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  • Hi,
    i discovered IC2 with FTB monster and i really appreciate it. (it seems it was IC2 Experimental 2.0)
    Now i play with the new version in ATL DNS techpack (Industrial Craft2 Experimental 2.2.756)

    And i can't find if i can get back the "Old Display" of the power like this.

    Now i have something without any power information like that.

    And the mod "Waila" that display a few information on the bottom of the screen only for a few block (like a generator).
    Since i use Overclocker upgrade like before, i would like to know how many power my machine use.

    So, is it possible ? Does it come from "Not Enought Item" ? from the IC2 version ? or from another mod/addon ?

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    It's WAILA that adds the thing you're seeing so you should go talk to them about it. Also the 2 links you posted go to the same image.

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  • I've got it too, so far Macerators, Fermenters, Fluid heat generators, Fluid/Solid canning machines, Crop Harvesters and Water Pumps do not show anything aside from name and the mod they came from.
    Generators though are another story, so far Solar Panels, SemiFluid generators, normal generators and GeoThermal generators, Water mills, Stirling Generators, Kinetic generators and Radioisotope Thermoelectric generators do show information like stored EU and output, Nuclear Reactors don't though.
    It seems it's not just you who has this, I'm running the latest versions of IC2, Waila, NEI and ChickenCore on MC 1.7.10 btw.