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    Hi guys, has been a while!

    So, I have some doubts about circuits: I am using gregtech-5.09.32pre3.jar (the pre4 and pre5 crashes on loading my save) seems that I need a workstation circuit to create the HV circuit assembler, but the only recipe it does is the "mainframe".

    All other recipes that supposedly are HV, require 600 EU which HV doesn't reach;

    Am I wrong?

    Edit: Forget it, I was stupid, and downloaded the wrong file.
    I blame my dog, that distracted me.

    I tried to upgrade to Pre dev, but got an error:

    If anyone can help me, I'll be grateful.

    What I'm seeing is that good circuits (steam age recipe for MV circuits) requires gallium? Just curious, is gallium perhaps easier to obtain now?

    No, it's a pain in the a**.
    The only source before you can pulverize, is zinc ore, and I can't find any veins. And I already found 4 uranium, 4 beryllium, and 3 diamond veins attaching for it.

    The good news, is that after you have a MV assembling machine, and a MV laser engraver, the cost drops radically.
    I just wish it was easier before that.

    I think is the diode that use it, and handcrafting you gain one per gallium dust vs 16 using a MV assembler. I think the manual recipe could make 4 at least. Or use tiny dusts or a substitute.

    Wikipedia says that Galena was used initially because was cheap, if i am reading the right article. Could we have that option, too?

    Wow, thanks Blood, great work.
    (Even thought, seems you're making my life harder, I already hate making circuits as it is now)
    Good news is, after a week of sweat and blood, and getting bored reading manga while farming, I finally got my Oilberries (and two bonus Diareeds).
    Time to start mass production.
    Edit: Ok, I had a look on circuits, and I loved it!
    They are more complex now, but I feel that they require less annoying materials, and one recipe usually make more than one component. I hated having to use 3 steel ingots to make a good circuit, made no sense!
    The silicon change was great too, now I can use then more easily on AE2, as I can smelt then on the furnace.
    I just got a little sad, because the modular armor "too heavy" bug stills exists, I really want to use them...

    Anyway, thank you again, It was a great update!

    I breeding crops right now, and yes, be prepared to spend a lot of time breeding to get what you want.
    You can't just leave your crops and go do something else, unless you have a cropmatron and lots of weed-ex.
    I got a lot different plants breeding netherwart and reed (sugar cane).
    Until now I have a absurd amount of stickreeds, some ferru, olivia, pumbilia, scheelinium, tine, argentium, tearstalk...
    Just didn't got my oilberry yet...

    Anyone knows if ore plants still drop tiny dusts, or just the leaves? Otherwise, those ores plants will worth nothing to me...

    Yeah, I was looking at the Pyrolyse oven right now.
    I got the pumpkin part, It yields more, while using less space too, which means less logistics.
    (Water) Melons seems to yield a lot too, I would need only two to get a biochaff, but they require an extra step on the macerator when it drops a whole melon.
    For some reason, I don't have a problem with the Ic2 harvester. Maybe because there's no GT machine that does what it does, or because it stays out of my sight most of time. :D

    Edit: The Pyrolyse requires a Sh*t tons of iron, 8 stacks only on casings (assuming I make then on the assembler). I will have to use the IC2 canning machine for now (It is so cheap compared with GT machines, that I fell like cheating).

    Edit2: THe harvester thought, got expensive as hell. It's HV now, I didn't expected that.

    Well, there is anyone who plays Gregtech, without frivolous reasons? Also, congratz on your quartz, finally.

    On my energy topic, anyone tried crop -> Methane as fuel?
    I tried Centrifuging potatoes, and had a gain of about 1000 Eu per potato, using a lv Gas Turbine. It's slow, and I would need a big farm to do it, but it is possible to automatize (The harvester can run on 3 solar panels).
    Just don't know if a bigger setup would be viable...