not cables for sure, well, unless you overamperage it somehow.

    No, generators will always output 1A regardless.

  • If that is really the case then my setup shouldn't have exploded. 4LV battery buffer feeding into 4lv tin cable should be perfectly fine no matter how many machines are running...this is the main reason I think there were extra packets bouncing around somehow. Plus the 3 turbines were feeding into 4X tin cable and that should be fine too.

  • The wiring is okay, no fires and no explosions should have happened because of it.

    So, how did you build your roof above your machines?

    Because one block above it is not enough. It has to be a + shape (blocking rain from all sides)

  • I haven't had any trouble with cable fires/explosions when using 4-amp cables between each battery buffer and my machines (the one place I'm using higher-amperage cables is for my electric blast furnace). However, so far I've avoided connecting multiple power outputs to the same stretch of cable, which might make a difference.

  • I get what your saying, although I don't know why it would matter if 4X buffer can only put out 4amps. Wires only set on fire if they get more amps than they can handle, so 4x buffer and 4x cable SHOULD be fine. That's the frustration, I feel like im getting different info from different sources...take this post for example on reddit:…_exploding_for_no_reason/

    "This is correct. When you use machines, they 'request' amps/volts from connected energy sources. A 1x tin cable supports 1 amp; when you have both machines hooked up, they fill their buffers at the same time which requests 2 amps.

    Amperage overload causes wire fires, and nearby fires can cause machines to explode. Other things that can cause explosions are rain, water, fire, or too high voltage.

    An exploding machine can cause other machines to explode as well, though. What happened to OP most likely is an amperage overload melting his wires which started fire. The fire burned the machines which caused a chain reaction of explosions.

    The steam turbine might PRODUCE 1 amp, but it fills its buffer and can output more than 1 amp."

    Also id prefer to generate all my power in one spot if possible.