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    Hi Greg, thanks for the explanation!

    The original idea was that in order to make better food, we'd need to find salt veins.

    But salt veins are unexpectedly rare on the server and food is slowly becoming annoying to make for everybody.

    We voted to make Pam's salt craftable with the default recipe (water + pot), so we could use it to make better food, while keeping it separate from the salt veins spawning in the world. That way we can't just craft salt out of water and make sodium out of it (for instance).

    The easy fix was to basically allow people to make salt, due to salt ores being too rare (keda is working on a way to retrogen the world with better ores), and make it stop unifying to GT salt and possibly un-oredictify it.

    I guess we'll just wait for the harder fix, which is to wait for keda's rework on the veins.


    I am currently playing on a server (Kirara 5) and some of the players / devs are trying to prevent Pam's harvestcraft's salt from being unified to Gregtech's salt.

    That way we could make pam's salt from running water, use it to make food but we'd be unable to use that pam's salt for making sodium and chlorine inside an electrolyzer for instance.

    I've done some tests, trying to remove pam's salt from the ore dictionnary but it is still unified to GT's salt with this script :


    Even though pam's salt is successfully removed from all the ore dictionnaries entries, it is still unified to GT's salt.

    As far as I know, Gregtech grabs every oredict entry when the game is launched and adds them to it's own list.

    I've done little to no mod coding, I only have a rough idea of how it works but it may help other players on the server. This idea is to make a high priority event which would register pam's salt from the ore:itemSalt and ore:dustSalt, I don't know if it would have to happen during pre init, init or post init (again, my knowledge is very limited at the moment), but I imagine that's how this would work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!

    - Mob difficulty will be increased based on distance from spawn, but mob loot will also be improved in proportion to it, as well as ore generation. Roguelike dungeons and dungeons of doom will be added which spawn more difficult mobs than otherwise.

    Looks like I'm gonna settle near spawn this time haha.

    TF should go - [...] It only brings shortcuts and lag.

    This is why I approved bloody's suggestion to remove it.

    I love this mod, I WILL play it if it's on the server, but the amount of lag it causes can be insane.

    Now I don't recall any particular problem on the current map, I had at least 50h on the server iirc (underwater base + twilight exploration), but that's my main experience with the mod.


    Also, how about adding FTB Utilities for chunkloading and Server management?

    This. I'd feel safer with claimed chunks (let creeper explosions enabled in the config) and maybe let the default amount of loaded chunks hoping we will not get overboard.

    Also I suppose that we'd need a way to delete these claims from a player who hasn't logged on for a month (at least). Either with moderators or maybe we could find a script.

    I agree with removing

    I respectfully disagree to remove

    I don't, politely, care about it if it's removed

    On the mods I agree with Bloody's removal request :

    Twilight forest is really heavy on servers. It's a great exploration mod but it's really not worth dropping the tps to 2 while others are online.

    I've never really used IHL, it adds cool stuff but I have never really understood how to use it.

    -> I would love to see this mod : Cutting Edge (click me). I loved IHL's treetap mechanics.

    Gendustry is a really enjoyable mod, but I was able to have powerful bees on kirara 2.0 (so no Gendustry). For instance I had ender bees, producing 4 drones, living in the overworld, in plains, producing the ender pearls over time (normally they yield one drone and need a dragon egg).

    Thaumcraft + addons is a great mod, but I've used it many times to cheat my way through Gregtech. A real challenge would be to drop this mod off.

    ATG / Underground biomes because they're heavy.

    On the mods I disagree to see removed :

    Galacticraft is a pretty fun mod and I had such a blast setting up camps on the moon and in my own satellite. Even if a few use it, I suggest we keep it IF the modpack isn't really impacted by this mod (it doesn't hurt having a 10 extra seconds loading time right?).

    Railcraft because I'm that guy who uses more than the coke oven and the blast furnace (although I may be the only one, so I can say I would not really be bothered if it's not in the future pack).

    Now on the mods I don't care if they're in or not :

    OpenComputers + Electronics. I'm into my second year of computer science, in september it will, hopefully, be my third (if not my second year AGAIN) so even though I know now to code, I'm not that interested in coding in game. I would probably toy around with it, but that's it. Although some of the stuff Opencomputer adds is cool (like the hovering boots).

