Redpower like tubes opinion

  • Which mod to use ? 6

    1. Tubes ! - Pro : Pretty much what I need, simple, Con : Not really visually what I would have wanted for a RP2 like mod :/ (5) 83%
    2. Refined relocation - Pro : Compat with BC pipes, Con : Adds too much stuff that I just don't need (0) 0%
    3. Other ( please leave a comment on the mod you are thinking about ) (1) 17%

    Here is the story guys, for my modpack, I want a mod that adds RP2 like tubes, now the thing is I already have mekanism which adds similar tubes but I am not pleased on how they work and they aren't RP2 ish enough for me... Especially since the new update of Mekanism 8...

    Now here is for now 2 mods which adds RP2 ish tubes but I don't know which one to add in the pack, can you please leave you opinion on which one to use or even better suggest me a mod which adds these ^^

    Please note that I won't add Bluepower since I already have project Red ^^

  • Refined location has his pros and contras.... From what i can tell is that the sorting chests (in major amount (20 - 40)) can create server performance lag (that mean only sorting chest/barrels) appart from these is the mod really usefull because it does support covers from FMP and BC pipes at the same time which can be a big help... But then again BC pipes are not the really best once... Server Wise...
    ^^.. Tubes... No clue

  • Well, for now I am more opting for Tubes! because it's closer to RP2 tubes if you change some recipes and I can always modify the mod's assets to use my textures by default ^^

    But I am tempted by refined relocation BC compat, that's my problem ^^0''
    Also Vaygrim said Refined Relocation was made to reduce as much lag as possible, you sure Speiger ?

    Yeah, I am really hesitating...

    TL;DR if you aren't interested in my project

    Also some may say I mutilated Mekanism, but I modified it so much that it looks more like some kind of UE addon to IC2 that anything else now xD
    EVERYTHING, even powersystem ( now in EU and no RF interaction, you are going to need to use IC2 classic / techReborn upcoming converters ) has been changed, almost all machines are disabled, because they cause EMC loops, and are going to be hidden in NEI, all cables disabled, only things kept is ore gen, cool items with new crafts, and generators ( except gas burning and Fusion one, because TechReborn will add it's own ones, the other generators are modified in craft so it's like an upgrade to IC2 ones ).

    In TechReborn, only thing that is going to be tweaked are Centrifuge and Electrolyser recipes to remove EMC loops, so I am going to remove a lot of stuff ^^0''

  • For now gonna use Tubes!, but don't hesitate giving me something closer to RP2 tubes ;)
    Using tubes because I can modify the assets :)

  • My vote is "other". Project Red (and BluePower iirc) add tubes like RP does, and from what I know you can create a logistic pipe alike network with PR


    Java script, which happens to be the language in which minecraft is coded

  • Thermal Expansion 2 itemducts are pretty good for sinking the outputs of several machines into a single inventory - similar to buildcraft pipes, but much better.

    Applied Energistics basically turns items into energy, instantly transporting them to storage drives when coming into the network and capable of re-materializing items whenever and wherever they are needed. Inventories are connected to the network with export/import buses, storage buses, and interfaces. You can include the addon Extra Cells for fluid integration with any applied energistics network, so you can get water/lava/fuel wherever it is needed.

    LogisticsPipes is a useful Buildcraft addon great for automated factories and on-demand crafting; it gives very advanced control for extracting items, routing them to the right place, and putting them in the right inventories, most notable for the ability to route all items for several separate inventories through a single pipeline, without any items going to the wrong place or not reaching the destination. Applied Energistics was originally created as a mod to complement the functionality of logisticspipes networks, and both connect very well to achieve some amazing results.

    That's pretty much all there is, except for EnderIO (lets you put multiple pipes/conduits in the same block, but that can only be used practically if you have other mods with item/fluid/energy pipes to connect the stuff) and a few other mods which happen to add their own pipes/tubes/conduits for convenience when the user does not want to install other mods for that (like Mekanism)