    I have no idea what Electronics is.

    So that's my input on what mods the new server should or should not have. This is my opinion and I will try to play it (my computer should be able to run it, but the loading time may ruin it for me) regardless of the mods installed.

    But I also think this opinion could make the server more challenging and enjoyable late game (Galacticraft).

    As for a town, we tried it on Kirara reborn (I think, the one with early GT6 where everything was missing and at some point the IC2 machines were craftable), not many people got invested into it but I know I would.

    Hi there!

    I suppose none of you remember me, very long time no see.

    Is this a new server ? A new map ?

    I've got my finals in 3 days and afterwards I'd be willing to spend some time on some good ol' minecraft.

    How can I join ?

    Can I join ?

    Thanks in advance!


    Edit : I have not been wasting time and I've already been downloading the modpack.

    So far I couldn't find ihl-tools_n_machines 0.594, fastcraft 1.22-ctest17 (that one isn't really a problem since it's client only), link to storage drawer is dead and link to Thaumcraft shows a page without the correct version (had to google these 2 but I found them).

    Could somebody provide me with a link to those versions ?

    Hello everybody, as you've seen since September I've only been able to play once or twice per weeks, and this situation got worse.
    I've really enjoyed playing with you again, those moments were perfect, I've seen how people are kind on this server, but I can't play anymore. I can't even play on another infinity server, for one similar reason.
    The loading time of the modpack drives me nuts. In theory I could just launch the game, play on KR at 50 fps fine, but in practice there's always this one bug in the mods that make me crash my games. And I happen to run too often into them. That's the same for infinity for example, if I want to play I don't want to wait 5-6 minutes for the game to load. I'm fed up with it, I don't know why I can't bear it whereas before I could spend hours playing with my old crappy computer.
    Now let's talk about my connection. I'm one of these people who can't bear lag. Where there is lag, there's no Nexey. But it happens that my connection is laggy. For instance if I want to play and watch a video at the same time, my phone needs to charge the video every 10 secs and my game ends up timing out. I don't know if the lag problem on the server has been solved for me, and I don't think I'll never know.
    One of the final reason : I've accomplished one of my dreams by purchasing a new computer, and accomplished another by getting fallout 4. And you don't play minecraft when you can play fallout 4.
    And the final reason, which by itself makes impossible for me to play the game, even if every other reason I've stated isn't involved : my girlfriend. When I first met her, I thought she would let me live the way I wanted, hang out with my friends , and even play whenever I wanted. The worse is that I love my girlfriend, but whenever I tried breaking up, I couldn't bear not receiving a message when waking up, not getting cuddles whenever I wanted to, just to see a friend from times to times and play video games. The struggle is real, and for everybody reading this message, here's what I got to say. Don't ever date a girl needing constant attention, being over jealous and possessive. I don't know yet if it's been the worse or the best decision of my life. Perhaps in 20 years, cuddling my girlfriend, I will be thinking some friends and ability to do shit when I wanted was worth it. And don't worry about me, I'm not asking for help, everything I've written has already been discussed, I'm not one of these depressive man writing down all his problems to strangers just to feel better. I feel like shit, and this is not going to change anytime soon.
    So here are the reasons why you will not see me anytime soon. Actually I don't think I will ever be able to play if I stay with her, regardless of the game. Good bye.

    I wish standing near your crops would make them grow faster, or at least breed faster. I've gave up more than once about waiting on some crops to grow, you can't just stand near them because it takes too long but whenever you go away some weed appears.
    Having them breed in less than a minute would be a plus, but probably only if you're next to it. Nowadays agricraft allows for fast crop breeding, especially if you have bone meal, sprinklers and a watering can. I've tried breeding ferru on a server but I just can't afford the time for it.

    Hey bloody, could you add an in-game book for the multiblock structures showing how to build them? Just like TiCon's book or Immersive Engineering's one, the former showing screenshots, the latter showing a model with arrows allowing you to see each different layers. And perhaps saying the total cost of blocks of the multiblock you're showing (for instance, bbf will be 32 bronze plated bricks and 1 bronze blast furnace). If you do so you'll have a problem for the EBF for instance as there are tiers of input, hatches.. Just put down "1 input (any tier), 1 output (any tier), one maintenance hatch...".